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Always Here and Always Will Be...

if your husband cheating on you will you forgive him???afte all the thing you have done to him.you give up everything just for him... after getting marry. not long ago some how you and his gurl work together, and she told you that they were dating and for you to back off...he didn't tell me util i a... Read more
Um...kuv mas xav pom txhua tus li tiag..tab sis mas tsi tau lus tso cai los ntawm nej es thiaj li tsi tau dream about nej xwb os hehehe...now give me your permission so i can dream about you hehe..koj dream txog ib leej twg neb puas sib saib li cov bird nov thiab hehee...nco ntsoov saib tseeb nawv f... Read more