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Always Here and Always Will Be...

Dearest HoneyI'ts been a while since you've just all of sudden disappeared...you told me that you're going to be busy working but peepos at my skool kept saying that you've left outta town and ain't coming back until I'm married...I don't get it...ifyou don't wanna be with me why didn't you tell me ... Read more
Kuv nrog koj nyob tau ntau ntau hnub...Tagkis yog lub caij kuv yuav ncaim koj mus...Yuav ua cas nco os tus kuv hlub...Vim kuv tsi xav ncaim koj mus.Ziag no yuav ncaim koj mus tiag tiag...Los ntawm no kuv puag koj rau xub ntiag ib pliag...Hnia koj ib pas ntawm sab me phlu...Ua ntej kuv yuav tau ncaim... Read more