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Always Here and Always Will Be...

NplaimDej yog ib lub zos nyob tau huv siabsi.Thaumtwg kuv pom lub npe lossis nov lub npe "NplaimhDej," mas ua rau kuv nploojsiab yuj plaws xav ntsoov txog lub sijhawm thaum kuv ntsib nws nyob rau hauv lub zos NplaimDej xwb tiag.Yog nej leej twg tau mus txog lub zos NplaimDej lawm, nws nyob tau huv s... Read more
Part 2Living my life off beer and heartaches, what if that day I dry her tears off and I tell her back that I have the same feelings.Itís only three little words but yet Iím too afraid to even say it to her. What do I need to fear about?My friend (Kong) maybe he doesnít even like her now or maybe be... Read more