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never thought...... August 17, 2007, 12:53 am
You hurt me, in ways I could never dream. I cry, not for you but for the love I lost in me. I want to wish you the best, but it wouldn't make a difference in the world. My heart was pure, and now filled with grief. Wasn't I the one whom said I love you first, why did you have to be the first to say good bye. I stood by your side through the cold and the rain, and in my eyes all I wanted was to hold you. In every single second of every single minute of every hour you were all I wanted to see. I never thought that I could feel the way I do; now everyday we are going to be apart so I pray to heaven for my safety. The time we spent was short, but its something I will remember for a life time. The moments we spent are pictures, frozen in time on the back of my rear view mirror. Why am I running in circle? Why are you still crawling under my skin? Why do I feel so lost? Please don't tell me it all in my head, because I want to scream, I want to yell, I want to cry, but I don't want to suffer. I just want to be complete.

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my life August 15, 2007, 10:43 pm
my life seem to be like those many member who write in these blog...i know how it feel. these day are so sad....

always missing someone...
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if we ever...... August 13, 2007, 12:34 am
My sweet love,
If there’s ever a next life I will remember to come and love you as my first love. I will not let you go to anyone.
I’m very sad that I live to far away from you, that’s why our love had to end like this. Sometimes I think that if we live close to each other, then maybe there might be something going on between the two of us. But I sometimes think that even though we live close to each other maybe we might not know each other like the way we are now too.

Don’t’ be sad ok. Because I know I’m not worth your tears. So don’t shed any tears for me.
If I ever get to come up there, will you still going to come and see me? If I ever call you again, would you willing to talk to me as a friend? If I ever need your help, will you give me your hand and pull me up in your arms? If we ever see each other will you said “hi” to me? If we ever get to meet someday will you give me a hug?

My love, keep in mind that I never want to lose you, but I guess there’s nothing I can do about it. I want you to know that I really love you from deep inside my heart. I’m willing to love you from who you are, no matter what. I don’t care if you don’t get a good job, as long as you willing to love me forever and be faithful to me then I’m happy. I’m very sad to know that you really want “LOVE,” and you forget all about me. I guess you want love from many other girls so you’ll satisfy, so it will worth your time living this life time.

There’s something I want you to do for me my sweet love. If you ever get marry, please be very faithful to your wife ok. Don’t ever let her shed a tear. Love her like there’s no tomorrow. Live with her like there’s no yesterday.

If you ever need advice, I will always be here for you.

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kuv twb ua ib siab August 13, 2007, 12:03 am
vim yog koj siab coob siab ntau kuv thiaj txiav txim siab muab wb txoj kev hlub yav tag dhau los tsuj ntig ntawm taw. Ua ib siab tsis thov muaj txoj kev hlub nrog koj ntxiv mus.

Txoj kev hlub uas koj tau muab rau kuv yav dhau los nws twb tsis muaj nuj nqis. Vim yog koj mus hlub coob leej ntau tus kuv thiaj ua siab tso koj tseg leej nus.

kuv twb ua ib siab tsis nco qab txog koj lawm. Yog ua cas hnub no koj tseem yuav hu rov qab tuaj nrog kuv tham ua tus dab tsi. Kuv twb ua ib siab muab koj tshem tawm hauv kuv lub siab mus lawm. Twb txiav txim siab muab koj lwv hauv kuv lub siab.

Txhob hu rov tuaj ntxias kom kuv rov mob lub siab dua mog. kuv mob siab txaus lawm thiab ua siab tso koj mus rau luag. Kuv tsis xav hais tias koj yuav muaj lub siab phem npaum li no rau kuv.

Nco ntsoov tseg hais tias koj tau ua li no rau kuv lawm los yeej yuav muaj leej twg ua rov rau koj thiab mog. Tej zaum tseem yuav mob tshaj qhov koj tau ua rau kuv lawm thiab.

Ua ib siab mus koj nawb mog. kuv yuav tsis thov hlub koj ntxiv lawm. Kuv zoo siab tau los ntsib koj ib zaug nyob rau hauv kuv lub neej os leej nus. Mam mam mus zoo koj!!

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kaj ntug lawm koj twb yuav ncaim August 11, 2007, 2:44 am
Leej muam, koj ntuj lawm koj twb yuav ncaim kuv mus tiag tiag os. koj yuav tseg kuv nyob nrog lub tebchaws no no. tej huab tej cuas los ntshes yuav tuaj txias zia. es koj nim yuav mus nyob raus lub tebchaws tshav ntuj nrig. tus neeg siab zoo, koj puas nco qab wb cov lus uas puag thaum ub wb taus hais tseg tias; kuv coj koj mus nyob raus ib qhov chaws kom muaj wb ob leeg xwb. es txawm tias tshuav tsawg second raus wb lawm xwb los wb thiaj taus nyob ntev ntev uas kes. cas hnub koj txawm yuav ncaim mus lawm tiag. txawm lis cas los xij. ib hnub twg txog caij tso lub ntiaj teb no tseg thauv kom wb sib pom duas. sib tuav tes uas kes mus yug uas tus tshiab duas.

mus zoo koj mog tus kuv hlub tshaj
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lub neej tsaus nti August 9, 2007, 5:04 pm
txoj kev hlub wb muaj los kuv yeej hlub koj tshaj...hlub koj tshaj kuv txoj sia...koj nim ua lub neej nyob tsaus nti yam tus neeg yeej tsis pom lub hli ci...hnub uas koj tau ntsib kuv koj mam li muaj lub ntsej muaj luag rov muaj txoj sia tuaj...nws thiaj li ua rau kuv hlub koj tshaj qhov qub li thaum wb nyuam khuav pib muaj txoj kev hlub...kuv ntseeg hais tias tej zaum koj yuav hlub tiag..kuv xav hais tias tej zaum koj yuav paub txoj kev hlub zoo tom qab uas koj tsaug luag txim txom tag..kuv thiaj ua ib siab hlub koj tag nrho kuv lub siab lub ntsws...kuv thiaj tsis ntshai txog txoj kev txom nyem txoj kev tsaus ntuj...thiaj ras tsis txog tias tsam koj dag...kuv thiaj ua txhua yam pub tus neeg kuv hlub txawm kuv tsis muaj dabsi li lawm los tsuav kuv pom tus neeg kuv hlub muaj lub ntsej muag luag xwb ces kuv yeej tsis nco qab txog txoj kev kho siab...uas cas hnub no koj rov muaj lub ntsej muag luag ces koj saib kuv zoo li daim phuam so taw uas koj tsuav siv ib vuag thaum koj nti tsis tau xwb...vim kuv txoj kev hlub rau koj kuv thiaj li ntseeg lwm tus txoj kev dag...hnub no txhua yam hauv kuv lub neej tsis muaj tag lawm...koj muab kuv tso mus nrog tus neeg koj hlub nyob..hos kuv ces nim nyob tiv txoj kev nyuaj siab kev kho siab...nyob lub ntuj tsaus nti yeej tsis muaj ib hnub uas yuav muaj lub hnub ci...tig mus rau txoj hauv kev twg los tsis muaj tus pab tsis muaj tus pom...xav npaum twg los tsis xav ua neeg nyob...ho koj ces nim mus ua lub neej luag ntxhi nrog tug neeg koj hlub...twb ras tsis txog tias kuv nyob txom nyem npaum li cas...tias kuv luv neej tsaus ntuj npaum twg...ua cas kuv thiaj li yog tus uas tau nyob nrog lub ntuj tsaus nrog lub kua muag zoo li no...ua cas koj lub siab yuav ua tau li no rau kuv...koj puas paub tias mob kuv siab...chim kuv siab...xav npaum twg los tsis xav ua neeg nyob lawm...koj tsis hlub tiag ua cas tsis qhia thaum txhov es cia kuv tsis txhob sacrafice txhua yam pub rau koj ces ntshe hnub no kuv twb tsis mob npaum no...ua cas koj thiaj mus nrog luag tug uas ib txwv tsis hlub koj nyob...hos tus uas ua txhua yam rau koj ces koj yeej saib tsis pom tias nws mob npaum twg...tias txoj kev hlub uas tsaug koj dag ua rau nws lub siab lwj tag....:cry:..:cry:...:cry:...:cry:...:cry:...

yeej hlub koj tiag thiaj li nco koj ua luaj no...txawm tuag kiag lawm los tseem yuav hlub thiab tsis hnov qab li os...
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tu siab paub koj lig August 9, 2007, 2:21 pm
kuv txoj kev nyiam koj xyov yuav hais npaum li cas es thiaj li yuav zoo kuv lub siab. yog kuv lub siab lam qhib tau li lub t.v. es ntshe kuv twb yuav muab qhib kiag rau koj saib hais tias hauv kuv lub siab kuv nyiam koj npaum li cas.

thov kom koj nco ntsoov rau hauv koj lub siab hais tias tiam no koj tau los ntsib thiab paub ib tug neeg vwm vwm li kuv no nawb mog. ntshe tiam no koj yuav tsis ntsib ib tug neeg vwm npaum li kuv no lawm.

ntawm kuv, kuv yuav thov nco ntsoov koj mus kom tag tiam no. yuav tsis muaj hnub kuv yuav tsis nco koj los yog xav txog koj.
tu siab hais tias tiam no kuv daim ntawv los tsis txog es ntshe kuv yuav tsis tau los hlub nrog koj thiab kuv tsis ntxim koj siab nyiam os leej nus.

tu siab vim kuv yug los paub koj lig. yog lwm tiam muaj tiag no, thov cia kuv los ua tus paub koj ua tus ib thiab zaum kawg es kuv mam li hlub koj rau hauv kuv xub ntiag os mog. tiam no ces, kuv paub zoo hais tias muaj neeg hlub koj thiab nyiam koj ua ntej lawm ces ntshe txawm kuv yuav nyiam koj npaum cas los tsis tau koj lawm tiag.

ntawm kuv txoj kev nyiam koj thiab nco koj, cia kuv mam li nco koj ib ntus xwb es mam txhob nco lawm os mog. txawm kuv yuav nco nco koj los tsis muaj nqis lawm.
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Kho siab tshav ntuj nrig xwb August 8, 2007, 11:39 am
Lub ntuj cas kho kuv siab ua luaj li os lub ntuj. Kuv xav kom kuv qis kuv lub qhov muag es tsis muaj hnub yuav rov sawv lawm xwb os lub ntuj. Ua neeg nyob rau tiam no muaj kev kho siab nyuam siab tag npaum li no, lwm tias thov tsis los ua tib neeg ntxiv lawm os lub ntuj. Yuav mus me kab me noog ya rau ub rau no lawm xwb thiaj li tsis muaj kev kho siab nyuam siab li ua tib neeg. Kuv ntxub kuv tus kheej heev li vim tias kuv ua tsis tau li kuv lub siab ntshaw. Yus yuav ua li yus lub siab ntshaw los tshuav lwm tus khuam rau tom qab thiab cas yuav siab ua li tiag ua tib neeg nyob. Tus phooj ywg yog tias koj ho tau los nyeem kuv tus tes ntawv no no thov koj pm rau kuv thiab los nrog kuv tham seb daws puas tau kuv txoj kev kho siab nyuaj siab no mog. Kuv tus phooj ywg zoo thov txhob tso kuv tseg mog, kuv xav tau ib tug phooj ywg nrog kuv tham lub sij hawm no os nawg.
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YOG AV QUA, YUAV TU NCUA July 27, 2007, 1:18 pm

Kuv nkees heev mloog zoo li kuv lub plawv yuav nres hnub twg, lub sibhawm twg los tsis paub. Kuv nkees heev xwb. Xav pw tsaug zog mus ib txhis tsis xav sawv.
Hnub no tamsim kuv tsis paub kuv tus kheej tias what life's about. Yeej tsis xav tuaj seev rau nej nov li tabsis yuav yog seev zaum kawg lawm xwb tsis muaj ntxiv lawm os. Nej nyob sib sib hlub, sau ntawv sib dheev siab thiaj tsis zoo li kuv mog. Zaum no yuav tsis yog nej tso kuv tseg tabsis kuv tso neej tseg lawm tiag tiag. Hnub twg tsis muaj kuv lawm, tuaj saib kuv thiab. Kuv mus lawm los kuv yuav foom koob hmoov zoo rau nej yav tom qab mog cov phoojywg.


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LUB SIAB July 26, 2007, 3:36 pm

Mloog kuv lub suab hais rau koj. Nws yog kuv lub siab hais qhia koj. Txawm tias koj yuav nov qab kuv no yog leej twg lawm los kuv yeej tsis tau muaj lub siab hlub leej twg, tseem suav hnub suav hmo nyob tos koj.

Kuv me nplooj siab koj nyob li cas? Ntuj tshav ntuj hnag, qhia kuv mog. Thaum pom lub ntuj ntsuab xiab, ua rau kuv xav txog thaum i...cov lus cia siab tias koj yuav hlub kuv ib leeg. Nco nco tej kev wb uasi. Yuav nco lub npe rau duab siab.

Txoj kev hlub yuav nyob ua koj tug. Txawm yuav nyob deb nyob ze, lub siab nyob uake. Ntuj tshav ntuj hnag ua rau kuv nco koj tsis txawj tag.

Hauv kuv lub siab, koj yeej paub. Thov tig los ntsia kuv ib muag mam tso suab quaj los kuamuag. Maj mam tig los saib kuv ob lub qhov muag, koj thiaj paub tias kuv hlub koj mus kom txog hnub tuag.

Mloog kuv lub suab hais rau koj. Mloog kuv lub siab seev tsis ploj. Mloog kuv lub plawv dhia mob nco koj. Mloog kuv hais mog nploojsiab es koj thiaj paub tias kuv yog tus qub tsis muaj hnub hloov siab.

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kho kho siab lam tuaj sau ib sab ntawv hauv no rau koj nyeem ua si mog July 24, 2007, 11:50 am
Tseg tau ntev loo lawm kuv tsis tau tuaj lawm koj nyob li cas lawm xwb os? Kho kho siab heev li os tus phooj ywg aw..........Lub sij hawm no kuv xav tau ib tug phooj ywg li koj los nrog kuv tham kom kuv lub siab qhig. Kuv muaj ntau yam nyob rau hauv kuv lub neej ua ua rau kuv nyuaj siab thiab kho siab heev li. Muaj qee lub sij hawm kuv quaj kuv ib leeg tom tej xav tau ib tug phooj ywg los nrog yus tham kom daws kev nyuaj siab thiab kev kho siab. Koj nyob li cas lawm xws nas los. Puas muaj kev kho siab nyuaj siab li kuv os.....Eb.....kuv ces yeej tsis muaj hnub kaj siab li mog hais rau koj paub mog tus phooj ywg. Kuv muaj ntau yam nyuaj siab heev li tsis pom qab hais qhia rau leej twg li os. E-mail rau kuv thiab mog yog tias koj nyeem kuv tsam no tag. Lub sij hawm no kuv xav tau ib tug phooj ywj li koj los tham dhaws kev kho siab os nawb. Li no xwb mam li ntsib koj dua mog tus phooj ywj zoo thiab ua koj tsaug ua koj tau pab kuv yav tag los.

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TIFFANIE July 19, 2007, 11:44 am
Hlub yog dabtsi hauv yus lub neej?... nyob qhov twg? Nyob qib twg? Puas fair rau txhua tus?

Yeej tsis xav tias yuav rov tuaj txog hauv NH hnub no li vim sibhawm dhau lawm zuj zus yeej xav tso txhua yam tseg xws li yus tej tes ntawv kev xav hauv yus tus kheej uas yus niaj hnub seev txog. Yeej tsis xav tuaj ua ib qho kev hlub mob tshua nco cia hauv NH no li vim lub siab tsis kheej tabsis muaj ib tug Some1 kom kuv tuaj sau ib kab tes ntawv rau nws nyeem kom kaj nws lub siab plees nws tus ntsuj plig kom nws txhob kho kho siab rau lub sibhawm no mus rau yav tom ntej tsis hais hnub twg nws yeej yeem tagnhro.
Muaj qee yam uas yus hais tsis tau tabsis lub siab seev yuj yeev xav hais tagzog rau nws paub. Txawm yuav yog cov lus zoo lus phem mob siab lwj plawv npaum twg los nws thiaj yog lub hnub ci rau yus xwb. Yeej tsis xav kom lub hnub ntawd txawj tsaus ntuj plooj rau yus li. Xav nyob tshaj ntuj nrig nrog tus neeg ntawd txawm yuav muaj thiab pluag los tsuav yus ob leeg nyob uake luag ntxhi...koj zoo siab, kuv zoo siab xwb ces yeej tam tagnrho yus txoj kev ntshaw uas yus xav tau hauv yus lub neej tsis hais leej twg.
Kuv yeej paub tibneeg lub neej tsis yooj yim yog ob leeg tsis peem tiag tiag tuav kom ruaj khov. Txhob cia sib ntsib ib vuag es yuav sib ncaim lawm lub siab quaj tshuav tuag. Kuv tsis paub txog nej leej twg txoj kev xav tabsis ntawm kuv txoj nws sib cab sib chaws tsis paub tom ntej tom qab xyov yus nyob qhov twg lawm tiag? Xyov yus puas ua yog los tsis yog? Xyov yus hlub los lub siab yuam kom hlub xwb? Lub ncauj txawm yuav hais puv zej puv zos los lub siab yeej tsis dag.

Ua neej laus li no yeej tsis tau experience ib txoj kev hlub loj npaum no es ua rau yus nco lub siab quaj dhawv dhi tsis xav ua dabtsi li. Kev nkauj kev nraug yus yeej UNDERSTAND tabsis what is this then? Tsis paub! Qhia tsis tau vim yus yeej tsis paub tiag tiag. Yog paub vim li cas yus thiaj nyob khuam siab li no muaj kev nco tas li xwb? Kuv paub lawm hais tias ua neej nyob yeej tsis fair uas yus tau ib yam yuav tu ncua ib yam tsis hais leej twg. The best gift is to let go and set yourself free.
Ever since thaum kuv paub nws los txog today. Hnub no kuv mam paub tias nws yog kuv txoj kev kab mob kev nkeeg tsis hais mob yam twg. Nws thiaj yog tus ua tau rau kuv zoo siab thaum kuv chim. Nws thiaj yog tus ua tau rau kuv kaj siab thaum kuv kho siab es tsis muaj leej twg muaj peev xwm pab tau. Nws yog tus hais ib lo xwb kuv zoo hlo los ntawm kev ploj seev. Kuv xav nov nws lub suab kom echo txhua lub sibhawm hauv kuv lub pob ntseg tsis ploj loog. Yog muaj nws kuv lub siab thiaj xav nyob, xav feel alive and go on living. Nws muaj ib txoj kev hlub uas so PURE AND NATURAL AND BEAUTIFUL uas nyob rau hauv nws tus kheej vim nws HONEST rau txhua txoj kev tsis hais kev xav mus rau kev give and take. Ib tug neeg so pure and natural li no yeej nrhiav ib tiam neej yeej tsis muaj coob....you are so special. Cuag li luag tej laus ib txwm piv tseg tias tus zoo nkauj zoo nraug tob tob thiab natural feeling is hard to find tsis hais tiam twg. Koj yog txhua yam kev nyuaj siab ntawm kuv. Yog tsis muaj koj, kuv yuav tsis pom qab nyob ua neeg....PERIOD!
Peb ua tibneeg nyob yus yeej nrhiav tus special some1 li no. Hnub no kkuv nrhiav tau nws lawm, kuv yuav hold on to nws kom tas kuv tiam neej uas txojhmoo coj kuv los ntsib tau nws vim yog kuv qhov fate, vim yog kuv qhov destiny. Lam tuaj ib pliag li no xwb twb tsis muaj ntau yam hais rau koj nyeem los thov zam txim mog vim thaum yus muaj kev nyuaj siab tuaj lawm, yus tws lus heev...nkag siab mog. Zoo caij zoo nyoog mam rov tuaj sau post dua yog koj kam, yog koj xyeej...in the mean time till we meet again journal.

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Today is my birthday... July 11, 2007, 1:06 pm
tab sis lub ntuj tsis kaj li txhua hnub...lub ntuj tsaus nti los nag poob dawb vog li kuv cov kua muag uas tau poob los lawm tau ntau xyoo...cua tuaj txias no kawg...tab sis kuv mloog tsis tau hais tias qhov no ntawv yog no saum kuv daim nqaij daim tawv...los yog nws no hauv kuv lub siab...kuv nyob lub neej yog sadness and loneliness txij hnub uas nws ncaim kuv mus...nws coj kuv lub plawv nrog nws mus tag lawm...niaj hnub no kuv thiaj li nyob yam ib tug neeg tsis muaj sia...muab xav los mas tu siab heev..xyoo tag los nws yog thawj tug hu tuaj hais happy birthday rau kuv...tab tsis xyoo no nws tsuas sau ib qho ntawv tuaj rau kuv lawm xwb..lwm xyoo tej zaum yuav tsis muaj lawm...txawm tias lwm xyoo tsis muaj tsis hnov nws hmoo lawm los...tseem tshuav qhov memories ntawm wb txoj kev sib hlub nyob nrog nraim kuv tsis ploj...txoj kev hlub kuv muaj uas los hlub nws zaum no yeej hlub nws tiag tiag tag nrho...kuv yeej yuav nco wb kev hlub mus kom txog hnub kuv txoj sia muab kuv tso...:-(...:cry:...

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I'll Always Love You... July 9, 2007, 5:28 pm
Everyday and every moment that goes by I think of you. My brain tells me to give up…but my heart says I can't stop loving you. I spend all day dreaming of the moment you would call to say you feel the same way. As much as I try to pretend, the truth is, I can't stop loving you. I don't know how to stop. I will cherish the moments we have spent together, from our very first kiss to our last. I miss the way you kiss me, the way you look at me and rub my face, I miss you calling me npev npim…I miss you missing me, I miss everything about you, I miss our phone conversations and the way we would spend hours talking about our loves and the way we missed each other. But most of all I miss you the most babe…I will place the moments we've shared together in a time capsule and hide it in the most secret place of my heart. And maybe 20 years from now, if or when we meet again, maybe then we can both open the capsule together and be reminded of our wonderful loves…Gosh, my life suck! I mean I finally meet the right guy and he's not available. I'm in love with you but I can't be with you…and that’s what hurts me the most…But, I've got to tell you, for the first time in year I can finally smile because although you didn't say much the last time you called I knew you still cared…You can keep on denying it; you can keep hiding from it, but trust me you are only lying to yourself. Everyday I ask myself why ... why do I feel this way….! Why can't I stop loving you? Then it dawned on me ... you put some magic loves on me…Before I go I want you to know that you will always have a special place in my heart, and like I've said many times before, I do not regret anything we've done. The only thing I regret is you telling me you love me because since then you have given me nothing but the cold shoulders…Please don't be scared, I want nothing but your friendship, well ... I do want more but I am willing to settle. I am not trying to make you feel bad or push you further away… I am just trying to make you understand what's in my heart is always you…

I’ll always love you…

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XOXO July 8, 2007, 1:11 am
I’m so tired[/b], but I can’t fall asleep. My eyes are closed, but I can still hear everything around me. My body is paralyzed, but my [b]mind[/b] won’t stop thinking. I live at night and rest during the day. I never stay the same for long or else I will get it wrong. I’m a [b]beautiful disaster[/b]. I’m attractive to dorks who are full of [b]wisdoms[/b]. I don’t like making [b]promise[/b] because they are easy to break and hard to keep. Trust me I’m a [b]terrible liar[/b]. I’m tired of chasing my [b]dreams[/b] because in reality dream don’t come true, so instead I’m going to make it happen. Wish I could save time in a bottle because everyday time is flying by so fast and it seems like I’m always running out of time. I should take more pictures because [b]reminiscences[/b] don’t last forever. I’m usually a very quiet person, but I’m not that innocent. I’m not a mean person I just get really [b]stubborn[/b] sometime. I’m a small town girl. I love the peacefulness and quiet. In life, I learned that you are more likely to [b]fail if you only try[/b], so just do it. Never let your past hold you from moving forward because life goes on. You never really miss someone until they [b]start going away.
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my birthday is July June 29, 2007, 6:53 pm
too...times does fly by like crazy...i remember it was my birthday yesterday xwb es twb rov txog kuv lub birthday dua lawm thiab...
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daim ntawv tu hmoo nrog lub kua muag.. June 26, 2007, 8:36 pm
sib ncaim zaum no yuav ncaim mus ib sim...vim koj tsis hlub tiag...koj ua rau kuv lub siab mob...mob tshaj rab riam chob...kuv xav hais tias koj yuav hlub tiag kuv thiaj ua txhua yam rau koj...txawm kuv yuav muaj kev nyuaj siab los tsuav kuv pom tias koj muaj kev zoo siab ces twb zoo zoo kuv siab lawm...xav tsis txog tias koj saib kuv txoj kev hlub thiab kev pab tsis muaj nqis...thaum pab pab koj dhau txoj kev nyuaj siab...koj rov muaj lub ntseg muag luag rov ua lub neej zoo li luag ces koj muab kuv tso tseg yam tsis paub tias kuv mob npaum twg...thaum koj ncaim lawm zoo li kuv txoj sia yau zuj zus nrog koj mus...qhov kuv muaj thiab koj tseg rau kuv ces tsuas yog lub kua muag poob txhua hnub txhua hmo...txawm koj txoj kev dag yuav ua rau kuv mob npaum twg los koj ncaim mus nrog tus neeg koj hlub nyob ua lub neej luag ntxhi tsis paub txog tias tus neeg koj tuaj dag muab tso rau tom qab mob thiab quaj npaum li cas...txoj kev koj ua rau kuv mob thiaj li ua rau kuv xav tsis txog tias luag lwm tus yuav dag kuv thiab...vim txoj kev mob siab kev tsaug dag kuv thiaj li mus ntseeg luag lwm tus dag ib zaug ntxiv....txhua yam hauv kuv lub neej thiaj li poob tag...thiaj li ua rau kuv ntshai ua ib tug neeg zoo li no, thiaj li pw cheej tag mo tsis tsaug zog...es puas zoo koj siab os...ua cas los ua lub neeg nyob rau lub ntiaj teb no es thiaj li los tsaug txhua tus dag zoo li no...tig mus rau qhov twg los txoj hauv kev twg tag...ua zaj twg los ua cas yuav tig tsis tau lub sij hawm rov qab lawm tiag...koj twb paub lawm tias txoj kev hlub yuav mus zoo li no ua cas koj tsis nqia thaum ntxhov...es cia wb tsis txhob pib txoj kev hlub kev tshua...kuv zoo li tus me noog tsis muaj tis ya tsis tau...nyob tsaus ntuj nti yam yeej tsis muaj lub hnub ci...ua cas txhua tus thiaj li ua li no rau kuv...hnub twg luag tsis hlub koj...hnub ntawv koj mam li paub thiab pom tias kuv hlub koj npaum twg ces yuav lig lig heev rau koj lawm mog..

ncaim ntawm koj mus lawm mog...seb lwm tiam wb puas yuav rov rau los sib ntsib dua os...txawm tuag lub qhov muag txawm qi lawm los yeej tsis hnov qab tias koj yog tus ua rau kuv mob thiab dag kuv loj tshaj plaws mog...
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ua cas koj thiaj ncaim kuv mus June 20, 2007, 5:46 pm
txij hnub koj ncaim mus muab kuv tso cia rau tom qab..txhua yam tsis zoo li qub...txawm lub ntuj yuav tshav npaum twg los hauv kuv lub siab nyob tsaus nti...txawm kuv yuav nco koj npaum twg los ua cas koj mus lawm tiag tiag...yog vim wb nqa tsis tau daim ntawv txwj nkawm los nyob rau tiam no los yog vim koj yeej tsis hlub kuv tiag li koj cov lus hais...txhua xyoo lub caij no kuv tseem muaj koj tuaj nrog kuv nyob pw ntawm kuv ib sab..ua cas xyoo no kuv yuav nyob ib leeg nco koj ua luaj li no...kev hlub wb tsim muaj los ua ib zaug xwb...kuv yeej hlub koj tiag tiag...hnub no koj cia li muab wb kev hlub tso yam tus me dej ntws mus tsis rov qab...txawm koj mus lawm los kuv yuav nco ntsoov koj mus ib sim...
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a little help? June 17, 2007, 11:02 pm
hey !!! do any of you know where that story "xab thiab sua" is? thanks i aprreciate it if yall help me!
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one time June 14, 2007, 11:05 pm
.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................> gone
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Blog June 14, 2007, 4:40 pm
Me Journal, puas yog yus txoj hmoo los zoo li no tiag? Tau hlub tsis tau yuav es thiaj li mob lub siab quaj dhi thov vajtswv txhua lub caij thaum ntxhov plawv. Lub siab ntshai yuj li plaws tsam qhia nws tias hlub ntshai tsam nws hos poob siab es nws hos khiav yus no mus ces yuav ua rau yus tsis xav ua neeg nyob. Lub ntuj tsaus li nti cua tuaj ntxiag ziag hauv yus lub siab quaj li yuj li yees rau nws ib leeg xav kom nws tsuas yog yus ib tug los tsis tau li kev xav. Ntshaw npaum li cas los yus tsuas ua tau lub siab loj loj nyob tos nws ib leeg seb nws lub siab puas yuav qhia tau rau yus tias nws kuj nco yus ib pliag tshav ntuj nrig zoo li npau suav ib vuag tsis dhuav rau ib lub sijhawm. Lub ntiajteb dav li dav txhua qhov chaws yeej zoo nkauj tshaj yus siab los ua cas yus hos tsis muaj txoj hmoo pom txog tej yam uas yus lub siab xav xav mus txog. Muaj ntau lub caij yus qhib ncauj hais ib lo lus zoo rau nws los yus hais tsis tau li lub siab hais tseg. Txoj kev hlub yus twb ua zoo muab rau nws los lub neej no tsis zoo li siab xav vim yus txoj hmoo los tsuas zoo tshaj li yus tau txais txij hnub no rau yav tom ntej. Amen.
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No one is perfect June 4, 2007, 11:21 am
Tibneeg ib txhia nws ua neej kom tau ntsej muag xwb, hauv nws lub siab dub npaum hluav ncaig los nws khav nws tus kheej tias nws mas dawb paug tsis muaj ib qho txhaum li...you're a hypocrite! Unless you talk the talk and walk the walk, don't preach to me what you're not doing...Txhob thuam cov uas nws ua txhaum...vim peb ua neej tsis pom peb tus saus nyob hauv peb lub qhov muag...yuav tsum yog muaj lwmtus nrog peb saib thiaj pom. Txawm li cas los kuv tsis hais cob rau leejtwg kuv tsuas hais tias ua neej tsis muaj leejtwg perfect no xwb...
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Hnub No Tsis Muaj Koj Lawm June 3, 2007, 12:30 am
Kuv leej nus zoo, koj puas nco qab tias hnub no yog hnub dabtsis rau wb lawm os? Kuv tseem nco tau zoo, nco ntsoov zoo xws li yog nag hmo. Koj puas nco qab 4 xyoo dhau los, txog lub sijhawm no, tav li no, koj tuaj saib kuv thawj zaug? Koj hnav ib lub tsho t-shirt dawb nrog rau ib lub jean. Koj tuaj txog ntawm kuv tsev, tuaj khob peb qhov rooj, kuv niam tau tawm los qhib, nws hu koj los tsev tabsis koj txaj muag es tsis kam los. Kuv niam thiaj hu kuv tawm tom txaj los. Kuv tawm tuaj nraum zoov, tuaj pom koj lub ntej muag luag ntxhi tuaj rau kuv ua rau kuv txaj muag thiab tsis pom qab hais dabtsis rau koj li. Hmo ntawd, lub hli nws ntsa tau zoo nkauj thiab hnub qub ci dawb vog saum ntuj tuaj, wb nyob ntev tsawv nraum zoov ces twb yuav txog ib tag hmo koj thiaj mus tsev lawm. Hmo ntawd mas nrog koj tham npaum cas los tsis txawj dhuav li tiag, koj puas paub na? Kuv lub siab kuj tsis paub tias xyov koj hos xav li cas rau kuv tiag, tabsis kuv lub siab twb nyiam koj lawm, nyiam koj tus duab nrog rau lub ntsej muag luag ntxhi thiab koj cov lus uas qab zib tshaj!

Cas hnub no hmoov tsis muaj, kuv hos tau nyob ib leeg rau hmo no. Ntshe daim ntawv txij nkawm wb tsis nco nqa los es koj thiaj mus ua koj lub neej zoo lawm ces xyov koj puas nco txog kuv lawm tabsis txhua niaj txhua xyoo tog lub caij nyoog no, kuv tseem nco ntsoov koj, nco koj tiag tiag li os. Txawm tias hnub no wb tsis tau nyob ua ke li siab xav los, happy 4th anniversary rau koj thiab kuv os:cry:
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Kev ua neej May 31, 2007, 9:56 am
Tej hnub yus kaj siab, cas muaj tej hnub yus ntxhov siab, tej hnub ho kho siab, thiab tej chim ho tu siab...peb ua neej nyob kuv tsis paub tias lwm tus puas zoo li ntawd tabsis muaj ntau zaus kuv lub neej zoo li ntawd. Qhov txhawb tau yus siab kaj ces yog yus tus hlub, tej phoojywg, tej txheeb ze thiab yog yus kev cia siab rau yav tom ntej. Txawm tias ua neej nyuaj npaum li cas los suavdaws yeej ntshaw kom nyob muaj txojsia ntev ntev...yog li ua siab ntev ntev rau txhua yam uas peb ntsib xwb yom...tsis hais kev nco yus tus qub hlub los yog kev ntsim siab ntawm kev hlub, los yog kev tu siab ntawm tsis tau kev hlub...
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Npau suav pom koj May 30, 2007, 1:41 pm
Nag hmo cas lam ua npau suav pom koj...npau suav tias tau los nyob ntawm koj xubntiag ib pliag...zoo siab cuag li tau ib thooj kub...xav hais tias ntshe yog tiag tiag li, cas tsim los mam paub meej tias nws yog npau suav xwb...txawm li cas los twb tau ntau ntau lub hlis lawm tsis tau nrog koj hais lus lawm los zoo hmo es thiaj rov npau suav pom koj...wb tej lus tso dag, lus qabzib, lus sib txhawb zog, thiab lus sib qhia cas tseem nyob hauv kuv lub siab...tabsis kuv paub tias ntshe koj yog neeg muaj coob tus ces koj twb tsis nco lawm. Hmo no koj puag nws rau koj subntiag tsaug zog no ces...thov kom koj xav txog kuv me me thiab os...
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hluas nkauj..... May 24, 2007, 1:05 pm
...tau ntev lawm los kuv lub siab tseem nco koj...

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Hlub kuv los hlub nws May 22, 2007, 1:57 pm
Kuv yeej paub tias koj hlub kuv thiab kuv yeej paub tias kuv hlub koj. Tab sis tsis yog muaj kuv ua hlub koj xwb. Muaj kuv ob tus zoo phooj ywg thiab. lawm qhia rau koj tias lawm nyiam koj thiab lawm hlub koj. tab sis kuv tsis qhia. Koj tuaj take kuv ib tug phooj ywg nrog koj mus ua sim. kuv sau rau nra back seat. kuv tsis care txog koj. koj mas ni look to the back seat tam li. kuv paub tias koj hlub kuv mas. kuv los hlub koj thiab. thab sis koj tsis xav thaib ua koj lub siab seb hlub leej twg tiag. peb mus ua siv rau ntawv ib lub tsev ua muaj ib tug little lake behide lub tsev. kuv tus phooj ywg xav mus ua si rau nrav. peb mus txog muaj ntsim hard to get down to tus lake ntawv. koj ua nteb koj pab kuv tus phooj ywg mus rau hauv lawm koj tsis pab kuv. kuv ua tiag mus rau hauv thiab but kuv hos tsis carefull enough kuv thiaj li thog. koj tau tso kuv tus phooj ywg ntawv tseg es run los rau ntawv kuv los muab kuv puag kiag hauv koj lub xub ntiag hais rau kuv tias koj thov txim us tsis pab kuv. kuv tus phooj ywg ces li tsis paub ua li cas nws ces li kam liam lawm xwb. thaum
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"Ib Zaug Ntxiv" (a movie) will be found at Green Bay, WI. May 17, 2007, 8:27 pm
Hi everyone just to let you all know, Kollusion Pictures will be in Green Bay, WI for their soccer tournament (5/26 & 5/27). The new movie "Ib Zaug Ntxiv" will be their. Come and support us. Cher Peek Lee & Vue West Vang from Kollusion Pictures will be there. We will not be having a booth but the movie will be distributed to vendors around the tournament. Hope to see you all their. For those who had supported us through all this time, we want to thank you for always being a help to our growth of our production. Thanks again.

Any Questions Contact:


Here's a trailer:::



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Dear God, May 17, 2007, 12:37 pm
If I can't have the things that I wish for...please help me be grateful for the things that I have. If I can't be who I want to be...please help me be the person you want me to be. If I can't reach my dreams...then help me make a dream out of what I have...

Thank you Lord...for all that you've given me...I know you have much of a bigger plan for me than what I can see with my human eyes...
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Hmo No Nco Txog Koj May 17, 2007, 12:29 am
Yog vim li cas tiag, hmo no kuv thiaj yuav nco koj ua luaj? Txawm lub ncauj tsis hais los hauv lub siab nws mob ntsuj ntsuav. Yog tim txoj hmoo los yog vim dabtsi tiag es wb txoj kev npau suav thiaj dhau mus ua txoj kev tshua lawm xwb. Txawm yuav ncaim mus ntev luaj twg los hauv kuv lub siab tseem nco ntsuj ntsoov koj tus duab uas tseem niaj hnub ntxhee yuj yees hauv kuv lub siab tsis txawj ploj. Txawm yuav nyob deb los ze, qhia rau koj paub hais tias kuv nco koj heev. Thov lub ntuj lub teb kom hmo no wb ob tus ntsuj plig rov tau sib cuag hauv tus dab ntub npau suav os. Hmo no, kuv nco txog koj heev li!
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TXOJHMOO! May 16, 2007, 11:45 am
Peb ua tibneeg nyob yuav tsum siab ntev ua lub siab zoo siab loj vim peb tsuas siv lub cev no temporily los ua neej nyob xwb tsis ntev twb yuav rov tau mus...mus rau qhov yus nov qab tsis nco qab, tsis paub leej twg, lub ntuj tsaus nti xav kom rov pom kev muaj lub siab xav dua hais lus luag ntxhi dua los tsis muaj lawm. Txawm yuav hlub leej twg, yuav tso leej twg los muab ua zoo xav vim tibneeg yeej tsis PERFECT IN MANY FORMS tabsis tus neeg uas nws nrhiav kev lomzem yuav zoo tsis cuag tus neeg nws nrhiav kev hlub ncaj ncees hauv duab siab tuaj. Yus yeej tsis pom lub neej yav pem suab zoo li cas tiag tabsis nco ntsoov tias luag cov laus ib txwm hais tseg tias MUAJ TUS UA, MUAJ TUS TSIM...what goes around comes around vim txhua yam lub kuamuag nrog yeej muaj kev khaum kev npam tsis hais leej twg, tus twg...kuv ntshai...nej puas ntshai?
Txawm yus tsis hlub nws lawm los mam xav mam hais txhob hais lus saib tsis tau nws es muab nws piv rau tus ub tus no vim qhov tseeb ib zaug hauv yus lub neej yeej hlub nws thiab thiaj tau los ua txijnkawm ib zaug dhau los txawm tsis nyiam, tsis hlub, tsis nco thiab siab ntev rau nws tsis tau lawm los ua zoo thov hais cov lus kom zoo zoo tias..." honey! los yog koj niam/koj txiv, yog koj hlub kuv tiag thov koj tso kuv mus raws li kuv lub siab xav siab ntshaw mog vim hauv kuv lub siab tsis muaj koj nyob lawm txawm yuav nyob uake los tsuas yog mob siab zuj zus kuamuag nrog xwb thov koj tso kuv mus mog. Tabsis maj mam ua zoo hais kom SOUNDS LIKE YOU'RE READY TO MOVE ON es nws thiaj zoo siab hlub tso koj mus raws li koj txoj kev npausuav.
Thaum no txawm nws yuav hlub koj npaum cas los yuav ua ib siab tu sib nrho tso koj mus kom tsuav nws pom koj muaj lub siab kaj, lub siab luag rov tuaj xwb ces nws yeej zoo siab lawm. Muaj ib lub neej uake los li no lawm nws tsis yooj yim vim thaum yus ntshaw ib tug txiv los yog pojniam uas yus xav tau los yog ntshaw tiag tiag vim yus xav tau ib txoj kev hlub uas nws sov siab mus ib txhis tsis yog lam los nyob uake vim sib yuav tau, muaj menyuam uake. Thaum twg raug rau leej twg nws thiaj paub hais tias hauv qab ntuj no tsis muaj ib yam dabtsi tseem ceeb cuag li yus ntshaw ib tug txiv/pojniam los hlub yus, los nrog yus nyob uake thaum tsis muaj leej twg tsis muaj menyuam nyob hauv tsev. Thaum yus ntshaw li no lawm mas zoo li txhua yam tsis muaj nuj nqis li vim yus xav kom tau ib txoj kev hlub zoo zoo kawg xwb. Hauv qab ntuj no yog tsis yog kev hlub los ntawm txijnkawm niam txiv ces lub neej yeej tsis sov siab cia siab tias nws yog TRUE LOVE TIAG TIAG.

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Nws May 10, 2007, 2:15 am
Twb tau ntau hnub ntau hmo, ntau hli thiab ntau xyoo dhau los lawm los cas kuv tseem nco nws tsis paub ploj. Mus txog twg kuv tseem nco dhuj dheev txog nws. Tib neeg coob nyob puv ntiaj teb los cas nrhiav txog twg yeej tsis pom muaj ib tug yuav zoo xwb nws. Nws tus duab tseem sawv nraim hauv kuv ob lub ntsiab muag tsis ploj. Nws lub suab hais lus tseem nyob sawv nraim hauv kuv nruab plawv tsis paub pawv vim yog nws lo lus zoo. Ntau hmo nyob hauv kuv tus npau suav tseem pom muaj nws. Lub neej nyob nruab yeeb puas yuav yog tseeb los yog nws lam ua mom thaum los txias dag kom zoo kuv lub siab ib pliag xwb. Huav kuv tus nruab dab ntub tseem pom muaj nws tuav rawv kuv tes cig mus yuj yeev rau txhua txoj kev. Tab txawm yuav ntev niaj puas xyoo lawm los nws txoj kev hlub tseem sawv nraim hauv kuv nruab siab tsis muaj hnub ploj.
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she's my sister, best friend and i'm losing her May 5, 2007, 8:47 pm
Living through my whole life she was the only one who i could open up to, share secrets and someone who i could talk to. we get along so good. we joke about everything! we share so much laughter together. we had our up and down but always make up afterwards. she was my younger sister and best friend. we look out for one another. now i'm losing her. she change so much in the last few years. as if i never knew her. i can understand what she had been through. her pain is my pain. when i heard she try to commit suicide i couldn't think i couldn't speak but cry my heart out. she was a tough girl. i'm so thankful god give her a second chance. now, i feel as if i'm losing her. in the past, we kept in touch. suddenly she stop calling me and whenever i had call i could tell she wasn't my sister. she's someone else. life is tough. whatever makes her happy i should be happy for her rite??? kiab, i just want you to know that no matter what happen i'll be here for you like always. promise me you'll be happy. let the past go and start over. i don't want to see you cry or be hurt any more. whenever you need a helping hand you can always count on me. take good care of yourself.

(sorrie if i make you (NH'ers) confuse.)
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When born to be the oldest and eldest son in the family, I bare so much responsibilities between me and my life. It's like the moment I was born, my parents set their hopes on me to guide them and raise me up to the fullest and hope that one day I will return the favor back to them by taken care of them when they're old. They rely on me once when I become a man, not just a ordinary man, but a man of hopes and dreams in his own way that they forsee in their eyes their happiness. I don't know if I'm strong enough to maintain a healthy life by balancing the important things of life and narrow it down. I felt like I haven't done much...haven't open up or given then their hopes in return. Not willingly want to go forward, but I have to move forward and leave everything behind. Those young days are gone no matter how much I have wanted them. It seems like I have no choice because life is about growing up, moving forward with pride and dignity. For anyone of you out there that inherant the same situation like mine....oh boy! we are in the same boat! don't tip too much on one side otherwise we'll all sink....hehehehe.

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NEVER SAID!!!!!! April 30, 2007, 12:41 pm
In life, there are words that should never meant to be saib and when said, life will never be the same. Those words will bare memorries to be remember and the pain will never go away whenever you think about it. For once it was said, it will be locked deep down inside ones heart no matter how long it has been said, the pain just there waiting to hurt you whenver you think about it even if it is for years...the moments you think about it, the pains there. Becareful of the words you said that should never be said unless you are willing to hurt the other just to make yourself happy of the words you said. For the love ones......don't said things that will keep your lover keep for life............LOVE&PEACE!.........FOREVERS!
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IB NPLOOJ SIAB ZEEG ZUJ ZUS April 30, 2007, 10:15 am
Hnub no tshaj ntuj nrig nej puas noj qab nyob zoo los kho siab thiab? Lub sibhawm tamsim no kuv tabtom nyob tom hauj lwm xav txog kuv lub neej. Thaum kuv xav txog, kuv lub siab nyob ntxhov nyho kho siab tsis pom qab quaj hais qhia rau leej twg. Kuv mloog zoo li kuv lub siab dhia mob heev. Kuv lub siab zoo li ib lub paj ntxhua nplaim uas muaj ntau nplooj. Thaum twg kuv muaj kev nyuaj siab, kho siab, ntxhov siab ces nws pheej zeeg ib nplooj zuj zus uas muab khaws rov puab tsis tau li qub. Kuv ntshai ua thaum twg nws zeeg tas lawm yuav tsis paub xyov yuav ua li cas? Lub sibhawm no kuv nyob quaj dhi nrog lub kuamuag hlub. Thaum kuv pib sau daim ntawv no kuv mloog kuv lub siab twb ua tsis taus pa vim ib nplooj zeeg poob dua lawm zoo li txojsia tu zuj zus. Thaum kuv kho siab tuaj kuv lub suab hu hu nkauj zag kawg. Kuv xav nyob ib lub teb chaw uas tsis muaj txoj kev xav, tsis muaj txoj kev ntshaw, tsis muaj txoj kev nyuaj siab...nyob luag ntxhub ntxhi txhua tus tsis muaj txoj kev ua txhaum leej twg. Thaum twg kuv nyuaj siab, kho siab, kuv thiaj mus zaum ntawm ntug dej quaj thov hu...hu nkauj zag los coj kuv mus nrog nws nyob kom kuv tu ncua txoj kev kho siab. Kuv xav tso txojsia sau yaj ceeb no tseg mus pib dua tshiab hauv duab yeeb kom txhob paub muaj lub kuamuag nrog....sau tam tagnro txhua tus zoo li kuv.........only few people will know zaj dabneeg kuv sau tseg no....only few!

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My daily life April 25, 2007, 12:59 am
Lub cev khwv khwv mus rau ub rau no. Lub ncauj smile rau txhua leej txhua tus uas tau ntsib. Tiam si tsis muaj leej twg yuav ntsia mus tob rau hauv ob lub qhov muag kom pom nws lub siab txoj kev tu siab. Deep in there nws lub siab ua voj ua vias tsis paub xav dabtsi.

Muaj ib hnub uas Ryan noog tias "are you mad at him" kuv hais tias, "NO, im not" kuv hais rau Ryan hais tias yuav zoo siab kom tau rau nws xwb xwb thiaj li zoo. Lub sij hawm thaum hais no kuv xav tias yog kuv dag Ryan xwb, tabsis ua cas yog tiag. Kuv lub kua muag poob lawm pes tsawg los kuv yeej tsis yws ib lo, tsis seev ib lo, tsis tham ib lo li. Ntau zaus uas kuv walked ntawm ntug dej es quaj ib leeg fall rau hauv cov sand all by myself, los kuv yeej tsis yog chim rau nws li. Qhov kuv quaj tsuas yog vim kuv tsis paub yuav pib li cas from here xwb. Sim neej no txoj kev ua neeg, yuav hais lo twg thiaj yog.

Txij lub sij hawm ntawm los, kuv tau phauv ua ib tug neeg tsis tham lus lawm. Thaum sib ntsib es luag tej noog txog kuv ces kuv hais rau lawv tias kom tham txog lawv thiab kuv xwb vim peb tsis tau sib ntsib ntev es kuv nco nco lawv kawg, li no xwb. Smiling is the only thing i do now. I have a very special place to go to every time im feeling down. Every thing is still feel like a dream tabsis tiag tiag hauv lub neej no, nws tau tag lawm os, nplaimhlub. Tshooj tshiab tshoob no ntawm kuv lub neej ces tsuas yog kuv lawm xwb.

Kuv yuav tsis piav rau leej twg until tus special person ntawm los txog. Tus uas care enough to want to know my story, then i will share. Tus uas love me enough to wipe away my tears then i will tell. Muaj qee yam tsis tham zoo dua muab tham. Muaj qee yam tsis hais zoo dua muab hais. Li cas los xij, kuv zoo siab uas txhua hnub txhua week thaum tsis muaj chaw mus kuv tau los sau rau hauv no. Li no xwb yeej zoo siab lawm, tsis thov dabtsi ntau tshaj no. Yog tiag, npaum li no xwb uas kuv muaj hmoo.

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July 4th xyoo tag los no April 22, 2007, 2:11 pm
Thaum kuv hnov koj hu nws lub npe hnov mob kuv siab dua rhe, koj nrog nws mus ua ib ntxaig tuav rawv nws sab tes, mloog zoo li kuv lub plawv twb yuav nres. Cas tshav ntuj li nrig kub txog 98 degree los cas lam muaj ib tee dej nag teev saum kuv sab plhu. Ntuj kaj xiav lus los cas hauv kuv nruab siab nim nyob ntxho hnyo pos huab niab tsis paub yuav ua zaj twg. July 4th hmoob ncaws npas thiab muaj kev lom zem coob coob los cas mus txog txhua ces kaum kev twg los nim yog yus ib leeg xwb. Pom luag tej nyob luag ntxhwb ntxhi hos yus ces nyob ib leeg tib tug ntshaus ntsho. July 4th yuav tuaj no kuv thov nyob ib leeg ntsiag tos xwb ntshe yuav kaj siab dua.
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XIAM HLWB April 18, 2007, 3:43 pm

Constantly, kuv lub siab ntxhov nyho. Ntshe tsis xyeej xwb yog xav txog thaum twg ces tsis xav noj mov, tsis xav haus dej. Mloog zoo li kuv tsis khuv xim kuv tus kheej txojsia. Thaum twg tau noj ces noj ntau ntau, noj lwj noj liam tsis paub txuag kuv qhov weitht. Thaum twg yoo ces yoo kom txojsia tu. Ua dabtsi tsis xav tom ntej tom qab tias txaus ntshai npaum li cas. Ua lub neej nyob muaj txhua yam tabsis tsis muaj txoj kev ntshaw. Nyob ncig yuj yeev tej thaum kuv tseem SMILE rau kuv tus kheej cuag li tus neeg ruam xiam hlwb lawm es lam taus lam ua tsis paub qhov tseeb. Sometimes, kuv take a deep breath and give myself some air alone los pheej tseem smile rau yus tus kheej ruam lawg xwb? Hnub twg kuv lub plawv tsis dhia mam txais txoj kev kaj siab ywj pheej uas kuv ntshaw ntawd until then kuv lub plawv yeej dhia CONSTANTLY with pain. Pain that can not be erase, heal or forget even time will not help. Hnub twg kuv tsis muaj txojsia tuaj sau ntawv rau nej nyeem hauv NH no lawm thiaj yuav yog hnub kuv kaj siab tshaj plaws..............PEACE!.......BYE.....JKM
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KEV XAV HNUB NO! April 18, 2007, 1:02 pm

Hnub no yog ib hnub uas kuv rov tig mus saib kuv lub neej yav tag los. Ib ntsais muag xwb ua cas kuv yuav los tau deb tag npaum no ua ib yam dabtsi tsis tseem ceeb tsis muaj nuj nqis. Tu siab heev uas sibhawm dhia ceev heev ua rau kuv twb tsis meej pem yog leej twg tiag. Txhua yam kuv ua dhau los muab xav txog kuamuag nrog. Kuv yog ib tug neeg siab muag siab phem??? Los lus no kuv nug kuv tus kheej tsis ploj. Thaum pom luag tej tu siab txomnyem los kuamuag los kuv quaj nrog cheem tsis tau lub kuamuag poob. Twb paub hais tias qhov kuv yuav ua ntawd tsis yog mam xav mam ua los pheej tseem peem tiag ua mus kom txhaum thiab.....Ua cas kuv yuav mus ntxub kuv tus kheej tus cwj fwm ua luaj li os. TOO EMOTIONAL THIAB PAUB XAV LOS TSEEM UA TXHAUM THIAB? TSOV TOM!hehehe. Kuv txoj kev kaj siab yog luag txoj kev lwj siab. Yog kuv niaj hnub pom mus zoo li no es kuv yuav ua cas thiaj hla dhau txoj hauv kev no? Hnub no kuv xav txog kuamuag ntws nto tsis pom qab quaj hais rau leej twg zaum ib leeg ntawm kuv lub DESK yam li kuv tabtom REPENT kuv txoj kev txhaum uas kuv tau ua dhau los....ntiaj teb tibneeg yog txoj kev mob siab tshaj plaws. Tiam ntawv yus los nyob li no hla tsis dhau TSWV NTUJ txoj kev sau tseg...peem xwm tsis taus! Cia tiam no kuv nyob nrog txoj kev txhaum vim tsis muaj ib lo lus twg los hais tau. Tiam neej no kuv tu siab tshaj plaws uas yog thaum twg kuv xav txog ces xav pw tsis xav sawv kom kuv mloog txhob tau txoj kev nyuajsiab uas noj kuv lub siab zuj zus tsis pub kuv zoo siab. Kuv zoo siab los luag tsis zoo, luag zoo siab los kuv tsis zoo siab?
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show me the way April 17, 2007, 10:28 am
One painful step at a time
Something keeps pulling me down

Walking the path you have show me
Some how I losing ground

so pull me out of my weakness
set my feet on the path

I close my eyes
I feel my way and trust in my fath

Father every steps until this life is through
Im holding on to you.

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NPLOOJSIAB April 12, 2007, 1:32 pm
Kuv me nploojsiab, koj puas paub os.....hais tias kuv nco nco koj no nas. Niaj hnub nyob seev txog koj kuv nploojsiab ntsws tsis paub ua neeg. Tus hlub aw...tshav ntuj nrig es koj nyob li cas? Koj nyob qhov twg es koj puas yuav nov os? Koj puas xav txog ib tug neeg uas ib txwm nyob hauv koj xub ntiag...yuav hais qhia tias nws nco koj no os. Kuv me nploojsiab hlub tus hlub tus neeg kuv hlub tsis dhuav, ua cas koj yuav ua rau kuv vwm tas nco nco tus ntxhiab hais lus luag ntxhi rau kuv thiab nco txhua txhua lub sibhawm thaum nrog koj nyob uake ncig yuj yeev rau ub rau no yam tsis paub muaj kev nyuaj siab. Kuv lub neej yog tsis muaj koj ntshe yuav nyob tsaus ntuj nti mus ib txhis yuav nyob ib leeg kho siab khuav. Ua cas hmo no yuav nco koj luaj li no. Cas hmo no yuav tsis zoo li yav tas los uas thaum tseem muaj koj tuaj nrog kuv nyob tsheej tagmo. Hmo no kuv lub siab ntxhov nyho quaj dhawv dhi nco txog thaum wb hais lus luag ntxhi kuv tuav koj tes zaum uake nyob kaj siab...Ab...ua cas hmo no kuv ho seev txog koj? Hmo no kuv nco koj luaj no mam li thov seb puas npausuav pom koj ib pliag kom kuv lub siab nqig. Txawm nws yuav yog tus ntsuj plig xwb los xij tsuav yog kuv me nploojsiab tus kuv quaj dhi rau koj xwb ces yeej zoo kuv lub siab lawm os.
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kev sib hlub April 9, 2007, 1:40 am
Yog tsis muaj kev sib hlub no lub neej puas complete. No, nws tsis complete. Yog muaj kev sib hlub no ho zoo li cas? Xav thaum twg lub siab yaj ntsis. Noog yus tus kheej tag zog tias yog li yus puas tau ready muab yus tus kheej coj los tso rau txoj kev hlub los sis los risk. Yog tsis risk, puas muaj hnub ntsib tus hlub tiag. Yog yuav risk, yuav ntsib pes tsawg txoj kev nyuab siab, tusiab, khosiab ua ntej ntsib tus hlub tiag.

Vim yog responsibilities uas txhua leej txhua tus muaj. Tej thaum lawv xav muab tag nrho txoj kev zoo siab rau yus los lawv kuj muab tsis tau. Yus los zoo ib yam. Tej thaum qhov txawv no kuj ua rau txoj kev hlub mus tsis taus.

Ntau zaus kuj yog vim txoj kev nco kev hlub ua rau lub siab tos tsis taus. Txoj kev sib hlub ho thiaj ploj mus raw caij raws xyoog. Tej thaum ho muab hlub muab ywj siab dhau lawm ua rau lawv tsis pom yus interesting lawm ces lawv kuj ho mus lawv lawm. Leej tib neeg lub siab yog tsis tau satisfy ces lawv kuj xav paub yus kawg, tabsis, thaum uas qhov need ntawd satisfied lawv lawm ces lawv kuj tso tseg yus lawm thiab.

Yus willing to hlub tabsis muaj leej twg yuav willing hlub tau li yus. Yuav ua cas thiaj li paub tag nrho. Yeej tsis muaj yuav paub tag nrho. Muaj ib txhia, lawv tsuas yog ntshaw txoj kev lom zem xwb, muaj ib txhia lawv xav muab lawv tus kheej coj los ua kom lwm tus nco lawv kom lawv feel muaj qab hau xwb, kuj muaj ib txhia lawv xav enjoy life day to day xwb, kuj muaj cov uas zoo li yus uas xav nrhiav tus hlub tiag xwb thiab tabsis, lawv los kuj ntseeg tsis tau tias leej twg thiaj yog tus ntawd. Zoo nkauj dhau lawm los neeg kuj ntshai some times. Phem dhau lawm los neeg kuj ntshai some times. Nyuab kawg puas yog?

Tiag tiag, txoj kev sib hlub kuj tsis txaus ntshai ua luaj twg yog ntsib tus xav sib xws. Yog ntsib tus ua nyiam thiab hlub yus tiag tiag, yus txoj kev zoo siab yuav yog nws qhov priority. Yim ua rau yus zoo siab, tej zaum yuav ua rau nws zoo siab thiab. Yog txoj kev hlub dawb huv muaj tiag no puas yuav muaj tau rau yus?

Kuv cia siab rau Vaj Tswv. Kuv paub tias yeej yuav muaj ib tug neeg los hauv kuv lub neej ib hnub xwb. Txhua tus neeg uas yuav los mus hauv kuv lub neej, yog nws yog tus yog ces nws yeej yuav nyob. Yog nws tsis yog ces txawm zoo npaum twg los muaj ib hnub nws yeej yuav nrhiav nws txoj kev mus li. Li cas los xij, kuv lub haum phiaj tsuas yog yuav hlub txhua tus uas los paub kuv ib zaug ntawd npaum li kuv hlub thiab ua tau. Txawm yuav zoo li cas rau tom ntej los kuv tsis khuv xim li. vim muaj ib hnub twg kuv ntsia rov qab rau kuv lub neej tag los, kuv yuav tsis tu siab hais tias tshuav leej twg kuv hlub tsis tag siab es nws thiaj ncaim mus.

Yog muaj txoj kev hlub uas dawb huv thiab kev thaj yeeb nyob huav lub siab. Love will come softly some day..........
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koj kuv wb April 9, 2007, 1:01 am
Kaj ntug zuj zus lawm tiag tsis ntev xwb ces lub ntuj twb yuav kaj ntshiab khiv, lub suab neeg twb yuav tsim thiab nrov nroo ntws mus thoob txhua txhia qhov chaw tej me kab me noog twb quaj zom zaws lub hnub twb ntsa yuav thoob tim npoo ntuj, tus ntxhiab ntawm tej nplooj hmab nplooj ntoo uas hlav ntsuab xwb xiab twb yuav tsw mus txog txhua txoj kev...hnub no twb yog dua hnub tshiab lawm tiag tiag. Thaum tsim dheev plaws hauv tus duab dab ntub los cas koj yuav yog thawj yam uas kuv nco dheev txog. Txawm txoj kev yuav ncua ntev lub cev yuav nyob nrug deb los koj kuv ntsuj plig nyob ua ke nraim, mus rau txhua thaj chaw yam li ob tug noog uas yam mus lawm tsis paub rov, yam nkaus li kuv yog lub paj es koj yog tus kav...es wb yuav nyob ua ib ke koom lawm ib txoj sia kom txog thaum lub caij nyoog rov coj koj kuv wb los nyob ua ib kev yam li txhua yam uas wb tsim tau cia.
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MOB INTERNALLY April 5, 2007, 6:13 pm
Peb ua tibneeg nyob ntshaw txhua yam yus lub siab xav txog xav tau. Txawm tau ib los xav tau ob. Txawm tau ob los tseem xav tau plaub thiab...ua cas yuav mus mob hlwb ua luaj? Lub neej tsis muaj nuj nqis yog yus tsis paub saib xyuas kom lomzem rau txhua txoj kev yus xaiv yus taug ntawd. Txoj hauv kev ntawm tibneeg lub neej nws tsis tseem ceeb yog yus pheej tsis muaj kev kaj siab, zoo siab. Nws tsis tseem ceeb yog yus qhov " INTERNAL HAPPINESS IS NOT OUR WORK " earthly things will loose their luster. Khwv ciaj khwv tuag kom muaj nyiaj los plam tuab ntws kev lomzem uas sibhawm tig tsis tau rov qab mus pib dua. Tej tug khwv muaj nyiaj muaj txiaj tau lub neej zoo nrog luag ua xws teb xws chaw los hauv nws lub siab internally tsis muaj kev kaj siab...always felt lost somewhere. Txoj kev lomzem yog ib yam uas yus yuav tsum tsis muab nws tso tseg thiaj nyob zoo yam li tus neeg tsis muaj kev ntshaw. Txawm yus yuav muaj thiab pluag npaum twg los yog yus tsis paub nrhiav kev lomzem ces txawm yus yuav zoo nkauj zoo nraug npaum twg los yeej muaj mob "INTERNALLY" hauv yus lub siab tabsis lub ncauj tsis hais qhia xwb. Txhob xav hais tias cov muaj nyiaj nyob vaj tsev zoo tsis muaj mob kev ntshaw npaum cov pluag. Cov pluag nws ACCEPT WHO THEY ARE SO txawm yuav ntshaw dabtsi npaum twg los yeej tsis cia siab qhov zoo ces hloov yus txoj kev lomzem kom muaj txhua ua txhua thiaj tsis ntshaw txoj kev muaj. Li cas los xij peem, peb txhua tus yeej paub lawm hais tias txoj kev ywj pheej ywj siab lomzem yog yam uas sibhawm tig tsis tau rov mus rub rov qab los ua dua...tag lawm ces tag mus tsis muaj ntxiv tabsis yog tag lawm mus rau txoj kev lomzem ces yuav yog ib yam uas yus tsis muaj kev ntshaw los yog ntshaw luag li vim txhua yam yus ua txhua tas dhau tas lawm thiaj li nyob nrog txoj kev MEMORY uas yus tsis nov qab ntshaw dabtsi thiaj tsis mob siab "INTERNALLY". Niaj hnub no coob tus tseem tsis tau paub " MOB INTERNALLY " yog li cas tiag puas yog? Yog nej leej twg tsis paub, rov mus mloog thiab saib nej lub neej rov qab los yog VISUALIZE back in time seb tu ncu yam twg, qhov twg...nej thiaj paub tshem txoj kev ntshaw tawm hauv nej lub siab dhau los ua kev lomzem kom txoj kev " MOB INTERNALLY " zoo zuj zus tuaj dhau los ua ib txo kev ywjsiab ywjpheej kaj siab txhua nrho txoj kev ntshaw.....LOVE&PEACE.............JKM...ENJOY!
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nag hmo thaum kuv tseem yau.. April 1, 2007, 4:48 am
Cas ib pliag ntshis xwb lub caij nyoog twb dhau mus deb li deb lawm, txhua txhua hnub sij hawm khiav nrawm li nrawm tsis tos leej twg. Nag hmo thaum kuv tseem yau kuv twb tsis paub txog tiag hnub no yuav muaj ntau txoj kev nyuaj siab nyob hauv lub neej. Nag hmo thaum kuv tseem yau, ua yam twg los kuv twb ua tau vim kuv twb tsis nco yuav txhawj xeeb txog xwm txheej dabtsi. Nag hmo ces ntshes yuav plam mus tag lawm ib sim yuav tig tsis tau lub ntuj kom tig rov qab...yuav dag tsis tau kuv tus kheej. Hauv lub neej muaj ntau yam yus pom tsis xog xav tsis txhij....Nco nag hmo thaum kuv tseem yau.
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z z z z z March 29, 2007, 3:39 am
Tshuav tsis ntev wb twb yuav sib ncaim mus, yuav ua rau koj thiab kuv lub kua muag tws tawm los, ntshe yuav sib ncaim sib nco tsis xav ua neeg zaum no ces wb yuav sib ncaim mus tiag yuav ua rau wb nplooj siab sib nco mus tag ib txhis, kaj ntug tagkis ntshe yuav tsis ntsib lawm, tus kuv hlub zaum no yuav sib ncaim tiag, nco ntsoov tias ncaim cev tsis ncaim siab os mog, yog koj nco kuv ces twb yog kuv hu seev txog koj thiab mog.
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more sharing March 28, 2007, 2:34 pm
by: david baird
Invest in your heart

The very best gift we can give to anyone is the experience of love, either in friendship, in our relationships, or in marriage. when we give love, we soon discover that we receive more love in return. "Give a little, receive a lot" may seem a strange phenomenon to many of us. But love, unlike pennies, need not be saved to make a fortune, for our investment will reap loving rewards over and over, throughout the years.
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xox March 28, 2007, 12:57 am
Cas ib pliag ntshis xwb twb yuav rov txog lub caij nplooj hmab nplooj ntoos hlav. Ntshe twb yog vim muaj koj sawv hauv kuv nruab siab txhua lub sij hawm lub caij nyoog thiaj khiav mus nrawm ua luaj. Kuv tseem nco tau zoo li yog nag hmo xwb uas yog thawj zaug wb sib ntsib. Txij hnub kuv paub koj los txog tav nov, koj ua rau kuv lub siab kaj lawm hov ntau. Koj ua rau kuv pom ntau txoj hauv kev thiab qhia txoj kev zoo rau kuv taug. Koj tiv thaiv kuv lub sij hawm thaum kuv poob phem thiab hais lo lus zoo los sov kuv siab. Txhua hnub txhua hmo kuv yeej yuav nco koj tsis paub ploj. Koj ob sab tes xwb thiaj yog ob sab tes uas kuv xav tuav mus rau txhua txoj kev tsis hais mus deb los ze. Koj ua rau kuv muaj lub suab luag thiab txhawb kuv lub zog thaum kuv qaug zog. Koj xwb thiaj yog tus kuv nco, txawm yuav nthiav thoob qab ntuj yeej tsis muaj ib tug yuav zoo xwb koj. Yuav noc koj tsis paub ploj.

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just wanna share... March 26, 2007, 12:28 am
Found this to be interesting:
by David Baird,

Love's seasons
Can you think of anyone who is not afraid of change? Yet we all set off on our journey through life in search of love, blissfully unaware that love inevitably changes us. Love demands change, just as nature demands magnificent summer to mature into the richness of fall, to recede into the still quiet of winter, and then burst forth into the excitement of spring to become once more glorious summer. And love, too, has its seasons. When we reach the time in our lives when we are prepared to love and be loved, we must also be prepared and willing to accept the changes love will bring.

Love finds us when we are ready to change.
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LUB NTSIAB NTAWM KEV HLUB? March 22, 2007, 4:47 pm
This is for you....' LISA VANG '

Hello there Lisa Vang. Zoo siab uas tau nov koj lub suab seev yam tu siab thiab kho siab heev hauv no rau lub sibhawm no. Kuv thov pab koj tu siab. Kuv mloog koj sau me me li ko xwb los kuv yeej paub lawm hov ntau thov koj txhob tu siab mog vim yus yog HUMANS, yus yeej yuav hla tsis dhau txoj kev lwj siab zoo li ko. Hlub ib qho tseg ib qho, nco ib co tseg ib co es thaum muaj kev tshwm sim mus zoo li no koj thiaj ua tau ib siab thiab muaj peev xwm STAND STRONG rau koj tus kheej. Kuv tsis muaj dabtsi zoo luaj twg tabsis nov koj lub suab quaj txog nplaimhlub es kuv thiaj tuaj sau ob peb kab tes ntawv los rau koj mloog kom koj UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF LOVE.

Peb yog tibneeg...muaj siab muaj ntsws yuav tsis muaj hnub peb paub lub ntsiab lus ntawm txoj kev hlub vim ntiaj teb lub kuamuag iab poob los kav txhua tus lub siab, yuav ua cas nrhiav kom tau lub ntsiab lus tseeb. Txhua tus yeej nyob nrog kuamuag, nyob nrog lub suab seev lub suab quaj. Yeej tsis muaj ib yam dabtsi twg uas yuav los SATISFY tau tibneeg txoj kev hlub tsis hais nkauj nraug mus rau niam txiv. I don't know? because it doesn't exist and it never will. The only thing we can do about it is to learn as much as possible about HUMAN NATURE. Nature and the human heart can never be learn or explain in theory because humans are just like nature. It could change and happen at anytime at any place and we can't control its power. SEX is the main ingredient and the most important aspect of life when trying to understand to meaning of love. Without the imtimacy of SEX between a couple, there's no use struggling to know lub ntsiab ntawm kev hlub because you will never know the meaning of it. I know that it will hurt from time to time and everytime when you think about it, you just wanted to close your eyes and wish it never meant to happen like this. In humans, when the heart is broken in tears, it can never be healed. Hopefully time will heal enough to start a new life and tears will remain as memorries from the past. I'm sorry for what you been through, but hopefully you will take this small writting into heart and understand the meaning of life is that the meaning itself will never be reveil until death. I'm also writting this to answer those who wrote...' LUB NTSIAB NTAWM KEV HLUB '......ENJOY!

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WHY? March 21, 2007, 1:00 pm
What a cloudy misty day today? How's everyone doing?

Vim li cas peb ua tibneeg nyob muaj txoj kev xav, muaj txoj kev ntshaw xav tau txhua yam hauv yus lub siab tsis ploj. Txawm yus tau txhua yam los yus lub siab pheej seev txog ib yam khuam tseg cuag li yus nyob lub ntsej muag luag ntxhi tabsis lub siab quaj dhi khaws tseg. Vim li cas ENOUGH pheej tsis ENOUGH rau peb tus kheej rau txhua yam tsis hais leej twg. Tibneeg lub neej uas nws tshim sim ib vuag hauv lub ntiaj teb no yog ib yam uas nws nyuaj tshaj plaws tsis pom qab tswj kom lub siab nyob tus tus. Txawm yus yuav sib hlub npaum twg los pheej muaj ib yam kws yus tib ub tib no kho siab ib leeg tsis qhia pub leej twg paub. Yus lub siab thiab yus yog ob tug zoo phoojywg tshaj plaws uas tej thaum yus kho siab, nyuaj siab los nws paub. Hos tej thaum nws ntxhov siab mob plawv los yus paub thiab. Ib leeg yeej muaj ib yam kev xav kev zais hauv yus lub siab tsis qhia. Txoj kev uas yus zais tsis pub luag paub ntawd thiaj yog txoj kev ywj pheej kaj siab rau yus tus kheej thiab yus lub siab thiaj paub hais tias yus yog tus zoo ntawm nws. Ib ntsais muag xwb yus yeej hais lus yuam kev tsis paub tom ntej tom qab tabsis yus lub siab nyob yam ncaj ncees rau nws txoj kev ntseeg. Yus yuav muab nws hloov npaum li cas los nws yeej tsis pauv tsis txawv thiab yuav yog tus yeej txhua yam. Ua ib khub nkauj nraug niam txiv yog yus tau taub txog tibneeg lub siab txoj kev sib hlub uas zoo li cas tiag, yus thiaj tsheej ib yig neeg nyob. Txawm yuav muaj kev ntshaw kev npausuav loj npaum twg los yus thiaj tswj tau yus lub siab nyob nrog tus yus tiam ntawv los raug thiab tsis raug. Yus thiaj paub qhia yus lub siab kom nws paub hlub, paub xav, paub tu siab thiab paub ua lub siab ntev siab loj es ua tus swb. Txhua yam yog yus lub siab thiab yus sib qhia kom yus koom tau ib lub siab uake nyob tau yam kaj siab nrig rau txhua txoj kev ntshaw. Txawm kuv yuav EXPLAIN thiab hais zoo npaum no los yog kuv tus hlub lub siab tsis pab txhawb nws ces nkawd yeej nyob kho siab khuav seev yees tu siab nrog rau txoj kev seev kuv sau tseg no. Ib sib huam xwb txawm peb ib leeg nyias muaj nyias kev nyuaj siab, nyias muaj nyias kev ntshaw thiab nyias muaj nyias ib lub siab tswj los yeej los xaus rau txhua yam kuv hais no. Tibneeg txojsia luv heev...twb tsis paub xyov yus yuav tuag hnub twg? Lam nyob hnub xam hmo, pw hmo xam hnub xwb tsis paub xyov tagkis nws yuav zoo li cas tiag thov kom peb sawvdaws sib sib hlub kom muaj lub chaw xaus.

Muaj lub sibhawm mam rov tuaj sau rau nej nyeem...ENJOY!

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Lub sib hawm wb nyob ua kev March 18, 2007, 3:17 pm
Muaj tej thaum uas nws ua rau yus nco txog tus neeg ntawd kawg li. lub sib hawm thaum nws nyob nrug deb ntawm yus lawm los yus yeej nco txog nws. tej zaum yus twb tsis hlub nws los yus pheej xav txog nws, zoo li yus nco nws heev. lub sib hawm thaum wb nyob ua kev, kuv tseem nco txog koj, thabsis, koj twb tsis paub tias kuv nco txog koj li.
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yeah.... March 15, 2007, 11:49 pm
"Remember in life, is not fair in all the thing we do. We can never be happy in life especially in love because everyday we just pretended to be happy because it's reality and it shows from inside...we just hide those feelings from being notice to the public.

.....i agree with jkm... i tends to keep my feeling in side...never show it to anyone...the outside i seem to be happy and all but inside fill with sorrow...
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Hello there friends March 15, 2007, 10:38 am
Accept who you are, cherished what you have, happy for what you got. Don't overflow with greed because greed only bring sorrow that overshadow our destiny in reality like putting ourselves at risk of falling apart mentally and physically. In love and ralationship, learn to adapt to it by living a happier and healthier life by ditching those greedy thoughts of wants&needs. Learn to accept the outcomes of all your consequences beyong your imaginations. No one can be cure of this wicked temptation of the human heart. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do and how you lived your life wheather you're married/single or divorce/saparated. Each and everyone of us has a soul mate somewhere out there waiting, wanting, breathing helplessly in vein desparately to be connected at some point at some time along the future. As long as you have the heart to love/feel then you are not alone because everyone has more than one soul mate in this world. The world posses so many evil within our boundarries that we can not escape its temptation due to lack of unexpected unexperience in self control wheather just pleasure for sex or just playing screwing around to make other people feel miserable. When you are in love, you do anything to be close to that special person don't you? You felt the pressure arising in jeolousy and control because those feelings just comes out from the heart. You feel that you wanted to control the person who you love to love only you and by fate hope they do, but unfortunately as you go down the road...time passes by, you notice that things starts to change dramatically in your love cycle especially you start accepting other without the consent of your heart, without the consent of him/her, the one you love. Once you have the feeling of accepting others into your life then you are likely to have more than one soul mate and just don't have the courage or the heart to amit it to yourself...like..."what's going on with me? why am I behaving like this? who do I have a crush on him/her? oh! she/he looks hot...wish I could??? It doesn't hurt to talk for awhile as long as she/he doesn't know about it. If you fall into these question, your soul mate is still somewhere out there....Sometimes it's better to look for them cause that's the only thing that will make you happy for the rest of your life without regrets. Remember in life, is not fair in all the thing we do. We can never be happy in life especially in love because everyday we just pretended to be happy because it's reality and it shows from inside...we just hide those feelings from being notice to the public.

enjoy! spring is coming around the corner....just finish my 8 o'clock class....thought I swing by for a brief writting for everyones to read...bye now.


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ramdom words March 10, 2007, 9:32 pm
Lub ntuj dub nciab los nag pos huab niab, nag xau xuj xuav tsis paub xaus. Ntxhais nkauj hmoob cas nws yuav taug kev ib leeg tsua cov dej nag. Yim taug mus deb yim tsis xav rov xav taug li no mus seb yuav mus txog rau txoj kev twg. Ntsia tus duab hauv cov dej nag cas pom muaj ob tug duab...yog tiag los yog npau suav rov ua zoo saib dua ib zuag dua seb puas pom qhav. Thaum paub zoo lawm hais yog dag caus hauv lub siab yuav mob kub ib zag vim nws yog dag xwb. Leej twg thiaj li yuav pom nkauj hmoob tus dai siab lub kua muag thaum nws tabtom swb nws tus kheej hauv cov dej nag. Ntshe yuav tsis muaj leej twg paub thiab pom txog li. Ib zaug hauv lub neej uas tau los ntsib ib txog kev hlub uas zoo tshaj cas hnub no yuav yog lub kua muag poob nrog cov dej nag. Txoj kev hlub niaj hnub no ces twb ploj zuj zus nrog ntwg cuas yuav ploj mus lawm tsis rov.
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tej hmo uas tsis muaj koj March 9, 2007, 10:22 pm
zoo li hmo no mas, no kuv lub siab kawg li. xav ntau yam xav phem xav zoo ntau yam kawg li. kuv tau los raug koj txoj kev hlub lawm tiag tiag li. yog thaum koj los nyeem txog kuv daim ntawv no thov koj pab khaws kuv txoj kev hlub uas kuv nco nco koj ua hnub ua hmo no kom muaj nuj nqis thiab mog. txawm koj yuav xav li cas rau kuv los kuv yeej qhia tau hais tias koj yog thawj tug neeg uas ua rau kuv muaj lub siab nco thiab yuav nco mus ib txhis. vim li cas koj tshua yog los ua kom kuv nco nco koj xwb. kuv nco koj ua luaj li no los cas thaum kuv nrog koj hais lus kuv twb tsis paub yuav hais li cas twb ua rau kuv lub siab zoo zoo cuag li abtsi. kuv vwm hlub koj lawm tiag tiag ntse kuv poob rau txoj kev hlub lawm tiag tiag.
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=( March 7, 2007, 2:41 pm
Txog kev hlub no, zoo li npauv suav.
Mob, mob lub siab los hais tsis tau.
Lub kua muag poob los tsis pom...
Nyob ib leeg nco koj xwb.

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thinking about sos March 6, 2007, 2:08 pm
Haven't see sos for long time. When i heard people say your name, it bring back memory of you. Memory that i can not get it out of my mine. It been a while but still miss you. No matter where you are...i'm still here waiting for you....
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Tau ntau xyoo ua luaj li no cas kuv hos rov npau suav pom koj dua os. March 5, 2007, 11:49 am

Hnag hmo yog dabtsi hmo es kuv hos npau suav pom koj nyob luag ntxhi nrog kuv os tus me neeg aw...Puas yog koj rov nco txog kuv los yog vim kuv muaj kev nyuaj siab es kuv tuas koj npe es wb thiab li rov los sib ntsib rau hauv tu npau suav os. Hnub no ua rau kuv nyob kho siab thiab nco txog koj heev li mog. Txawm tias wb nyias nyob nyias ib sab ntuj lawm los tsua wb tuaj sib ntshib hauv npau suav xwb ces twb zoo zoo kuv siab lawm mog. Xyov kuv yuav muaj koj nco puas tsawg hnub thiab puas tsawg hmo thiab li yuav hnov qab koj mog. Nyob zoo koj mog vam tias wb yuav tau sib ntshib rau hauv tu npau suav dua no nawb.
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hi!hi!hi! March 3, 2007, 5:06 am
wow, its been a while since i last write in here. how is everyone doing? hopefully everything is going good for everyone! well, seems like NH is coming back so i might be in here often again..hehehehe jk... i'll stop by when i have times otherwise my days kept me pretty busy.

reply to a post earlier about hmoob meka mus tham hluas nkauj hmoob tim ub...

cov txiv neej hmoob ua pheej mus tim ub ces yog cov tsis muaj siab muaj ntsws xwb. twb yog vim lawv laus laus thiab tawv tsis tau thiaj li ua ib siab mus ua cov mos mos seb pab puas tau lawv tus kwv me me..ahahhahaa jk... hehehhee... they know that yog lawv ua under age nyob teb chaws meka no ces lawv kawg mag behind bars lawv thiaj mus ua cov nyob tim ub tiamsis for me i don't care. because yus hais lawv los nkim lub zog thiab nkim lub ncauj tsa hais xwb.
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For those who want to know and why Hmong are in the US? March 1, 2007, 1:45 pm
Some of you may know already, but there are many people out there still wonder why we hmong are here in the US..

Writing to an American/or others who was confused about the Hmong people, Jack Austin Smith, a Vietnam Veteran and a retired career soldier wrote! To read more please click on the following link!
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quite true to that....hehehehe March 1, 2007, 12:43 am
Got the whole weeks off...just done closing one my of duplex...whoo! what a relief. Alot of headache when comes to Real Estate investment...especially when you go to school and run it all together. Not easy but that's living and it paid off at the end so I'm happy.

I know a lot of hmong men are visiting Laos quite often due to a lot of problems in families when returning, but we can not change the reality of life when comes to falling in love all over again or you might say CRAZY! Yes indeed, it sounds like crazy and out of this world nothing means much than having all those craving like the old days when we are still young and childest.
There are three kinds of men, one are those that between the age of 16-25...two are those between the age of 25-40...and last are those 40's and up. Each catagory represent a different stage in terms of WANTS/NEEDS in them. Myself falls in the second age stage and these stage holds the most problems in them in life throughout the hmong community. These mid age are the hardest to overcome them in families and relationship because our mind and body are well being manage to the point that we are ready to make a change. Quite true that men are most favorable than women because a men can go out with ten women and come back to his families...wife/kids and love them the same, but a women all it takes is just one guy or bad words from outside about cheating on their love ones and life can never be the same...if you are a women and you know what I'm saying than you know it so well to live your life meaningful. I confess that I too are one of those who went to Laos and comes back with a different perspective about my life in the U.S. At my age, it's difficult to know what you really wants in life...after all, it's something we men can not explain ourselves...sometimes I cry at night thinking about it time after time what happened to me? But nothing! blank. We're just in the age of wanting or just want a relationship outside, but nothing much and only if our wives understand us...otherwise separation is the key to happiness. Lub sibhawm no peb cov men xav tham hluas nkauj, xav tham poj nrauj uasi xwb tsis xav yuav tabsis vim peb cov pojniam tsis tau taub peb xwb thiaj muaj teeb meem npaum no. Yus xav mus tham uasi, xav mus nrog pw uasi, xav kov luag ib ce kom txaus siab tabsis yeej tuav thiab tab cuab tab yig ruaj khov tsis pub plam vim that's how we men likes to do in those stage. Txawm leej twg los mam nyob saib nej lub neej kom txog thaum nej nyob rau 25-40 xyoo ntawd seb nej ho puas experience ib yam li kuv hais no thiab. A lot of couples at this age understand eachother wants and just live together for the sake of their kids happiness...trust me...you will know what I'm talking about when the those times hit you or your love ones. It's a bad influence for our kids, but what can we do to acknowledge this from happenning...we can't....just can't. Just be strong when the time comes in your shoes otherwise I can not advice you anything but a word of good luck. Gosh! snow still coming....crazy isn't it? oh well...better get those snow plow ready guys. It's gonna be a big one this time. See you all sooner.........bye

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Our Hmong men are swarming to Laos for teenage mistress and teen wives February 27, 2007, 2:38 pm
Our mother's, sister's, aunt's and children's lives are being destroyed by our Hmong men swarming to Laos like a swarm of bees to seduce and be seduced and used by young teenage Hmong women in Laos. What will it take to wake these men up??? We have already lost our country and our possessions. All we came with to this country was our families and the dream of providing a better and brighter future for our families. What's happened? Instead of searching for a better and brighter life for our families, the Hmong men are ripping their families' life apart. Some men are in their 50's and goes back to Loas to marry a teenager...young enough to be their grandaughters! They know once these teenage wive's gets a ticket to the US, they're not going to stick around an old man. Where is the Hmong dignity!!!
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u February 27, 2007, 1:11 am
i know i miss you but life goes on. It seem that i am the only one who miss you the most. Since i meet you on the hall way sitting on the bench, i always goes to that same spot same time hope to see you there....your no where to be found.....i guess it was once in a life time.....
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Tomorrow I have no exam so thought I come in for awhile February 27, 2007, 1:07 am
Long time no see again my fellow friends:

Sometimes I wonder do you worry? Yes, actually you should be because in life, everyone's speaking a lot about relationship. But relationships are not word, words that warmth the heart. They are circumstances that even we can not explain. No one knows why one step in a relationship or why one fall in love out side a relationship? No one knows! even I don't know why it happen with me? but it did and we're in love with someone else. I'm sorry, but that's the truth and the woman/man whom we fall in love with is in our dreams right here in our heart. It's so hard and you never know what you will see outside this world. I always wanted to apologize, but apologize are for mistakes, mistakes for selfishness in a persons heart because it's not true love. Sometimes I wanted to leave this world because I think I don't love you and you think that by being with you like this, I am keeping you away from your true love and mine as well. Please try not to hate me for which our roads are meant to part. Let it part as far as it part though we will be, but please don't go away from my memories. It's the pain that refuses to go away. These tears of joy and sorrow are tears of fire that flow freely from my eyes that never say goodbye. Although seasons comes and seasons go, but the seasons of pain is here to stay. The shadow of sorrow is so deep that it takes a while to pale, it takes effort to resurrect from the pain within our heart. Easy comes and easy go, but these incomplete relationship will bring happiness to no one. I know it's not your fault my love, but always remember that love and death both come uninvited and no one has the control over them. Deep within your heart, you might ask why it happened? I don't have any answers and you might ask if I do love her/him...how does it matter? If you had to do what I did, would I had forgive you? No! I wouldn't have forgive you at all. Pain is a step and courage of our strength so be it if it had to part this way. I know this is the end journey of my life and the last few breath of my love story. For we had to collect these moments of memories and breath a new life into our old relationship because happiness can not bloom in the shadow of lies. Loving a person with many lies is like living a life with no love, no hopes, no meaning, no future and a never ending love.

Lam los sau ob peb kab tes ntawv los saib nej ib pliag xwb los twb yuav ncaim lawm tiag.

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rov npau suav pom koj February 21, 2007, 6:38 pm
nws yog tiag los dag? ua cas kuv rov ua npau suav pom koj. tseg tau ntev kawg li lawm, uas kuv twb xav lawm hais tias ntse tiam no kuv yuav tsis ua npau suav pom koj lawm thiab koj yuav yaj mus kom tag hauv kuv txoj kev npau suav tiamsi ua cas hnub no ho rov npau suav pom koj ib zaug dua hauv kuv txojkev npau suav yam xav tsis txog. thaum kuv tsim los mas kuv nco koj kawg nkaus li os lub sij hawm ntawv na. zaj npau suav no mas ua rau kuv lub siab mob lwj dhi xwb. thaum kuv tsim kiag los es rov pw dua los rov pom koj dua thiab xwb. hauv kuv lub siab thiab txoj kev xav twb tsis nco qab koj lawm, tiamsi ua li cas hauv kuv tus npau suav ho tseem rov npau suav pom koj thiab rov nco txog koj. kuv rov mus muab koj daim ntawv thaum uas kuv mus vacation rau Canada es koj sau tseg coj los nyeem mas ua rau kuv lub kua muag poob. tseg tau ntev kawg uas kuv tsis nco nyeem koj cov ntawv thiab mloog koj zaj nkauj lawm. kuv xav sau tseg tias hnub no kuv rov ua npau suav pom koj tiag tiag li tsis yog dag. sau cim cia tseg. kuv yeej paub tias ntse koj yuav los nyeem tsis txog kuv zaj npau suav li os tiamsi yog yav tag wb txoj kev hlub muaj tiag no thov txoj kev hlub yav tag pab nriav koj thiab hais rau koj tias hnub no kuv nco koj..
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koj... February 21, 2007, 3:33 pm
Many time people tell me to move on. I would but you are what keep me going. I know if I remove my self from you. This life time would only fill with sorrow. It seem that loving you is only a dream fill with pain.
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for u girl February 18, 2007, 10:36 pm
P.S: I keep within my heart a special place just for you. Yuav ua cas thiaj tau koj lub heart?

missing you.....
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qhia kuv lub siab February 18, 2007, 12:10 am
hmo no kuv feel li kuv lub siab tu tu siab kawg li. nco ntsoov cia mog lub me siab. koj tu siab los yog txojkev hlub hos zoo siab los yog txoj kev hlub. nws los pauv tau txhua yam ntawm koj lub siab lawm tiag tiag thaum nws tu siab thiaj ua rau koj tu siab thaum nws nco koj thiaj ua rau koj nco nws.
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SEX AND HEALING February 14, 2007, 12:14 am
Although I'm convinced we're all moralists at heart. I'm not interested in making any judgements her about the ethics or appropriateness of sex and the healing of it.
We seem to be both obsessed with sex and embarrassed by it too. We believe in the mind, and we don't trust the body. Dhau ntev los...do we separate spirit from body that we are profoundly unsettled in som sexual scandal crisis? But after a lifetime of avoiding the body, we meet it face to face in illness... where not coincidentally...we also discover our souls. Illness teaches us lessons that we ar mortal, that we have a body that to be human is to have sensation, and that we could discover what is really important by paying attention to the body's reactions.
Kuv XAV tias peb...could learn all these lessons more pleasurably by living every day less mentally and more sexually. Sometimes, the repression of the body and its main work...of course...SEX?..wounds the souls immeasurably and deprives us of our humanity. Often peb refer to sex as physical love, the work of a soulless body and then we try to justify this biological act morally by making sure that it's in the service of affection, but the body and soul can't be healed so easily.
We have yet to discover that sex is not physical love but the love of souls. You don't have to spiritualize sex to make it valuable because by its very nature sex is a deep act of the interior life and always brings with it a wealth of emotional and spiritual meaning. Sex is the ritual recovery of life itself. It makes marriages, creates families, and sustains love. It takes us momentarily out of our minds and into our souls. In sex, we come back into our world from our mental outposts and come back into life from our attempts to get a perspective on it.
It's no wonder we're obsessed with sex and we're also deathly afraid of it. In this gray world, we starve for friendships, excitement, and intimate conversation. One think after of an affair might be a forgetting of responsibilities, as the couple risk their reputations, marriages, and in some cases their livelihood for a few glance of wicked hours of candle delight. Some say that affairs are the result of a breakdown in family values and traditional morality. It's difficult to trust an approach to life's most fascinating and challenging mystery that demonizes sex or deals with sexual problems without heart.
It isn't enough to make easy intellectual deals with sex. I'm willing to understand that my sexual feelings are basically good and normal, if you, SEX are willing to leave me alone and let me live my life according to my plans then I might accomplished by softening the barriers between ordinary living and sexuality. Again, we might give serious attention to feelings and qualities associated with sex, such as pleasure, desire, intimacy, and sensuality and give these very qualities a place to all aspects of daily life. We might take needs of the body into consideration and get serious attention to our ordinary desires. Tejzaum SEX find it's own way by means of desire, and it follows that if we were to live life accordingly then we would give desire its proper place because taking desire into account is not the same as doing whatever we feel like doing...irresponsible. Txhua txhua hnub...desire spring up from the pool that is the human soul and source of life. Some are strong, some are weak. Some often contradict others. Some are impossible to satify, some can be dealt with a few minutes. The point is! desire serves vitally in new life. We can't act on all desire otherwise I myself be living in serveral states or countries. Some desire stay with us for years and may change somewhat as time goes on. Sometimes, late in life, we may find a desire fulfilled after many years of contaminated and experiment. We could learn from sex to live all of life more intemately by being loyal to desire, giving certain desires time to show themselves more fully and reveal how they might make their way into life is a form of sexual living.
Everyday we could choose to be intimate rather than distant, bodily rather than mental, acting thoughtfully from desire intead of from descipline, seeking deep pleasure instead entertainments, getting to know the world and getting in touch rather than analyzing it at a distance, making a culture that gives us pleasure rather than one that merely works, allowing plenty of room in our own and others, lives for the lovers rather than doers and judges.
Today a person might well say..." I WISH I COULD START OVER " they are saying that they want to taste the yellow waters of DEJ DAG SIAB THIAJ NQIG. We say we want changes, but the deep thought wish is for a fundamental, new beginning. Imagine you sit in this garden or walk around it...now this is the garden of imagination, of our souls. We find ourselves in two different intersecting worlds...outer and inner but both refesh. Well use your mind to its full extent and rise from earth to heaven, and then descend to earth and combine the powers of what is above and below and you'll know the feelings of being healed. The animal tongue ia an image of speech that is not exactly like humans. Animals don't speak, so their tongues heal without words, or without the uaual forceful words. Words can evoke the silence of the animal, provided we don't say too much with them. While I was at the temple, there are scriptures carefully wrote down dreams and testimonies of cure, but they offered no interpretations, no explanations...WHY? sometimes it's better to close the eyes and mouth and let silent explain rather than use words to evoke and do damages. We are heal by dying to our hopes and plans, by giving up fantasies or wholeness of oneself by embracing the weakness and lacks that are ours listening to our wounds as though they were the speech of our own mysteries. Knowing our wounds condition takes care of the weak part of healing. Peb yuav tsum allow it to be filled with the power that arises from deep within. Our personal power comes from the voices we hear inside, from the impulse that drive our heart pounding. Healing based on an honoring of the ways in which being wounded and being healed are not split apart, trust in images and impress these feelings deep into our imaginations.
Once we discover the important of life sustain in life itself around us and in us, we can heal ourselves and others. We learn in the same time same moment how we are wounded and how we can heal. Who is suffering? not God! we are! compared to my learning in almost all other areas, our notions of religion are childish, religion is not a club that we go out and party every weekend, it's a way of being that perceives the profound mystery of life with all its paradoxes and contradictions and makes an effort to transcend the individual person, discovering ultimately that GOD is love.

I'm tired now so see ya next time when I finish my quarter exam! bye now.............Love&Peace.....................JKM

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SOULMATES......honoring the mysteries of Love and Relationship February 13, 2007, 11:05 pm
WOW! it's been almost 1 month since I went studying...it's not easy to become a prefessor of psychology! it's almost Valentine days and I just wanted to come and wish everyones a happy valentine day tomorrow.

It's difficult these days especially what if a person thinks he/she has more than one soul mate and find difficulty picking the one whom he/she wants to spend his/her life with because each soul mate has different attributes about them that he/she love.
At a certain point in life, peb coob tus find ourselves in the difficult situation of loving two people and feeling the need to choose one over the other. The situation can be torture and txomnyem siab heev. Anyone can feel torn apart. Kuv tsis mean to take anything away from your feelings, but your thoughts hints at a solution. You sound as though you're standing back and judging these peoples. I suspect that if you let yourself get closer to each of them, the choice would be made for you.
As a writter, I listen closely to the words people use. When you use the word " XAIV " my ears prick up. The way I imagine a deep soul connection. Nws goes beyond reason and control and seems to be ordained by fate. Tejzaum nej yuav tsum need to take a more time to be involved with these people and let a decision emerged. If you really are soul mates, you should be able to talk with enough honesty and depth to know what to do. If you yourself acted like a soul mate, you would describe the situation as two people together making a decision, not one sizing up the other. You have to ease up on your desire to know everything and to be in control so you'll see the signs of real love.
When you make the shift from being fully in charge to letting life happen, you'll discover how to be and have a soul mate. I quickly followed up and learned with great care of the soul with soulmates because I felt that the soul today is seen most directly in close relationship and partnerships, in the joys and struggles of marriage and divorce, family and community, loneliness and friendship. My point of view doesn't propose correct or healthy ways to be intimate with others rather is considers the deepest layers of meaning and emotion, making sense of both bad choices and moments of bliss and happiness.
It presents intimacy and selfpossession as a way of life itself, not only at home but at work and in the society at large. I never been satified with any answer to these questions. What I do know is that the life in front of us is all that we have. It is not all that we would hope for and its is not fully comprehensible yet life is a wonderful gift, full of possibilities. I'd rather have it as it is than not have it at all. You don't have to be on this earth long before you learn that life is a mixture of tragedy and pleasure. My question is: Peb puas yuav going to become religious enough to transcend our personal passions and make the world a real community? I try not to offer a message. I know that my writting has its own moralism, but I try not to preach and moralize. I can live with that but I don't set our consciously to help my readers. I'm happy to hear that my writting have helped someone, but I suspect that if I were to see myself as helping, the quality of my writting would diminish. I am not trying to achieve anything with this article. I hope people read it and enjoy it. I written in the best I can, but it has its inperfections. I learned in the monastery that work is prayer...I still believe that and those years are still the basis of my life.

Thank you.........enjoy!

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koj ib leej February 2, 2007, 12:50 am
lub ncauj lam hais tias tsis nco...hauv lub siab quaj hu koj npe...mob kuv siab npaum no los koj twb tsis paub....
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Problem since the upgrade to cbb 3.0.8 January 30, 2007, 10:15 am
Since the upgrade to cbb 3.0.8, frameworks and editors, the user profile and the inbox no longer shows. They are not accessible to members, admin, and all visitors. However, no datum is lost. All data are still in the server, just that the program does not read them. I tried to fix this problem last night without success. I will do try to fix it again tonight. If the problem persist, I will have to downgrade the entire site back to January 5th, 2007.
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tseem nco January 29, 2007, 11:27 pm
leej muam kuv tseem nco koj ib leeg xwb os...............................tseem nyob tos koj xwb.....
miss you
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P.S January 29, 2007, 11:42 am
If any NH member have any concerns about the way I'm behaving in here feel free to PM the web master and if he need to kick me out I'm cool with it!
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you can die and rot in hell bitch!! January 29, 2007, 11:36 am
You can fuck your man all you want and rot in hell bitch. As far as I know I haven't mess around with your invisible nigga or done anything to you. Maybe you are so fucken ugly that's why your man want other girls and who ever those girls are I know for sure that it ain't me...and maybe because your ass is the one that is not worth looking at by him that's why he's looking at someone elses. And who ever your man is I'm sure he's hella ulgly just like you too. You're the freaken loser who have no life that's why you tried you fuck around with other members blogs like you're a bitch!!!!!!!

If you want a life go fucking purchase it at Wal-mart BITCH..!!!
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neb nas? January 29, 2007, 11:29 am
kuv tsis tau tuaj ntev hauv nplaimhlub no lawm twb xav tuaj nyeem nej tej blogs ua cas tseem hais lus lem npaum no thiab. Tsum thiab os neb nas. Lwm yam mas kuv tsis cheem nawb tabsis peb yog pojniam ib yam yog kuv tsis hais ces zoo li kuv yog tus phem ntag. Kuv pom tau neb hais lus over the edge lawm os ob tus SISTER aw!!!!! sorry but I have to say something good to you girls so stop going at eachother like that. You making me feel like embarrasing myself for saying few words.
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anyway! January 29, 2007, 11:09 am
hahaha, you think you know me?hahaha, keep guessing! Anyway, stay away from my man otherwise I will shove it up u're ASS BITCH! Don't go around flapping you ass with some other guys especially mine! Go fuck around with some nigga or what..........why? are you that of a low life that you can not stay away from other women man! Don't be too horny of a slut cause your ass aint worth the look.hehehehe
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haha u didn't get it when I say " you call me a bitch...like it's a bad thing" January 29, 2007, 8:11 am
If you think I have such a disturbing behavior at least I'm not the one who start replying to other people blogs and tell them who or what they are like I'm some kind of doctor or god. Just keep in mind that I'm not the one who started this shit!!! I've never asked for your assistance...Personal or not all I know is that you've playing very got get my #s at the first place. I don't think I care to know who are or what the hell you are because by the way you are reacting right now it's making me sick. My ass is fat but it's beautiful...and yours is all fuck up! I don't recall being in the SAME thing with you and you must be confused with me for ohters. For some what I think it's very disrespect and irritated when you keep on anwsering other members blogs. What ever they wrote is between them. So don't make me let NH know the several other nicks that you used to log in.

Who's the loser? I think you are already lost many time by changing from this nick to the others..how pathetic...so don't be telling everyone what you are made out of....I think you're nothing but a FREAK!!
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A bitch is always a bitch no matter what they do, it ain't change a thing! January 29, 2007, 2:08 am

Whoa! impressive! the name of the game is piss off the other persons thoughts. At lease now I know I'm not alone in this world?hehehe...someones worst than me?? GOOD! judge should not be given unto thee? I know but judging or not you're worst than me so chill it before things going rough? Old or not I'm a more bitch than you are so you loose! I accept the B-I-T-C-H but you don't so guess I win at the end!hehehehe...........anyway you don't know who you messing with the bitch? I'm also a bitch, but not a fat ass like yours so why compare me to you! like I said, I know you more than personal so don't make me spit it out because NplaimHlub might throw up?hehehe...your personality have been known for short temper that's why you can not be a bitch like me. You think you know me well enough but you don't! All I can say is that you always been a bitch since you were a baby doll never grow up...If you can not accept the fact that you are a bitch than you lose...PERIOD! BITCHES ALWAYS WIN? AND I'M PROUD TO BE ONE CAUSE SOMEONE WHO THINK SHE'S ALL THAT AND THIS IS WORST THAN A BITCH SO CALL ME BITCH AND I LIKE IT ALOT BECAUSE...I LIKE IT LONG TIME SINCE THE DAY WE'RE AFTER THE SAME THING.HAHAHA
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you call me a bitch...like it's bad thing!! January 29, 2007, 1:41 am
First of all I know for sure that I'm a lady, but I'm not sure if you are...and I don't really care to know. I don't care how old you are or what you been through or how experience or unexperience you are. I never asked for your shit!!! You'll never know how it feels like to be me and the things I been through. You may have been in the same shoes, but you'll never feel what I feel so don't just all the sudden show up and tell me who I am or how mess up I am.....don't think you're god or something. I may have make some mistakes in life, but I never asked for your help...so fuck off!! If you know so much about the meaning of "life" then I suggest you should mine your own damn business. And who are you to judge me????? Well you just told me that you know what I been through and shit that just tells me that you been used in and out twice as much because you just call yourself an gramma...Gay lwj liam!!! So who's the real bitch now!! Why don't you just go sit in your wheels chair so I can push you down the stairs!!!

FYI...qub neej qub lus no matter how many nicks you got!! I thought you were cool but I guess I was wrong..DUDE!

...This ain't no PEACE!!
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very funnizzzzz! January 29, 2007, 1:01 am

hahahehe....indeed very funny! we are ladies so we feel the same even though you think you know what u're doing, but really??? if you know who you are? U wouldn't come in here gasping for air...hahaha...still very funny lawg! Peeps who been totally used in and out express themselves like this.......hahaha funny now? I'm a gurly like you are but I dig guys and do guys like no other does so I feel comfortable with it, but you! hahaha...by looking at how your personality is right now...whoa! you totally been used out for all the wrong reasons...no wonder you been so hyper these days. I'm much much older than you are....U probably like 21-25 by judging the way you talk and think? I might not be older than you, but quite twice older to be call grandma so ssssssssssup with the attitude cause I do more guys than you and by the way how does cums tasted like? Oh! by the way, I don't think we're on the same page? U're uninexperience! back at ya for being THE ATTITUDE YOU POSSESS! I don't usually talk to bitch like this unless they throw the attitude toward me. Remember? I know you....You don't know me! I speak to you with respect because we're on the same sex, but if this is what I get in return....Shit? fuck it! bring it on? lets see what you got?
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ahahah..sweetee..ur .hella funnie!! January 27, 2007, 8:48 pm
Never relate me to hlub ceev ceev tau kev seev ib zaug...if that's what you are mistaken me for!!!!

Cas txaus luag ua luaj.....txoj kev xaiv nyob hauv kuv lub neej nws muaj ntau yam, yog koj hais txog txiv neej xwb kuv xav tias niaj hnub no kuv yeej tsis khuv xim leej twg li although I may have been through hell with so JERK before but that's not what's keeps me holding back so don't misunderstood my writing. I may be very quiet, but I can be very stubburn at times too....and I don't expect you to know exactly what the hell I'm talking about. I made many mistakes in my life, but that's for me to learn from and I'm not ashame of it. Just pissing and moaning that I could have done it better before if I stick to my plan.

To all the readers...if you would excuse me...I gonna go laugh the hell out by myself like a lunatic.


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Hey! sis Ntsimheevli...... January 27, 2007, 12:34 am

Luag cov laus ib txwm piv txwv hais tias nyiam ceev ceev yuav tau kev seev no niam no yog koj lov? Ua cas tsis ua zoo xav ua ntej koj taug koj txoj hauv kev es niam no ho kho siab seev tuaj txog qhov no os tus sis? Kuv yeej tau taub koj zoo tsis hais leej twg los yeej poob rau txoj kev lwj siab quaj dhi hauv duab siab li ko. Vim thaum koj pheej tsis ua ib siab nyiam ib tug xwb nev...pheej tias lam uasi xwb na has ua cas tos nco xwb rov los raug yus xwb qwb yav laus no tiag?hehehe.....anyway keep a positive attitude and always look forward toward your dreams even for a short period of time...we have to take precautions every step of the way toward our life no matter what happen, no matter how much it hurts from the past/present...keep it to yourself and be strong for now is the time to become someone who you never wanted to be. Life goes on so ditch those unwanted and keep those that makes you happy. Again, he/she who knows the meaning life will soon lived at old age to fortell otherwise we will never know what life is about.

P.S...Someone who cares?
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Koj yeej smart mas... January 26, 2007, 8:21 pm
At time you may think you made the wrong choice, but one thing you have to know is that making a wrong choice is not that so bad...maybe you just arn't sure what you really want to do...but this time...you are making the right choice. It will be hard, keep on holding and take one step at a time, but just don't quit. Soon you will get there...a stupid person is the one who doesn't make any choice at all...

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Wish I have super power!!!! January 26, 2007, 8:15 pm
Ua cas thaum kuv xav txog txoj kev ua neej cas yuav muaj ntau qhov responsibilities ua luaj, there are so much to learn. Thaum yus nyuaj siab tuaj lawm ua qhov twg los tsis yog tag li. Txog hnub no kuv khwv xim thaum kuv tseem hluas tseem muaj peev xwm tseem ua tau ntau yam uas kuv tsis los ua tib zoo xav es mus kom txog txoj kev ntshawv nyob hauv kuv lub neej. ob peb xyoo tag los i ua cas kuv tsis ua siab loj siab ntev tiv txoj kev nyuaj siab koj dhau es ntshe hnub no kuv twb dim ib txoj kev nyuaj siab lawm.

Thaum kuv tseem yau twb yog vim kuv tsis paub txog txoj kev ua neej thiab ntshawb qhov tseem ceeb tshaj los mus taug, vim kuv muab txoj kev ua siab los saib hlob, muab txoj kev hlub los ua thawj yam hauv txoj kev ua neej, txog niaj hnub kuv twb tsis nco qab tias txoj kev hlub nws yuav kav ntev mus txog thaum twg. Txog hnub no kuv mam paub mam cim tau tias hauv txoj kev ua neej nws tseem muaj ntau tshaj qhov kuv tau mus txog thiab pom tsis thoob yav dhau los.

Nyob ntsia hnub tawm mus txog hnub poob los tsis pom muaj ib yam dabtsi tseem ceeb twg uas kuv yuav kawm tau li. Sij hawm dhau mus lawm zuj zus tiag cas ua dabtsi zoo li nws mus tsis cuag yus lub hom phiaj txoj kev xav. Ntsia luag ua neej kaj siab lug yam tsis nco txhawj tsis nco ntshaw dabtsi..hos ntawm yus ces tsuas yog xav tau rau nruab siab xwb. Tav ntuj no kuv tseem sawv ntawm nov mus tsis tau qhov twg ua neej caum tsis cuag luag. Ua neej tsis muaj qab laij dabtsi ua yam twg los tsis tau raws siab xav.

Cas thaum kuv tseem yau kuv tsis txawj xav tsis paub txog tias hnub no kuv yuav nyob ib leeg li no ntsia lub ntiaj teb kiv dhau mus deb deb los mloog zoo li kuv tseem sawv twj ywm qhov qub xwb.
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yuav thaub txoj kev twg??? January 26, 2007, 5:29 pm
tau ntau xyoo kev kaj siab kev zoo siab tsis pom nrog luag muaj. txhua hnub txhua hmo nyob nrog txoj kev nyuj siab mob siab. koj yuav cia kuv thaub txoj kev no mus ntev npaum cas? koj cia kuv nyob tom qab nrog lub neej txoj nyem. tsis tig ib muag los saib seb kuv puas zoo siab kaj siab rau qhov twg. hnub no txim mus txoj kev koj cia kuv thaub los xaus rau hnub no. cia wb nyias mus nyias thaum sijhawm tseem ntxov. thaum wb tseem hluas.
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FAREWELL TO ALL MY HOMIES.................PEACE! January 25, 2007, 11:40 pm
Hi everyone! it's been 13 months since today that I became a NH members. I enjoy a lot company from you guys/gals especially I met few good friends that cherish my memory forever! I wanted so much to stay in contact with NH, but unfortunately my life have been on the down side to let go. Very well NH...hope ya'll enjoy most of my posting in here. It's been written from within my heart to fortell the life of oneself and to encourage those that don't know what life is about. Life ends but love doesn't end. This could be the last standing of me for once I became NH members, I will depart and YES! depart with a feeling of joy because I have written all my thoughts into NH so leaving today is like living tomorrow. Hope my posting will have an effect on how you feel and hope it will guide your feelings toward knowing the real meaning of life itself. Very well then.....remember me as a top NH members who establish himself a new level of himself that no one can challenge his imagination except himself the true meaning of life has yet to come and he's taken a new level, a new path that will not only get him closer to the asnwer, but the answer itself. Wish you all the happiness........KUV COV NICK NAME HAUV NPLAIM HLUB........TES_NTAWV,HLUBHURTS,PHIJAIB,FOREVER,SIBNCO,MISSINGYOU,TIJLAUG,HLUBIBVUAG, JOHNNYKOUAMOUA,ONLY_YOU,TIM_KOJ,TIM_KUV,BOYZ....ETC. YUAV MUAB XAUS TSEG TXIJ NO FAUS UA IB PAWG AV MUS LAWM YUAV TSIS MUAJ NTXIV.........NPAIV NPAIS NPLAIMHLUB!

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kuv nco koj......... January 25, 2007, 7:02 pm
koj puas paub mob kuv siab los yog vim koj ib leej xwb...vim kuv tsis paub koj siab...tsis paub xob koj paus hlub...nej hnub nyob tos koj ib los xwb.....mam ua ib siab mus...los nyob...........hlub koj ib leej.......
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These I Can Promise January 24, 2007, 3:27 pm
i cannot promise you a life of sunshine.
i cannot promise you riches, wealth, or gold.
i cannot promise you an easy pathway that
leads away from change or growing old,
but i can promise you all my hearts devotion
a smile to chase away your tears of sorrow,
a love thats ever true and ever growing,
and a hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.
these i can promise you.....
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Me nploojsiab Pajhuabncua January 23, 2007, 1:12 am
Kuv me nploojsiab tus kuv hlub tshua uas kuv lub kuamuag nrog txhua txhua lub sibhawm thaum kuv tsis pom koj lub ntsej muab luag ntxhi. Kuv kuamuag ntws nto txhua txhua lub sibhawm thaum kuv nov koj mob siab ua pa tsis nto. Koj yim nyob mluas mluas yim tsim txom kuv lub siab. Kuv txoj kev ntshaw tshaj plaws hauv kuv lub neej tiam no muab tso tseg tag tsuas ntshaw kom pom koj rov nyob luag ntxhub ntxhi sov siab xwb ces yeej tam tau kuv txoj kev ntshaw tas tiam neej no.
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missing you thao girl...... January 22, 2007, 11:32 pm
girl do you know i miss you so much....everytime i talk to you i never have the courage to tell you what i really want to say....since the time i know you.....it only hurt me....but i still miss you...your still everything to me.... i still have hope for U N I...all i know is that i hlub koj....but if one day you left me...i will remove my self from your life....i guess i go far a way so you will never see me....cause lose you to someone is killing me in side slowly...but seeing you with someone....i guess i rather go blind.....
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Yuav Yog Hnub Twg Kuv Thiaj Li Muaj Lub Ntsej Muag Nyob Luag Ntxhi Li Yav Tag January 22, 2007, 12:04 pm

Kuv xav muab lub sij hawm tig rov qab mus rau yav ntuj qub qab ua kuv tseem muaj lub ntshej muag nyob luag ntxhi. Txhua hnub kuv lub ntshej muag tsuas ntshau zuj zus lawm xwb. Tsis paub tias yuav yog hnub twg tav twg kuv thiaj li yuav recover. Nim hnub kuv tsaus zoo li ib tug neeg muaj mob ua tus mob loj zuj zus rau kuv lawm xwb. Yog tias kuv lub ntshej muag yuav rov nyob luag ntxhi li yav ntuj qub qab ces tsuas yog av lim lawm xwb os. Nim hnub no kuv nyob nrog kev kho siab thiab mob siab lawm xwb. Txhua lub sij hawm ua kuv xav txog yav tag los ua kuv tseem nyob luag ntxhi nrog kuv tej phoojywg ua rau kuv lub kua muag los xwb.
Kuv ntxub kuv tus kheej ua kuv tsis over come kuv txoj kev kho siab thiab mob li. I tried so hard to be happy again but there always something blocking my way of being happy. I guess the only way that i'll recover my happiness is just let him go, start fresh and rebuild my strength of happiness. I've been hold on to this feeling too long cause i think that if i let him go i'll hurt him and the people around us. But now i come to think of it if i don't love myself how can i love those people that needed me the most, how can i be a better person to those people needed me. He hurt me too much that now i over come my fear of losing him. Every day now there is no love in me to give him, but just plain feeling of sorrow and sadness. I hate myslf of not loving him, i want to love him like i used to but my feeling wasn't there anymore.
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Blog January 20, 2007, 8:13 pm
this day everything change so far......falling behind......keeping up with the time............just a look and everything is changing.....life is not simple......................
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scary story January 19, 2007, 1:36 pm
wow..koj zaj story scary ua luaj li.. ua rau kuv ntshai tag li thiab..kuv yeej pom pom ghost lawm thiab so kuv tsi ntshai heev lawm thiab vim tias kuv tsi muaj qhov ntshai ntshai tus ghost ntawv lawm.. trust me.. i see ghosts in my house, every where i go at night and when i come home from work at mid night.. but i'm ok with it now..cuz yog tias koj pom ghost es koj muaj qhov ntshai ntshai tus ghost.. tus ghost paub tias koj ntshai ntshai nws.. nws ham yam ua kom koj ntshai tshaj thiab kom poob plig es kom koj tuag es nws thiaj tau coj koj mus.. tabsi yog tias koj pom ghost es kom ua twj ywj tsi care thiab ua tug tsi pom nws kiag es koj mus koj xwb no.. koj tsi ntshai thiab nws tsi ua cas rau koj.. i know.. cuz i've seen alot of it and i experience it in the middle of the night around 1-2am when i come home from work.. cuz my work place is out in the country out of eau claire,wis and the road that i drive by every night in the middle of night(1-2am) is out of the country with no lights on both side of the road, no cars running, only.. trees and woods and couple houses on both sides of the roads.. and so thats how i see ghosts every night when i come home from work at 1-2am... scary huh!!!! but i know.. cuz i experience it and i;m not afraid anymore of them..if u ignore them.. they will ignore u too..
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REAL STORY OF GHOST! January 18, 2007, 11:56 am

Puag thaum ub muaj ob tug phoojywg nkawd mus cham zoov cham tsuag tua nas tua noog. Ib tug hu ua Kao hos ib tug hu ua Kou. lub sibhawm nkawd mus txog tom qhov chaw yos ntawd, Kou txawm hais rau Kao hais tias cia nyias mus nyias es mam rov qab los sib ntsib rau ntawm no thaum yav tsaus ntuj. Kao txawm teb tias yog li mus no txhob mus lig lig tsam tsis pom kev rov qab los vim hnub no wb yeej tsis npaj flash light li.
They both pack lunch and the way they went. Thaj chaw nkawd yos ntawd kuj tsis loj thiab tabsis ntev heev muaj ib tug dej ntws zig zag hauv qab roob zoo yam li mus tsis paub kawg. Nyob rau hauv plawv hav zoov muaj ib lub tseb teb qub qub uas twb pob tas lawm tabsis tshuav lub door tseem swing back and forth xwb yog hais tias thaum cua hlob nad.
Thaum Kou taug kev mus txog lub tsev no duab hnub tshav ntuj nrig nws mloog zoo li txawv heev ua rau nws ntshai vim pom qab vaj tsib taug sw zom zaws nphob xwb xuav txias siab heev. Thaum Kou nyob ze ntawd txawm yuav ua lub siab loj siab tawv npaum twg los zoo li nws tus plig twb khiav tso nws lub cev nyob ib leeg lawm xwb nws thiaj poob siab nthav ntshai npaum ntawd. Lub sibhawm thaum Kou tabtom xav phem phem ntawd tamsim ntawd txawm tuaj ib nthwv cua txias zias tsw lwj ntxiag ib ncig ntawd ua rau Kou saib zoj tsis khws laud Kou tuam phov ntws khiav nqis hav hla dej rau sab tim mloog mas zoo li muaj dabtsi caum nws thiab feel qhov 'PRESENSE ntawm tus spirit no STRONG heev'. Thaum Kou hla dej txog rau sab tim, Kou mloog zoo li nws lub plawv tseem dhia ceev heev thiab tseem ntshai heev. Nws tseem nov tuaj ib nthwv cua sov so tsw lwj tsw nyoos ntxiag ib ncig nws thiab thiaj ua rau Kou haj yam khiav deb los tom ncauj ke no lawm. Hnub ntawd Kou ua ib siab tsis yos hav zoo los nyob tos Kao xwb.
Kao ho yos lawv sab ntug dej uas Kou hla los. Kao yos hav zoov ib hnub lub hnub qaij hli ziab tim npoo ntuj, Kao txawm hla dej los rau sab tim lub tsev teb ntawd taug ntug dej los rau pem lub tsev. Lub sibhawm Kao los txog ntawm lub tsev teb ntawd nws twb tsaus ntuj lawm lam ua tiag xuas dub los lawm xwb. Thaum Kao los txog ntawm lub tsev teb ib sab ceg kaum uas vau ntawd nws mloog zoo li nws nov ib lub suab pojniam quaj nov zim zuag tsis tseeb xyov quaj qhov twg tuaj ua rau Kao poob siab nthav hais tias poj ntxoog pob? Txawm tsis hais los lub siab yeej xav twb ywm.
At this moment, Kao mloog zoo li nws lub cev tshee na pob qav kaws sawv zom zaws ntshai heev li lawm ntag. Thaum ntawd zoo li muaj dab nyob ze ib ncig vim tsw nyoos ntxiag xwb. Kou mloog mas zoo li nws lub plawv dhia ceev heev ua rau nws ua pa hlob pa yau ntshai heev. Tib pliag ntshis xwb txawm muaj ib nthwv cua tuaj txias zias tsw lwj tsw nyoos ntxiag ib ncig npaum li ib niag tuag pam tseg rau ntawd es lwj. Lub sibhawm Kao mloog thiab xav seb puas muaj dabtsi tshwm sim rau nws ntawd nws twb nyob li 20 yard away from lub tsev ntawd lawm tabsis muaj leej twg pov ob teg av los yog w ob teg av los rau Kao. Cov av ntawd yeej poob los raug Kao lub face and chest and poob mus rau hauv av.
Thaum no Kao nres twb ywm siab qauj dhi thov poj yawm txiv koob los nrog pab los nrog xyuas. Tamsim ntawd rov tsw lwj ib ncig ntawd dua haj yam ua rau Kao ntshai tshuav tuag. Thaum Kao ntshai heev tuaj lawm rov ua rau nws chim siab heev...Xav zoj los nws tsis muaj txoj hauv kev lawm nws thiaj tsuab ob teg av w rov qab mus rau qhov chaw uas w av tuaj rau nws ntawd thiab qw nrov nrov heev kom nws siab loj. Thaum Kao qw tas ua cas nws cia li muaj lub zog siab loj zuj zus tuaj ua rau nws ua tau lub siab loj peem los tau ib ncuav kev mam rov nov ntshai dua tabsis twb los tau deb lawm...hehehe...Kao mas nim hais lus foom li ub li no rau lawv. Tsis ntev Kao los txog tom ncauj ke, Kou twb nyob tom tos tos nws ntev lawm tabsis Kao tsis kam hais qhia rau Kou vim Kou siab me heev yog hais tsam Kou poob plig.
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Puag thaum ub muaj ib tug txiv neej nyob luag ntxhi tsis paub muaj tsis paub xav. Lub sibhawm dhau los lawm tau ntau xyoo los nws lub ntsej muag nyob ntshiab khiv tsis muaj kev nyuaj siab. Tawm rooj plaws mus qhov twg txawm tu zam tu cev thiab tsis tu los nws yeej feel zoo li nws mus tau thiab nyob tau yam peacefully hauv nws lub siab.
Lub sibhawm ntawd, zoo li nws muaj lots of energy los pab nws tus kheej zoo yam li lub teeb ci loj zuj zus lub zeem muag muaj txoj kev cia siab npausuav. Thaum ntawd mas zoo li nws lub plawv dhia muaj zog heev thiab tsis muaj pos chob nws lub siab.
As time passes by, tus txiv neej no zoo siab coj nws tus kheej los introduce rau tibneeg txoj kev 'HLUB'. Kaj ntug tagkis xwb twb tsis tau ntev, tus txiv neej no txawm siv muaj txoj kev xav...xav paub txog txoj kev hlub ntawd.
Lub sibhawm ntawd nws mloog mas zoo li cia li muaj ib co kab nce nws lub cev mus rau hauv lub siab lub plawv zoo li muab noj zuj zus mob kub lug ua rau nws lub cev tsis muaj zog zoo yam nqus nws cov ntshav ua rau nws daj ntseg yuav muaj mob loj. Sibhawm dhau lawm zuj zus, nws xav rov tig los ua tug txiv neej li yam thaum ub es tawm rooj plaws mus ncig qhov twg los kaj siab nrig.
Nws xav tig sibhawm rov qab mus daws nws txoj kev introduce ntawd los zoo li tus kab mob no noj nws lub plawv lub siab tob zuj zus ua rau nws tsis muaj zog rov mus txog rau lub sibhawm ntawd. Niaj hnub no nws thiaj paub tseb lawm hais tias txoj kev introduce ntawm tibneeg txoj kev hlub no ntsim siab heev thiab tsis ncaj ncees thiab tsis muaj txoj hauv kev tawm nws thiaj ua ib siab niaj hnub nyob nrog txoj kev xav.
Zaum qhov twg, tig sab twg los txoj mob siab ntawm kev xav nyob txhua txhua qhov chaw in every positions. Thaum tus txiv neej no khiav tsis dhau ntawm nws txoj kev xav ces nws thiaj ua ib siab muab khaws nco vim xav thaum twg ces nco thaum ntawd. Yog muab ua zoo saib ua zoo hais txog ces nws yog REALITY rau peb tamsim no. Leej twg yog nws muab nws introduce rau txoj kev hlub lawm ces yeej zoo li no. Ntshe tsis tham txog xwb...yog tham txog thaum twg ces lub ncauj tsis hais los lub siab quaj dhi..lub siab tsis quaj dhi los lub ncauj tsa suab hlo seev hais tias kev xav kev nco muaj lawm tiag tis ploj.
Yog li no hais rau nej txhua tus NH tsis hais leej twg, tus laus tus hluas, poj nrauj yawg nrauj, poj ntsuam yawg ntsuam...nyob nyob yog yus ib leeg twg ho xav thiab nco leej twg rau yav tom qab los cia nws nco nws mog es ua lub siab loj vim peb xav txog thaum twg ces nco thaum ntawd until then til we meet again.


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REALITY OR DREAMS January 11, 2007, 11:08 am
Ntawm kuv lub neej txoj kev hlub zoo li npausuav tsim dhuj dheev zoo li yog Reality tiag tabsis feem ntau zoo li qhov long sleep uas kuv tabtom Dreams xwb.
Hais lo lus zoo lus phem los lub kuamuag ntws nto...GOSH! kuv twb yog ib tug neeg txawj xav thiab ua cas zaj dabneeg no ho los raug rau kuv ntsim siab kawg? Ua cas kuv tsim txom siab ua luaj? Twb muaj txojhmoo tau tus nws hlub yus ncaj ncees los yus tseem ua rau nws lub kuamuag los txhua txhua lub sibhawm nws xav txog yus.
Yus lub zeem muag yog txoj kev kuamuag iab ntawm nws!
Kuv txoj kev npausuav uas kuv ib txwm ntshaw ntawm kuv lub neej tsis hais nyob rau sab nraum sab hauv twb ploj lawm zuj zus nrog kuv lub siab mob no mus. Kev ntshaw tso tseg zuj zus tsis xav tsis cia siab lawm. Ua ib siab tso tseg tsis CHASE kuv qhov DREAMS lawm os.
Thaum yus lub siab dhia loj dhia yau mob kub lug...txawm yus tej dream cars, dream houses thiab dream vacations los tu ncua zuj zus vim there's no use chasing those dreams while you're not happy having those dreams. How can I throw everything, every dreams I dreamt of away when I once were desperate for them?
Good question? till these days till these point, I'm still searching for the answer...for which I know that it will never answer me in time.
Tu siab heev ua neeg nyob muaj txojsia tswv yim xav yog zoo li no xwb thov lwm tiam txhob yug rov los ua neeg lawm. Cia plis los ua me kab me noog ya quaj ntxuj ntxuam plees tibneeg lub siab txoj kev kho siab xwb ces yeej zoo kuv lub siab lawm os. Kuv tus SOME1 aw txawm tias kuv tau ua koj mob siab npaum cas los thov txim mog. Tsawg tiam los yuav thov los ua koj tug txawm ua txijnkawm los ntawm me kab me noog, xyoob ntoo nroj tsuag paj mab paj ntoo los kuv txaus siab los sawv ntawm koj ib sab ua koj luag ua koj tus qhev mus kom dhau ob peb tiam li os tus neeg kuv hlub. Kuv tsaus siab muab kuv txojsia tus ntsuj plig tam koj txhua tiam...UNTIL THEN TILL WE MEET AGAIN!

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Nco Ib Tug Zoo Li Koj January 9, 2007, 12:52 pm
Koj thiab kuv wb sib paub zoo li paub suav xwb.. txawv li ntawv xwb los kuv twb nyiag nyiam koj nrauv hauv kuv lub me duab siab lawm.. Kuv yeej paub hais tias koj nyiam kuv thiab.. tab sis cas koj tsis hais ib los rau kuv hais tias koj hlub kuv los yog nyiam kuv.. Zau no kuv twb mus ciaj hluag nyab lawm ces koj mas li hais rau kuv tias koj nco kuv thiab hlub kuv.. thiab koj twb nyiam kuv los lawm ntes.. es ua li cas kuv hos tsis tos koj ua koj ib leeg nyab.. Yog thaum kuv yuav mus ntawv koj lam hais ib nuag los hais tias koj nyiam kuv thiab no ces kuv twb yog koj li thiab yog koj ib leeg tug.. tab sim koj tshaw ib los lus lawm.. kuv thiab tsis yog koj li.. yog lwm tiam muaj tiag.. kuv yuav thov los ua koj ib tug hlub.. pw hauv koj lub me xwb ntaig ib zaug seb hos yuav zoo paub li cas..

Vim yog wb hmoov tsis txog tiag tiag li.. tiam no thov kom wb tsis txob sib jib txis li lawm.. vim pom koj thaum twg ua rau kuv lub siab mob.. Kuv xav lawm hais tias yog kuv tsis tau pom koj mus lawv ob peb hli los yog ob peb xyoo tej zau kuv yuav tsis nco qab los yog tsis nco txog koj lawm thiab.. thov ua ib siab cais koj mus lawm os mog tus me neeg kuv nco..
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Npau Suav Nruab Hnub January 5, 2007, 2:53 pm
Plaub ceg kaum ntawm ob txog kev sib tshuam muaj ib lub tsev noj mov thiab haus dej nyob rau raum qaum kev, nram qab kev yog muaj ib lub me nyuam pas dej thiab muaj ib lub rooj zaum nrog rau ob tsob ntoo. Txhua txhua lub hli twg muaj ib tug poj niam thiab ib tug txiv neej nkawv kheev tuaj sib ntsib sib cuag nyob rau ntawm thaj chaw no. Nkawv xub xub tuaj noj mov thiab haus dej qab zib ua ke tom qab ntawv nkawv tawm mus taug ke ncig lub me nyuam pas dej tag ces ho los zaum sib puag nyob rau ntawm lub rooj. Nkauv ob lub cev ib leeg zaum ntawm ib tug ib sab tiamsi nkawv ob sab tes seb tuav tsis tso tsis pub plam. Nkawv txoj kev sib ntsib sib cuag nyob li no los ntev lawm....Muaj ib hnub, tus poj niam ntawv txawm txiav txim siab mus ncig ua si ib leeg nyob rau ib lub me nyuam zos me me nyob rau pem toj thaj chaw uas nws ib txwm tuaj ncig thiab tuaj ntsib tus txiv neej ntawv. Thaum tus poj niam ntawv tsav nws lub tsheb dhau ib lub me nyuam tab laj tshav puam nws txawm mus nrhiav chaw nres nws lub tsheb thiab npaj siab mus ncig yos yuav khoom nyob rau ntawm lub khw no. Nws ncig ncig los ntev loo nws thiaj li lo pom ib lub rooj uas lawv muag ib cov txiv ntoo, nws nco dheev hais tias hom txiv ntoo no yog ib hom uas nws thiab tus txiv neej n kawv twb tau noj los ntau zaus lawm nws tseem nco tau zoo heev nyob rau nruab siab. Tus poj niam no thiaj li tau maj mam xaiv ib lub txiv dhau ib lub es yuav nqa mus rau tus neeg nws hlub nkawv noj ua si thaum lub sij hawm los txog.....Ntawm nws ib sab sawv pom muaj ib tug duab ntxoov ntxoo (shadow) los nti nws. Tus poj niam hluas no thiaj li tig mus ntsia tus duab ntxoov uas sawv ntawm nws ib sab ua ciav yog ib tug poj niam tabtom muaj ib plab me nyuam ntsia ntxim li tus poj niam muaj menyuam no kuj yog ib tug neeg zoo thiab kheev hais lus. Nkawv ib tug thiaj li hu ib tug thiab hais nyob zoo. Tus pom niam muaj me nyuam ntawv kuj los yuav cov txiv ntoo ntawv thiab. Nkawv ib leeg khaws tau ob lub txiv ntoo rau hauv hnab. Tus poj niam muaj me nyuam thiaj li nug tus txhais hluas hais tias " Koj puas yog hmoob?" ces tus hluas nkauj txawm teb tias " kuv yog hmoob thiab mav es koj yog hmoob thiab lov?" Nkawv txawm sawv ntawv sib tham sib zeem thiab hais lus luag ntxhwb ntxhi rau ib tug yam li nkawv twb sib paub los tau ntev lawm. Ib pliag ntshis xwb txawm hnov ib lub suab txiv neej hu tus poj niam muaj me nyuav ntawv lub npe thiab hais tias "are you ready to go?" nyob rau ntawm tus poj niam muaj me nyuam lub nruab qaum tuaj. Thaum tus txiv neej no los sawv kiag nyob rau ntawm tus poj niam muaj me nyuav ntawv ib sab tus hluas nkauj thiaj cim dheev tau lub ntsej muag txiv neej uas tabtom sawv nraim ntawm luag ib sab hu luag lub npe. Tus hluas nkauj ib ce tsaug leeg tag thiab yoob mus lawm ib chim, nws tus ntsuj plig twb xwb vau rau hauv pem teb ua ntej thaum nws lub siab poob mus rau hauv av. Nws xav zoj rau nws tus kheej, "yog tiag los npau suav" Nws cheem tsis tau yam uas nws xav tseg rau nruab siab. Lawv tus poj niam thiaj li qhia rau tus hluas nkauj hais tias "this is my husband" thaum tus hluas nkauj hnov luag lub suab hais tej lus xaus kiag xwb nws mloog zoo li hnov mob nws lub siab mus lawm tsis paub tag yam li txoj sia twb yuav yaj, vim lub cev thiab lub ntsej muag uas luag tabtom tham thiab hais txog ntawv yog tus neeg uas nws ib txwm hlub thiab nco uas tau zais tseg zoo cia rau nruab siab los lawm ntev. Hauv nws ob lub qhov muag kua muag teev yees tiamsis nws yuav tau tsum tswj nws tus kheej kom tus ua lub ntsej muag luag ntxhi li qub kom luag txhob pom tej yam txawv txav hauv nws nruab siab. Tus txiv neej yeej paub zoo yam uas mob lwj dhi hauv tus hluas nkauj ob lub ntsiab muag los nws ua tsis tau zaj twg vim nws paub nws lub txim txhaum loj npaum cas. Ib pliag ntshis tus poj niam muaj me nyuam ntawv txawm rov hais tias “ lig lawm ces wb mus “ rau nws tus txiv , ces nws txawm tsawv nkaus tus txiv neej sab tes thiab nqa nws hnab txiv ntoo thiab hais lo lus sib ncaim rau tus hluas nkauj. Tus hluas nkauj tuv nws tus kheej ruaj ruaj thiab hais ib yam rau nkawv ob leeg. Qhov uas mob thiab tu tus hluas nkauj lub siab tshaj plaws ces yog pom luag tuav rawv tus neeg nws hlub thiab nco sab tes es mus ua ib txaig tsis tig rov qab los lawm. Thaum nws ntsia nkawv mus ploj lawm nws mloog zoo li nws twb tuag cia dab lawm, nws thiaj li ua tiag nqa nws hnab (ob lub txiv ntoo) nrog nws mus, nws tsis paub tias txij no xyov yuav mus qhov twg tiag, tig ntsia sab hnub poob cas hnov mob lub siab lawm tsis paub tag zoo li koj nag xyob nag cua twb los caum cuag nws lawm tiag tig ntsia sab hnub tuaj cas ntuj tsaus nti xyob nroo quaj pos huab niab. Nws thiaj maj mam tsav nws lub tsheb los nres rau nram lub me nyuam pas dej thiab tawm mus qhau nws lub cev khaum rau saum lub taw rooj. Nws lub cev lam dai ntawv nyob ntawv nws txoj pa tseem tsis tau tu tiamsis mloog zoo li nws twb tsis yog neeg lawm. Nws quaj pos muag nti tsis paub yuav ua zaj twg ntxiv, vim hauv nws lub neej tsuas muaj tus txiv neej ntawv ib leeg uas yog nws tus phooj ywg zoo tshaj thiab ntseeg siab tshaj….zaum no yuav ua li cas? Yuav chim siab los nrog nws tus hlub zoo siab uas muaj luag los hlub nws lawm…? ua li lub cev hluas nkauj ne ho yuav coj mus nkauj mus cov rau qhov twg thiaj li nrhiav tsis pom chwv tsis txog?

…..Tom qab ib teev dhau mus tus txiv neej thiaj khiav tuaj txog ntawm thaj chaw uas nws ib txwm tuaj ntsib tuaj cuag tus neeg nws hlub thiab nco nws xam qhov twg los tsis pom muaj dabtsi, thaj chaw tseem nyob tau sov so, thiab nws tseem hnov tus ntxhiab hluas nkauj nyob kav ib pawg ncig tiamsis ntsia xav sab twg los tsis pom muaj ib tug duab twg yuav zoo xws li tus uas nws xav ntsib xav pom…yog pom ntshe nws yuav muab lub cev nkauj xwb ntawv puag kiag rau hauv nws xub ntiag es yuav hlub yuav plhws thiab ua tib zoo piav kom tag txhua yam…..qhov uas nws pom ces yog ob lub txiv ntoo nyob hauv lub hnab thiab muaj ib daim nplooj ntoos uas sau ob peb npe ntawv hais tias “ NCO NTSOOV NTAWM KOJ THIAB KUV NROG RAU TXHUA YAM WB TSIM TAU CIA” [/b]nyob rau saum lub rooj uas nkawv ib txawm tuaj zaum sib hlub sib puag ntsia lub ntiaj teb kiv.


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NOT SURE! January 3, 2007, 4:34 pm
I'm afraid to take any challenge, afraid to move on for which If I do make that decision to move on...everything will be different in love and relationship between myself. There's always the what ifs in my heart making me feel like I'm loosing myself feeling afraid of doing things unwillingly. Boy! am I frighten by fate or just out doing out of control. Sometimes I don't know what to do at some point, but knowingly that someone loves me dearly, I get this sense of ease that my mind tends to control my thoughts and whisper the word of love into me making me changed. How long will I have to be scared of this temptation? Just how long?
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LAOS January 3, 2007, 12:28 pm

Teb chaws LAOS yog ib lub teb chaw uas nyob tau yam ywjsiab kajsiab nrig tsis muaj kev nyuajsiab. Nce mus pom toj siab pom roob hauv pes ntsuaj xuj xiab pos huab niab muaj lwg dej toov zom zaws ntawm nplaim nroj dej ntws nrov lis loos khiav yeev tshiav khiv pob zeb xeb tuaj pwm zom zaws huab cua los kuj zoo tshav ntuj nrig me kab me noog quaj zom zaws tsis kho siab los kuamuag poob.
Pom yus haiv neeg hmoob nyob coob ua rau yus muaj kev sov siab nco tej roob hauv pes, tej teb nras ua liaj ua teb sawv ntxov thaum qaib quaj thawj ntsug. Sawv los rauv taws zes qhov cub rhaub dej ua zaub tsuag muab tsu los cub mov zaum nte taws ntawm ntug cub ntsia ntsoov nraum zoov tseem pos huab niab ncho nplob xuj xuav ncig qab vaj tsib taug kho siab zim nco hmoob tej tub tej ntxhais, nco kev hlub kev plees nkauj nraug. Lub neej toj siab muab ua zoo xav thiab saib mas kho siab zim nco tuj toog rau duab siab zais rawv lub suab quaj lub suab nco.
Txhua tagkis sawv los mus ncig tom taj laj pom tibneeg tuaj qhib taj laj tuaj ncig yuav khoom thaum tseem nim qhuav pom kev zim zuag cua tuaj txias zias zoo yam yus tabtom npausuav ib vuag mus txog xwb. Txoj kev lomzem teb chaws LAOS txawv teb chaws AMESKAS lawm hov ntau vim AMESKAS teb chaws civilize heev muaj ntau yam tsis muaj kev nco xav txog tabsis teb chaws LAOS kev mus ncig uasi yog ib txoj kev cia siab ywj pheej uas yus pom thiab tswj tsis tau txoj kev nco kev kho siab. Teb chaws LAOS pom tibneeg khwv ua liaj ua teb, hlais nplej ntau ntses yawm ntses de zaub de txiv de ub de no coj tuaj muag tom khw yam txomnyem siab ntsws los kev kajsiab nyob rawv hauv duab siab vim nyob tau ywjsiab tsis muaj kev nyuajsiab dabtsi li. Lub neej no nyob tau yam txomnyem nyiaj txiag los kev khwv kaj siab nrig txawm tau me me xwb los yeej kav nto xyoo. Muab txhua yam piv los sib xyaws nrog txoj kev khwv ces yeej kho siab dua tabsis yog tsis muaj kev kho siab, kev nyuaj siab, kev txomnyem siab ces yeej tsis muaj kev nco. Yog li no kev nco nyob teb chaws LAOS thiaj nco tsis ploj.
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KEV HLUB YAV TAG January 3, 2007, 12:07 pm

Yav tag los zoo li kuv muaj koj nyob nrog kuv. Txij hnub koj muab kuv tso tseg es koj mus koj lawm ua rau kuv nyob kho siab thiab mob siab txij hnub ntawv los kuv lub siab nyob nrug deb ntawv koj zuj zus lawm xwb. Kuv xav rov muab kuv lub siab rub los nyob ze ze koj los cas kuv lub siab ua tsis tau li qub lawm. Qhov no puas yog kuv lub siab paub tias koj tsis muaj txoj kev hlub zoo li yav tag los rau kuv lawm? Kuv tsis paub kuv tus kheej tias yog vim li cas kuv lub siab kom kuv nyob nrug kom deb ntawv koj hos kuv lub cev hos xav nyob ze ze koj? Nim hnub no kuv lub siab thiab lub cev tsis yog ib tug lawm zoo li kuv tus kheej txawv heev li sometime kuv tsis paub tias yuav ua zaj twg thiab zoo rau kuv tus kheej. Every day now i wish i was my old self es rov muaj txoj kev hlub, kev sov siab, kev npaj yuav ua lub neej lawm yav tom ntev. Nim hnub no kuv lam nyob hnub dhau hnub hmo dhau hmo count every minutes and every second i live by. Tsis paub tias hnub twg paub kuv lub neej yuav mus zoo li cas li. Kev nyuam siab, kho siab, mob siab nyob nrog kuv txhuas hnub txhuas hmo xwb. I just pretended to smile but my smile turn to sadness inside os me. I don't know how long i'll have to pretend to be happy.
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LAJ NYOB CIA KUV SAU NEJ NYEEM January 3, 2007, 10:18 am
My life really depends on me, but I don't have the chance to make those decisions. Time after time and when I think over, it seems like something's blocking my path my view doesn't want me to go. I never thought life was this difficult when I first started to journey it.
Happiness starts to gather around me for sometime making me visualize the WANTS&NEEDS in life I've been dreaming of. Dreams only come true when we really want them to be otherwise we are not dreaming right?
What dream may come depends on how desparate, how eager we wanted them and chasing those promises will not only get you downfall, but result as well. Sometimes the dream of dream that comes to me comes like a gust of wind blowing one direction and if I don't grab on to it, it will vanish and dissappear through the misty clouds above as life goes on, but my dreams can never be fullfilled.
Sometimes I wanted to keep it to myself, but knowing that alot of people are just like me as well so speaking out the truth with good judgement will not only brighten my days with a sorrow smile, but also help heal ones heart of another. Speaking the truth has always been who I am toward the life of myself with a purpose to let other understand the meaning of life itself why the agony hits everyone of us, but only the strong survived to tell the story of a story.
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you;re not the only ones..... December 30, 2006, 11:14 am
tus sister ntsimheevli.. you;re not the ony one that is like that.. i am too.. sometimes kuv xav kom kuv ib ntsais muag es qhib qhov muag es kom cov neeg kuv ntxub thiab ua rau kuv mob siab ntawv ploj kom tag thiab los sis kom kuv muaj mob es kuv pw tsim los kom kuv tsi txhob nco qab dabtsi thiab tsi txhob paub leej twg thiab tsi pom pom dabtsi li es thiaj li tsi ua rau kuv mob siab thiab nyob chim siab nyuaj siab li no.. kuv xav mus nyob ib qho chaw kom muaj kuv ib leeg xwb es thiaj li tsi muaj neeg tuaj nrhiav tau kuv thiab paub tias kuv nyob qhov twg..
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u can run but CAN u hide December 29, 2006, 10:02 pm
Muaj qee zaus nyob hauv lub neej thaum kuv tag kev cia siab los sis thaum raug kev mob siab, kuv xav khiav mus kom deb li deb tau ntawv cov neeg uas nyob ib pawg ncig kuv, kom ntsej tsis hnov muag tsis pom...mus pib dua ib lub neej tshiab nrog kuv tus kheej ib leeg seb yuav zoo npaum cas tuaj. Thaum yus mus lawm puas yuav muaj hnub yuav rog tig ntsia yav tom qab? puas yuav khuv xim txog tej yam dabtsi li? puas yuav tiv thaiv tau txoj kev phem kev tsis zoo ib leeg kheej? puas yuav muaj hnub kuv xav rov ntsib cov neeg no txiv lawm...tsis yog tias kuv ntxub lawv tiam sis kuv yuav tau tsum khiav kom deb li deb tau seb puas yuav cawm tau kuv tus kheej. Kuv puas yuav khia tau kuv txoj kev mob siab khib siab mus tag kuv lub neej..puas yuav muaj hnub txoj kev cia siab rov los nrhiav tau kuv lawm tiag los yog txhua yam los xaus li no lawm xwb? Nyob ib leeg ua neeg twm zeej kho siab npaum cas? Ua li nyob li no zoo dua los xyum nyob nrog neeg coob coob es ntsib kev kub ntxhov tag li xwb?
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nco December 29, 2006, 4:44 pm
nco koj ib leej xwb os leej muam....tsib koj los zoo li npauv suav..thaum twg mam rov tsib koj os tus kuv nco....
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TRUE LOVE December 29, 2006, 3:01 pm
Vim li cas txhua lub sibhawm thaum twg kuv nov dheev koj lub siab seev yees quaj dhi tuaj ua rau kuv kuamuag ntws nto us tsis tau pa lub plawv mob kub lug nco koj twb ywm rau duab siab cheem tsis tau txoj kev quaj ntsuag.
Mloog zoo li kuv tsis kaj siab vim kuv pom koj ntxhov siab. Txoj kev nco luag lwm tus zoo txawv txoj kev uas kuv muab koj nco. Nco luag lub siab lam nco vwm loj vwm leg xwb tsis muaj qhov purpose? tabsis thaum kuv nco koj mas zoo li kuv txoj pa yuav tu ua pa nrog kev quaj tuaj lawm uake tsis paub yoog txoj kev mob yus siab li.
Npaum no puas yuav yog tias kuv ib txwm hlub koj. HLub koj tshaj plaws? Kuv yeej tsis paub kuv tus kheej zoo tabsis thaum kuv paub meej meej ces yog thaum kuv paub koj noj tsis qab nyob tsis zoo hauv duab siab xwb ces kuv cia li hloov mus ua ib tug neeg uas tau nco koj ces nco siab quaj dhi kawg ntawm kuv txojsia.
Qhov no yog yam kev hlub loj tshaj plaws uas ib leeg tau txais los ntawm tibneeg lub neej nrhiav ntshis es tsis paub. Kev hlub loj tshaj plaws tsis dhau yam no lawm....tamsim no kuv mam paub tias yam kev hlub loj tshaj plaws uas tibneeg ntshaw es pheej nrhiav ntshis tsis paub yog dabtsi tiag....yeej nyob rawv hauv yus duab siab tabsis tsis paub muab nws tshwm sim muaj peev xwm qhia tau...Oh! mob heev li os yog tias kuv hlub koj npaum no tiag ces ntshe yuav zoo kuv lub siab tshaj plaws uas piav hais qhia tawm tsis tau...I LOVE YOU...TILL DEATH DO US PART....HONEY!
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IB ZAJ DAB NEEG TXIJ NKAWM TU SIAB December 29, 2006, 12:18 pm

Kuv tau mus hnov ib zaj dab neeg tu siab hee li kuv thiab li coj tuaj qhia rau nej sawv dawv tau hnov. Kuv tau mus tom church kuv tau hnov ib tug yawm txiv piab nws lub neej rau sawv dawv tau mloog. Nws tau piav hais tias thaum ub nws thiab nws poj niam nkawv kuj sib hlub ua nkauj ua nraug zoo heev nkawv mam li sib sau los ua lub neej ua ke. Tsis ntej xwb tus yawm txiv ntawv txawm mus nrog tej phooj ywg yos hluas nkauj, poj nrauj, poj ntsuam. Thaum nws rov los txog tsis mas nws ntsia nws poj niam rab tuag heev li, tsis zoo li nws tej hluas nkauj ua nws nim hnub mus tham. Tus yawm txiv hais tias nws nim hnub nim hmo mus tham hluas nkauj thiab npab siab yuav yuav niam yau xwb. Nws tau hais rau nws poj niam tias koj rab tuag heev, npab nauj tsis zoo li kuv tej hluas nkauj. Nws poj niam tu siab thiab mob siab npauj twg los nws tsis hai thawm li. Nws poj niam hais rau nws tias me koj txiv txawm tias kuv tsis zoo li koj tej hluas nkauj los kuv muaj lub siab hlub koj tiag mog. Yog tias koj tsis xav yuav kuv lawm ces koj ab tsij mus yuav ib tug los hlub koj mog. Tus yawm txiv ntawv hais tais nws hais rau nws poj niam tias niag neeg npab nauj aw.... kuv cov hluas nkauj tsis kam yuav kuv vim yog tseem muaj koj nim hnub nim hmo nyob hauv kuv lub tsev los mas. Tos hnub twg koj tuag tso lawv mam li los yuav kuv os. Tus yawm txiv ntawm tus poj niam tu siab heev tab si nws yeej tsis hais qhia rau leej twg li. Nws muab nws txoj kev kho siab thiab mob siab khaws rau nruab siab xwb.
Muaj ib hnub nws poj niam tsis xis nyob nws thiaj li hais nws tus ntxhais coj nws mus ntsib Dr. Nws mus ntsib Dr. 2-3 zaug thiab nws qaug zoj heev li lawm. Nws tus Dr. hais qhia rau nws tus ntxhai tias nws tau mob phem heev li yog lugs cancern. Tus Dr. hais rau tus ntxhais tias koj niam tsuas tshuav li 3 hlis nyob lawm xwb mog. Tus ntxhais thiaj li nug tus Dr. tias ua li kuv puas tsim nyog qhia rau kuv niam paub. Tus Dr. thiab li hais tias koj yuav tau qhia rau nws nawb. Tus ntxhais thiaj li qhia rau nws niam tias nws niam tau lugs cancern lawm. Nws niam teb hais tias qhov no yog ib qhov zoo rau koj txiv heev li os me ntxhais. Nws thiaj li hais rau tus ntxhais tias tsis txhob qhia rau koj txiv mog.
Tus yawm txiv ntawv cov me nyuam paub tag li lawm lawv nyob mluas mluas txhuas tus. Tus yawm txiv thiaj li nug tias ua li cas rau nej lawm nas txhuas tus nim yuav nyob ntsiag tos xwb, lawv tsis muaj neeg hais ib los lus. Nws poj niam thiaj li los hais tias koj txiv tsis muaj dab tsi thiab os tsuas yog lawv nyuab siab txog wb xwb. hnub twg koj mam li mus coj niam yau los os. Tus yawm txiv ntawv rov teb hais tias hnub twg koj tuag tso os niag pog laus. Cov me nyuam nyias quaj nyias thiab khiav tag nyias mus nyias lawm.
Tsis ntev xwb nws poj niam cia li tuag lawm tiag tiag li tiag. Nws poj niam thiaj li kaw tau ib daim cassette tseg rau nws. Tus yawm txiv ntawv nqab tuaj rau peb sawv dawv mloog.
Nws li nram qab no:
Nyob zoo os me koj txiv lub sij hawm ua koj mloog kuv daim cassette no ces kuv twb tsis nrog koj nyob lawm mog. Me koj txiv koj yog kuv ib leeg txiv zoo heev txawm tias koj tsis hlub kuv los hauv kuv lub siab tseem hlub koj ib leeg xwb. Tiam no kuv tsis tau koj txoj kev hlub ces cia lwm tiam kuv mam li los ua koj ib tug me nyuam kom koj hlub kuv tsaj mog. Thov nco ntsoov tias kuv hlub koj ib leeg xwb mog me koj txiv.
to be continue
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Ab! kho siab heev li cia kuv sau ntawv rau peb nyeem nawb! December 27, 2006, 12:39 pm

Kho siab tshwm ruj rawv duab siab tuaj zoo yam txoj kev xav muajsia lawm zuj zus ua rau kuv tsis nco los twb xav txog koj lawm deb. Zaum ib leeg ntawm kuv lub computer tom WORK tabtom daydreamed txog dabtsi nev?
Thaum muaj ntau yam hauv yus lub zeem muag lawm txawm yuav qi muag, qhib muag los yeej pom ntsoov ib tug duab ntxuav ntxoo sawv nyob plooj zim zuag ua ntej yus....ntsia li yog tiag! tabsis ncav tawb tsis cuag? Tus shadow no pheej nyob ua ntej deev rawv yus lub siab ua kom yus visualize thiab nco thiab xav txog nws EVERY SECONDS thiaj daws tau txoj kev kho siab nyob ib leeg li no...hehehehe
What happen when you find the love of your life and you're already married? How does one journey his/her destiny? his/her life? How does it affect the person who you are marry to and the one you think is the love of your life? These questions will not only burden ones heart, but also unanswerable to the point that when you think about it, you just wanted to close your eyes and sleep forever.
Rather than love another, why not understand the other. Rather than hang on to the past, why not bless eachother. Do not trap the person you love with love. Use your love to give him/her strength and allow him/her to soar.
If you're fated to be together, your heart will be joined despite your being in different part of the world. When you truely love a person, his/her happiness would be as great as your own. If another person's able to bring him/her greater happiness, you should give him/her your blessing and allow him/her to go! Until then till we meet again.
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Tus Nus Xeem Muas.... December 26, 2006, 3:30 pm
yeej yog li koj hais mas.. tabsi kuv qhov kev nyuaj siab, chim thiab tu siab mob siab.. yog nyob ntawm kuv xwb mog.. thov koj tiag tiag. .txiv neej lub siab phem liam hiam li cas kuv yeej paub tag.. lawv yuasv dag ntxias li cas rau hluas nkauj los kuv yeej paub tag..qhov phem qhov zoo kuv yeej paub zoo ntawm txiv neej lub siab dag phem liam hiam.. tabsi thov kom koj xav tias yog kuv ..tsi yog koj tus ua nus no mog.. ua tsaug uas koj tseem hais tias yog kuv ib tug nus zoo thiab.. qhov zoo qhov phem los kuv mam li ua tiag kom dhau thiab qhov nyuaj thiab mob.. kuv mam li tiv tiag kom dhau mus.. kuv yuav hais rau koj los yog lwm tus npaum cas los.. hais tsi tau ib lo rau leej twg.. tsuas yog pom lub kua muag poob ntws si tawm los xwb.. tsi hnov ib lo lus li.. vim tias tamsim no kuv tu siab heev.. kuv tsi pom qab yuav ua li cas.. tsuas yog niaj hnub niaj hmo quaj xwb.. tsi xav quaj los lub kua muag tsuas pom ntws tag zog xwb..
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NKAUJHMOOB_DREAMGURL December 26, 2006, 12:32 pm

Nyob zoo tus phoojywg uas kuv tau nrog nws tham ib vuag dhau los ib zaug. Txhob hais lus li ko mas leej muam....wb zoo li nus muag xwb thiaj tau hais lus qhib koj khov muag kom koj pom deb tshaj ko. Xav tsis tau tias koj yog ib tug neeg tsis nyiam luag tej hais txog koj qhov ncaj ncees hauv koj qhov feelings hauv duab siab. Kuv tsuas yog tibneeg ib yam li koj thiab...qhov me qhov loj, yam qub yam tshiab kuv yeej tau ib yam li koj thiab tabsis tsis tau xav tias koj tsis nyiam luag tej hais lus kom koj paub meej...SORRY NAWB TABSIS KUV TSIS MEANT TO MAKE YOU SO UPSET....KUV YOG LAIB LAUS, KUV YUAV NTSHAI LEEJ TWG...WHY BECAREFUL? ONLY THE TRUTH SPEAKS OUT THE INNER OF A PERSONS.
Zoo siab uas tau nrog koj sib sau ntawv sib tham. Koj muaj dabtsi kav tsij hais tuaj mog kuv yeej tsis hesitate to listen, but kuv yeej tsis becareful vim kuv tsuas hais qhov tseeb.....thiab yog kuv tsis paub tias koj mob siab npaum li kuv sau ntawd, kuv yeej tsis sau hais qhib koj qhov muag npaum no thiab vim kuv kuj xum cia kom koj raug luag dag ntxias deev koj kom siab ntsws lwj tas. Txiv neej lub cev txawv pojniam lub mog....saib koj tus kheej kom muaj nqi...txhob tias nkauj nraug lawm ces kav liam muab kiag rau nws everytime nws need? You are wrong! Niaj hnub no thiaj muaj cov uas ua laus nkauj laus es tsis muaj txiv yuav yus vim yus lub cev tsis zoo huv, luag thiaj tsis yuav yus.
Koj tabtom pom thiab xav mus rau qhov yuam kev ntawm kuv lawm koj thiaj tau sau xav mus li ko lawm puas yog? Txawm koj tsis hais lo kuv yeej understand....Ntawm wb tsis muaj dabtsi, koj lub neej kuv tsis paub, kuv lub neej koj yeej tsis paub....even paub los yeej tsis khes vim nyias nyob nyias...kuv paub! tabsis lo lus kawg ntawm koj ib tug nus sau tseg, hais tseg rau koj ua muam khaws cia ua koj lub neej. Yog kuv yuav muab piav ces koj yeej tsis tau taub vim kuv nyob deb tshaj ntawm txoj kev xav. Qhov tseeb txhob muab ua cuav, qhov dag txhob muab zais kom tag tag thiaj tsis mob koj siab mog. Tsuav ho muaj ib tug nus paub koj lub siab nyob qib twg es nws ho hais lus mob koj siab kom koj qhib koj lub qhov muag txhawb koj tus kheej peem kom dhau txoj kev lwj siab ko ces koj ua muam koj twb yuav ua kuv tus ua nus no ib lo lus tsaug...yog koj ho xav li ko lawm los kuv tsis xav li cas tabsis mam thov mi muam zam lub txim pub rau kuv ua zaum kawg mam tsis muab qhov tseeb los hais kom plees tau yus lub siab mog.
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TAU LUB NEEJ TSIS RAWS LI SIAB XAV December 26, 2006, 12:05 pm

Kuv lub neej tsis mus raws li siab xav li. Kuv tau txoj kev kho siab thiab mob siab tas hnub tag hmo xwb. Kuv lub neej zoo yam li lub ntuj ua ib hnub tshav ib los nag. Qhov no puas yog vim kuv txoj hmoo los yog kuv vim kuv lub neej tag los kuv tau ua txaum rau leej twg lawm. Lub ntuj hnub twg kuv lub neej thiaj li yuav nyob tshav ntuj nrig nrog luag lwm leej lwm tus thiab os. Kuv muab kuv txoj kev kho siab, nyuaj siab, mob siab, dhuav siab zais rau hauv lub siab ib hnub dhau ib hnub xwb tab si kuv paub tias muaj ib hnub txoj kev mob siab thiab nyuaj siab no yuav ua rau kuv tso lub ntiaj nteb no tseg los tsis paub li os. Lub ntuj thov muab txoj kev ncaj ncees rau kuv thiab puas tau.
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nco koj December 26, 2006, 1:34 am
hluas nkauj.....hlub, hlub koj......los qhia tsis tau.....

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christmas... December 25, 2006, 8:51 pm
this morning as i woke up.. i look out the window and there was no snow falling down for christmas day today... i wonder to myself thinking why there;s no snow this year on christmas day or for this year at all.. as i sat down with my brothers and sisters and sisters in laws.. to take pictures..i felt a nice cold breeze coming towards my face..and i felt it too.. and touch my face and i could feel that my face was cold.. i think to myself why my face just got soo cold.. cuz i didn't even go outside yet.. later on.. we all sat on the floors and open our presents one by one to see how has wat.. and gets wat.. for me.. i got the 'Friends' complete espisode seasons 1-6.. and i was realli happy...because i love watching 'Friends'on tv's every night.. so my sister in law and brother went out to buy the complete season of 'Friends' for me...
Later on.. we clean up the wrappers and boxes and than cook some qhob poob and bake some chicken wings and baby back ribs... it was the best christmas ever with my brothers and sisters and sisters in laws.. but its sad that my parents are not here today to open their presents and spend christmas with us kids.. because my parents went to Laos and they won;t be back until the 28th of this month.. this week.. after that.. i got soo tired. so i slept in all day..

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be careful..... December 25, 2006, 8:41 pm
kuv xav tias tej koj hais ko yeej tsi muaj npaum li ko hais.. koj xav tias koj zoo zoo es koj pom tus neeg twg tsi zoo thiab dawb huv lawm no ces koj yuav muab nws coj los hais hauv no rau tib neeg paub thiab nyeem.. tias tus neeg ntawv zoo li cas.. yeej yog mas.. txiv neej lub siab phem, liam hiam dag lus li ub li no.. kuv yeej apub tas mas.. tabsi kuv tsi hais tawm rau nej cov txiv neej ko tias nej zoo li cas xwb... vim tias kuv tsi yog neeg khawg xiav li koj xav es hnov nruas to qhov es yuav tshawm tov..(watever that word is.. i forgot how to say it).. kuv yeej mob siab, chim siab, tu thiab nyuaj siab mas. .tabsi kuv tsi hais qhia tawm rau tib neeg hnov thiab paub.. vim kuv hais ces kuv lub kua muag poob tawm los.. tu tu siab kuv thiaj tsi hais ... thiab vim tias lub qhov txhav nyob hauv kuv siab twb zoo thiab ploj lawm.. kuv twb tsi nco qab txog qhov phem yav tag los thiab kev mob siab tu siab yav tag lawm..
koj txhob xav tias koj zoo zoo es koj pom thiab hnov lwm tus tib neeg lub neej los yog tus kheej tsi zoo thiab dawb huv lawm es koj yuav coj nws coj mus hais li ub li no rau tib neeg hnov thiab paub txog tus neeg ntawv.. nco ntsoov tias lub ntuj nyob qis qis lawm no os.. yam tsi muaj tiag thiab lus dag tsi txhob muab los hais hais tsam ces lub ntuj twb nyob qis qis lawm.. ces lub ntuj yuav poob los raug leej twg thiab thaum ntawv koj 4 sab phob ntsa tsi tiv thaiv koj lawm mog.. nco ntsoov tias kev npam muaj tiag no os..
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NKUAJHMOOBDAWB! December 25, 2006, 7:50 pm

Txhob rawm ua siab me mas tus muam...kuv tsuas hais qhov ncaj ncees hauv tibneeg lub neej WHY cov gurls thiaj raug dag ntxias deev over and over es tsis paub khiav kom dhau vim mus los nco nyob los mob! Yog koj twb chim npaum ko lawm ces yeej hais raug koj siab heev puas yog? Kuv paub vim I did it...and that's how all men do in this world so accept the fact and figure a way to live a happy and healthier life than being hurt time after time! You might think that I'm a very bad person, but you are wrong....not even you know yourself very well so I just try to open the door of how men treat their ladies when they don't love them....Love and sex is a game we play to win....and winning is keys to pleasures...is that what we all men wants? Is it? Of course...in a awful ways, but it's reality so even if you are not agree with me cause you kept everything inside yourself not showing the pain, the guilt, the temptations of him/her using you? Anyway, don't mistaken me for something bad cause it's true so I'm only saying the truth about life, about life with him/her in their own ways! Forgive me if I have hurt your feelings, but apoligize is the way we learn from them and knowing who is????? will be in a greater wishful thinking....Again sorry if I say anything that might have hurt your feelings....dish out those that don't make any sense, but keep those that can actually help your life in the future.....PEACE!
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Tus Nus Xeem Muas December 23, 2006, 11:19 pm
kuv xav tias koj tsi need yuav hais npaum ko rau kuv.. vim tias twb tsi muaj npaum li koj hais ko.. koj ua tib neeg nyob no.. koj yeej xav kom koj zoo tshaj thiab tib neeg qhua koj xwb ..puas yog? koj xav tias koj tus ntawm ko thiaj li paub txog txhua txhia tus neeg nyob hauv NH no no lov es koj yuav hais lus li cas rau leej twg los tau no lov?? ua zoo nawb JohnnyKouaMoua.. koj yog hmoob xeem Moua thiab.. kuv paub tias nej cov hmoob Moua kom zoo li cas thiab coj li cas tag lawm os.. so..be careful on wat u say to everyone in here.. koj xav tias koj ib leeg thiaj li txhawj hais tej lus no xwb no lov..kuv yeej txawj thiab tabsi kuv tsi hais xwb na...

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xoxo December 23, 2006, 9:29 pm
Tus pos no chob hauv kuv nruab siab los tau ntev lawm, yog yuav muab rho tawm tshe yuav mob heev, yim nti yim chob nkag mus tob ua zaj ua ntxeev los tsis paub nyob. Tus pos no twb nkaug hauv kuv nruab plawv los lawm ntev xyoo, puas yuav muaj hnub nws txawj zoo? Cas sij hawm twb dhau los ntau ntev loo lawm los tseem mob luj loog yam tsis tseg kuv txoj sia. Yog rho tau tawm los ntshe yuav cim tseg tej kab caws pliav ua mob nruaj rhia tsiav thoob nruab siab tsis paub ploj, haus tshuaj iab los ntshe kho tsis tau.
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TUS MUAM NKAUJHMOOBDAWB XEEM XIONG! December 23, 2006, 7:12 pm

Sorry uas tau nov koj tej lus nug txog ntawm txoj kev hlub dag. Koj ua lub neej yooj yim thaum pib rau nws heev koj thiaj tau muab txhua yam pub rau nws including koj lub cev uas yam muaj nqis tshaj plaws rau ib tug txiv neej twg. Nws dag koj hnub dhau hnub tias yuav hlub tabsis qhov tiag twb yog nws tseem xav deev koj xwb nws thiaj tsis xav muab koj tso tseg. Koj ntshai vim koj tsis paub yav pem suab koj thiaj ua ib siab nyob hlub nws txawm nws yuav cheat koj npaum twg los tsuav koj tau nws txoj kev hlub hais lus zoo ib pliag ib pliag rau koj xwb ces koj yeej forget tau nws lawm. You fear what's ahead of you that's why keeping around him for years. Thaum ib tug txiv neej used yus thiab nrog yus pw ntau zaug lawm ces txawm zoo thiab phem los nws yeej yog tus yeej lawm vim koj ntshai tsam koj lub cev tsis zoo huv rau lwm tus koj thiaj tsis kam ua ib siab tso tseg txoj kev lwj siab, mob siab li ko....kuv paub! Txawm yuav yog kuv los ib yam...mloog nawb...Yog kuv paub ib tug pojniam uas kuv nyiam tsis tas tabsis ntxias nws nrog yus pw yooj yim txhua zaug kuv yeej dag kom dhau kom nws tsis paub tias yus hlub lwm tus li. Yog kuv muaj qhov advantage, kuv yuav zais nrog lawm pw kom tas vim that's how we men are! don't you get it! Kuv mloog zoo li koj tsis muaj peev xwm vim koj lub cev puas tas rau nws ntau zaug lawm koj thiaj tsis paub mus vim thiaj nyuaj koj lub siab heev...zoo li koj need nws thiab tabsis kuj xav tso nws thiab vim nws pheej niaj hnub ua koj mob siab. Anyway, cov tibneeg zoo li no yeej nyob thiab tsis last rau yav laus vim thaum lawv yuav yus lawm, lawv yuav mus ncig tham hluas nkauj, poj nrauj mus rau meb cab vim noj nqaij chicken ib ntws yuav tsum mus noj beef, fish, shrimp? You get the point! Wake up! open your eyes and realize it's your life you're doing it to yourself.....no ones...it's you! If you can't changed? you lost!
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nco koj December 23, 2006, 12:46 am
leej maum hmoob tus nyob hauv kuv siab. kuv nco koj txhuas hmo. txhua lub sij hawm nrog koj tham, xav qhia rau koj "kuv hlub koj lawm," los hais tsis tau tawm. tsis paub yuav ua cas, tsua paub tias nco koj tsis ploj. thaum kuv tau nrog koj nyob thiab hais lus nws ua rau kuv zoo siab thiab luag ntxhi. muaj ntau yam nyob hauv lub siab hias tsis tau tawm. kuv paub zoo tias koj yeej yog tus kuv hlub. lub sij hawm no nco koj ib leej xwb.
luag tsua cav hias tias kev hlub swb tus nyob ze. kuv qhia rau koj paub tias, koj nyob dleb, koj yog number ib hauv kuv lub siab. tsis mauj tus yuav los hloov tau koj.
koj puas paub hnub twg tau ntsib koj hnub ntawv nyob luag ntxhi. thov kom koj paub tias kuv hlub koj lawm. lub sij hawm twg koj mam qhia tias kuv yog tus koj hlub?

nco koj..............................
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FEAR December 22, 2006, 12:42 pm

Ever wonder why you are living a fearful life? Have anyone ever day dreamed about taking a risk on what you always wanted to do, but still paralyzed by fear? Sometimes you fear of rejection, you fear of heart break, you fear of the terror of the term ' WHAT IFS ', you also fear the future and don't want to hit the road. In fact, you fear of looking bad too? hehehehe
Anyway, these are some of the fears that everyone faces and some fall short on some of the catagory and need desparate help, need a handful of advices and opinions to help smooth over tense the fears. Sometimes you fear of speaking infront of others knowing what's behind it? Most of personal ' WHAT IFS ' comes along in the business world and we fear the things we can't control and sometimes we consider the reasonable risk of any new undertaken and fear the lack of security.
Knowing that the thing we're afraid of isn't happening right now, it's something that could happen down the line...who knows? but don't stop yourself from beginneing something just because you don't know how it will turn out? Many people settle and by any force will deny their dreams, but don't give up hopes, there are not gone! It's never too late to journey toward the passion that is calling you.
Having a grateful heart and a thankful spirit is the shortest distance to peace so I advice you to move on...meander without a destination or particular purpose and let yourself go with the flow cause we need courage when we are afraid.
Rules aren't meant to be broken, habit are...particularly ones that are bad for you. Sometimes I thought I was bold and fearless and even arrogant..hehehehe...but inside I was always afraid, always quaking. Until then, till we meet again

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muaj ib tug txiv neej December 22, 2006, 11:03 am
Thaj chaws ntawm no zoo nkauj heev. Muaj ib tug txiv neej nyob nrog ib pab txiv neej coob coob hauv lub tsev loj loj no. Ib thaj tsam nov kuj muaj kev lom zem. Muaj movie saib, gym hrias uas sis, tsev saib ntawv. Lub sijhawm no tus txiv neej no, nws tab tom raus siab ntso raus txoj kev kawm. Tiamsis, hauv nws lub siab muaj ib tug duab tshav ntuj sawv nraim tsis ploj ib pliag kiag lis. Nws paub zoo lawm hais tias tus duab no yuav tuav txoj kev hlub ruaj ruaj kom txog thaum nws kawm tiav. Tus txiv neej no nws yuav tsis kam qhia, los tus duab hauv nws lub xubntiag twb paub tias hais tias “koj yog kuv txojsia.” Txawm nws yuav nco tus duab tshav ntuj no npaum twg los, nws cim ntsoov tseg tias; txoj kev kawm thiaj yuav uas raus nws muaj tsab peev xwm muab taus lub hnubqub saum ntuj los raus nws tus duab tshav ntuj.
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sij hawm dhau mus.... December 21, 2006, 9:01 pm
Lub sij hawm dhau mus lawm sai heev li muab tsis tau nag hmo coj los ua tagkis. Twb yuav rov los txog Chistmas tiag tiag li, twb yuav pib dua xyoo tshiab. Kuv xav txog yav tag los zoo li sai ua luaj li tiamsi xav txog yam tom ntej ua cas yuav mus ntev ua luaj no. Hauv yus lub neej tau muaj ntau ntau tus uas yus tau paub los tiamsi tsuas muaj tej tug neeg uas nws thiaj ua tau rau yus nco ntsoov cia thiab nkag yus lub siab xwb. Tej tug neeg zoo zoo li no mas nws muaj tsaug tsaug kawg li thiab feem ntau ua cas yus pheej tsis muaj hmoo tau tej tug neeg zoo zoo li yus lub siab ntsaw li. Thaum yus tau paub tej tus neeg zoo zoo mas yus xav kom lub sij hawm nres es txhob txawj khiav mus vim hais tias yus xav khaws nws tej lus zoo thiab kev ua zoo rau yus cia kom ntev ntev los yug yus nruab siab.
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NTSIMHEEVLI December 21, 2006, 12:12 pm

Wow! you're pretty good in thoughts and writting. Pad yourself on the back...you deserve it...especially from me.hehehehe....you are capable of knowing true love? I'd admire your peaceful thinking. Sometimes reading the words you express out from deep within your heart really brighten my days....thank you!
Not too many peoples can be like who you are so take it from me...you are one of a kind, someone who could help heal someone else heart by whispering the words of writting to them. Keep it up! I'm very into your writting.

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koj tus duab December 20, 2006, 1:56 pm
Kuv muab koj tus duab zais cia tseg zoo zoo nyob rau hauv kuv nruab siab tsis qhia rau leej twg. Txhua zaus thaum kuv kaw qhov muaj koj yog tus uas kuv pom thaum kuv poob rau txoj kev tsaus ntuj. Pom koj sawv ntawm kuv ib sab thaum kuv nyob ib leeg. Kuv ntxhi koj lub npe ya nrog ntwg cua tuaj nrhiav koj thaum kuv nco koj tsis paub ua zaj twg seb koj puas hnov kuv lub suab hu. Koj yog qhov chaw sov kuv siab thaum kuv ib ce txias zias. Tsis muaj ib hnub uas kuv yuav tsis nco koj vim koj yog tus neeg tshwj xeeb nyob rau hauv kuv lub neej. Tsheej tag hmo kuv tseem nyob zov kuv lub xov tooj ntshai rwg tsam koj ua npau suav tsis zoo kuv thiaj li tau nrog koj tham nyob ua koj luag. Tsheej tag hmo kuv tseem nyob xav paub seb hauv koj txoj kev npau suav puas muaj kuv. Tus tw teev twb khiav mus deb zuj zus lawm tiag sij hawm tsis tos tiamsis kuv tseem nyob ntawm no xav ntsoov txog koj.

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LUS COG TSEG THAUM HLI NRA December 20, 2006, 3:37 am

Ib tug neeg niaj hmo tuaj sawv ntawm ntug pas dej thaum lub hli nra ci ntsa iab pom kev plooj zim zuag. Nws nyiam tuaj nyob ib leeg ntawm ntug pas dej zaum ntsia cov hnub qub saum ntuj REFLECTION rau hauv nplaim dej ncho pa nphob xuj xuav zoo li muaj kev so siab. Yog hmoov dabtsi, yog neej los yog dab? yuav deev rawv nws lub siab tuaj zov, tuaj rov saib nws tus duab ntxuav ntxoo thaum lub caij hli nra ci ntawd yam li nws raug dab?
Txawm yuav yoo tshaib yoo nqhis, muaj mob muaj nkeeg los nws yeej peem txhua lub sibhawm tuaj nyob ntawm thaum lub hli nra ci tawm tuaj. Nws tuaj nyob ib leeg kho siab txias to dub muag ntxhi saib rawv ntawm npoo dej tsi ntsais muag xav yuj yeev yam li nws nyob tau kaj siab xav ntsoov txog dabtsi?
Tus neeg no nkyob tau yam ywj siab heev rau lub sibhawm ntawd. Thaum ntawd nws lub cev daj ntsug zoo li yam twb tuag lawm tabsis tshuav lub plawv tseem dhia tuav nws txojsia lawm xwb...tiag tiag...nws tabtom nrog leej twg mus ncig uasi hauv nkawd txoj kev npausuav cog tseg lawm. Saum duab ntug ncav tsis cuag ces nws thiaj ua ib siab tuaj nrog lub hli nyob ci tos kom pom nws tus hlub tus duab ntxuav ntxoo ya tshwm tuaj nrog nws nyob uake ntawm npoo dej thiaj tsim nyog nkawd sib hlub sib nco npaum ntawd.
Lub hli nra yog ib lub sibhawm uas nkawd tau cog lus tuaj sib cuag hauv tus duab dab ntub npausuav. Nkawd thiaj tau siv lub hli nra los pab kom nkawd tus ntsuj plig muaj peev xwm sib pom sib cuag tau! txawm hais tias tus neeg ntawd tsis tau pom, tsis tau tuav tes, tsis tau puag nws tus hlub ntawd tim ntsej tim muag los tsuav niaj hnub tuaj zov lub caij hli nra tuaj mus sib cuag hauv tus npausuav xwb ces yeej zoo nws lub siab lawm.
Imagine txhua txhua lub sibhawm thaum lub hli nra ci thoob ntiaj teb, tus yus nco thiab xav pom ntawd yeej always sawv nraim ua ntej ntawm yus xub ntiag, yus ib sab nrog yus uake hauv txoj kev npausuav tus hlub tshua ntawm yus tus duab ntxuav ntxoo. Mam thov rov ntsib koj rau thaum hli nra ci saum npoo dej...ntshe yuav laj nyob tos txog hnub ntawd?

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Blog December 19, 2006, 7:16 pm
kuv hlub ib leeg xwb...don't bother me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hhehehehehehhehehehe.............happy holiday......and happy new year to everyone..............take care.......will be gone for the new year..............hehehe =)

bye............today was a boring day.........later
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NYOB SAB DEJ TIM NO December 18, 2006, 11:47 pm
Kuj muaj ib tug txiv neej nyob sab dej tim no niaj hnub mus mus ncig ntawm tus dej ntws pheeb ze ze nyob ib sab ntawv ib tug cag ntoo qhuav ntsia rau sab tim ub tsis paub xyov nws pheej xav txog dabtsi? Lub sibhawm thaum nws pheeb ntawv zoo li nws tus plig kuj ya ntshis mus nrhiav mus cuag leej twg lawm tshuav lub cev qhuav nyob lawm xwb txhob lam kov tshob lam chwv tsam pliag ho vau!
Nws lub ceb nyob tos nws tus ntsuj plig tau ntev loo los zoo li txhua yam nyob ntsiag to kho siab zim cua tuaj cia zias los nws pheeb yam li kaj siab nrig npausuav toog yam li nws tabtom xav txog leej twg. Mloog zoo li muaj ib yam dabtsi tseem ceeb heev nyob rau sab tim ua rau nws npausuav toog nruab hnub nrig mus ntsib lawm. Tus txiv neej ntawd pheeb tau yam li lub cev sib so ya saum duab cua duab ntug mus lawm. Ua cas zoo li nws twb niam qhuav pheeb tsis tau ntev tabsis mloog zoo li nws mus lawm ntev.....thaum cua tuaj ntxuam nws ib vuag nyob rau ib lub sibhawm ntawd, ua rau nws rov nov qab feeb los lawm. Thaum nws tig rov ncig los tsev, nyob rau ntawm tus ntoo qhuav ntawv lub hauv paus toov nws cov kuamuag ntws mus cia li ciaj sia hlav nroj hlav ntsis ntoo tuaj lawm.
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Sab Dej Tim Ub December 18, 2006, 9:25 pm
Ntawm ntug dej muaj ib lub rooj zaum thiab muaj ib tug poj niam nws zaum puag raws nws tus kheej ntsia ntsoov mus rau sab dej tim ub. Lub hnub tabtom poob dai ncuv tim qab ntug, huab cua nyob tau tus yees, me kab me nyoog quaj tau kho siab mus lawm tsis paub tag. Pom nws lub cev lam nyob ntawv zaum ntawm lub rooj tiamsis ntsia zoo li nws tus ntsuj plig twb ya mus cuag yam uas nws xav tau tseg nyob hauv nws nruab siab. Hauv nws qhov muag teev kuag muag zoo li lub lwg dej uas nyob saum daim nplooj yuav poob thaum twg los yeej tsis paub. Hauv nws lub siab yog muaj xwm txheej dabtsi tiag thiaj li ua rau nws nyob ib leeg li ntawv tsis hais ib los lus? Sab dej tim ub thaj chaw nco yog muaj dabtsi nyob rau tiv tiag cas nws yuav txaus siab ntsia num yaj yam tsis nco qab txog dabtsi li? Kheev lam txawj txia ua tus ntses ntshe yuav txia kiag es mus kom cuag kom txog nws txoj kev npau suav. Yog txawj ya ntshe yuav ya mus nyob mus ncig thaj chaw uas nws nco tshua txog seb puas pom tej qub hneev taw nyob rau sab dej tim ub.
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lub neej npau suav December 16, 2006, 10:27 pm
Thaum sawv ntxov thaum kuv tsim hauv kuv tus dab ntub los, thawj tug kuv nco dheev txog ces yuav yog koj. Kuv tsis xav rua muag vim tseem xav nyob nrog koj ib pliag ntxiv me me hauv lub neej npau suav. Maj ma ncab cev cas mloog zoo li muaj koj pw ntawv kuv ib sab, maj mam chwv kuv lub hauv ncoo mloog zoo li tau pw hauv koj xub ntiag. Pw ib pliag ntxiv mus seb puas yog tiag cas zoo li kuv twb hnov koj tus pa maj mam ua hlob xuav tuaj rau hauv kuv pob ntseg mloog yam tsis paub dhuav. Ua zaj twg los tsis zoo lub siab vim zaum no tsim hauv tus npau suav los ntsia sab twg los tsuas yog muaj kuv ib leeg xwb thiaj li ua siab cab kuv lub cev sawv saum lub chaw pw mus pib dua ib hnub tshiab es muab koj khaws hlub khaws nco zais tseg cia rau hauv kuv nruab siab.

Mus txog txoj ke twg tsuas yog xav ntsoov txog koj ib leeg. Nco txhua lub sij hawm thaum muaj koj nrog kuv ua ib ke ntawm kuv ib sab yam tsis nco txhawj tsis nco ntshai txog ib yam dabtsi hlo li. Koj lub suab hais lus, lub suab luag, lub ntsej muag, koj tus ntxhiab sawv nraim hauv kuv ob lub zaim muag tsis paub ploj. Txawm yuav muaj tib neeg coob npaum cas los twb tsis pom muaj ib tug twg yuav zoo xwb li koj, yuav coj tau raug kuv siab ib yam li koj vim koj yog tus uas kuv nco txhua lub sij hawm.

now i cry myself to sleep, only you are what i need and i'm no where without you. I hope that you will see how much you mean to me, because the pain inside my heart is tearing me apart cause now i'm standing on my own.

like a flower and the bee, like the mountain and the tree, like the desert need the rain

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winter flu December 15, 2006, 11:22 pm
my gosh! the last few days was so bad! start w/ a fever, coughing, chills, headache, heart burn, chest pain, weakness, no energy, starving, dehydrated... i just wanna die... i couldn't do anything! just laying there sleeping...i wanna know why i'm like this... i can't take it any more... i feel so much pain...
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Gifts, Joy and Love December 13, 2006, 2:43 am
I don't believe in Santa Claus because last year I asked for a watch and I got a Barbie. I'm too old and don't have time to play with Barbie anymore, plus they say that Barbie is a slut..hehe

Ok...no more jokes. Wow I can't believe this year is my 13th years of celebrating christmas with my family and friends. It's about 13 years ago, when my family move to the U.S and it was one of the coldest time of the year ever and we all know that back in Laos and Thailand there's no snow so it was kind of an cruel but also an insteresting thing to discovered and love watching the snow fall from the sky by the window. I was 13 years old when my family first arrived here. Everything was so different and strange, I feel like I'm a alien (and I'm still an alien today so PEACE..hehe). The most beautiful thing that catches my eyes was all the Christmas decorations. I see them everywhere I go and at school the teachers would read us x-mas stories and show us how to make our own Christmas ornaments. Those were the days when I was young...and I know I'll never forget the way how I felt back than. I remembered celebrating my very first Christmas with my ESL teacher Miss Bee. She was a very nice and kind teacher, and I still misses her now and days because she tought me so much in school. She asked me what I wanted for christmas and I was kind of shy to tell her because kuv txaj txaj muag..hiv hiv. Anyway, I told her I wanted a watch. So on Christmas day her and Miss Nhia(the hmong asstant) they came to our house and brought lot's of gifts to my family. My mom was crying because she was very happy to recieved this kind of joy and so was dad. The house was a mess after both of my teachers left because of all of the wrappers from the gifts. Oh...so when I told my teacher that I wanted a watch for Christmas I got a watch and a Barbie hahahahaha and that makes me a very very happy new hmoob thaib teb girl.

The End....and have a wonderful holiday everyone.

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Blog December 13, 2006, 1:36 am
Nyob Zoo Journal, Merry Christmas thiab Happy New Year rau koj. Rov los sau ib zaug dua qhia rau koj tias hnub no kuv zoo siab heev tsis muaj dabsti yuav los pauv tau. Hnub no yog ib hnub los nag hlob heev tshaj plaws thiab lub ntuj tsaus li nti los tseem muaj tus muaj siab thiab. Kuv yuav khaws nag hmo thiab hnub no ua kuv lub chaw dai siab tuav kuv txoj sia cia ua lub neej nyob. Pheej kuv txoj hmoo tsuas kuv cim hnub no cia ua kuv kev kaj siab kev zoo tshaj plaws. Ntawm kuv tsis muaj lub zoo tswv yim yuav pab tau kuv lub neej pem suav xyov kuv tus npau suav puas yuav muaj tiag. Kuv ces ib hnub tsuas nyob kom dhau ib hnub luag ntxhi rau yam uas kuv tau txais xwb. Twb rov txog xyoo tshiab dua lawm thiab los kuv tseem ua tsis tau dabsti zoo li. Ntshe xyoos tshiab no yuav rov dua ib vuag ntxiv rau kuv xwb. Los kav liam mog me Journal, tsuas kuv tau hnub no thiab hmo no ua kuv kev nco tsis dhuav tsis txawj ploj tag nrho tiam me no.

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No X-Mas.... December 13, 2006, 1:04 am
This christmas must be the lonelyest christmas ever for me.... i won't be able to join everyone not even my kids... i'm getting a thyroid exam and scan done... won't be able to be near infants/kids/pregnant women or others... b/c of the radioactive iodine... well... i just wanna wish everyone a happy holidays.......
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12 XYOO DHAU LOS December 12, 2006, 4:50 pm
12 xyoo dhau los tsuas zoo yam li ib ntsais muab xwb cua ntxuam kuv ib vuag kuv rov nco koj npaum 12 xyoo dhau los. Txawm sibhawm dhau lawm zuj zus los hauv kuv duab siab tseem muajsia muaj tus.
12 xyoo ntev kawg nkaus yog muab hais los ntshe wb yeej muaj tubki puv vaj puv tsev los txoj kev nco 12 xyoo ntawm wb dhau los yeej tseem nyob ncig vaj ncig tsev.
Ncaim thaum 12 xyoo dhau los ntawd tsuas lam yog ncaim lub cev nqaij tawv cev xwb lub siab tseem nco ntsoov koj tsis muaj hnub ploj.
Hnub no yog ib hnub zoo caij zoo nyoog uas kuv me nploojsiab MUAJKOJXWB 12 xyoo dhau los rov ua me kab me noog ya ntshis tuaj hais ib lo lus zoo rau kuv......ua koj tsaug!
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Tau 12 xyoo lawm! December 12, 2006, 3:53 pm
Twb tau 12 xyoo lawm tsis tau sib pom tsis tau sib ntsib koj nyob li cas lawm xwb? Hnub no yog ib hnub zoo kuv muaj txoj hmoo rov ntsib koj niam thiab koj txiv, txawm nkawv tsis paub thiab tsis cas qab kuv lawv los kuv tseem nco qab thiab paub nkawv vim yog kuv mus txog wb tej chaw uasi kuv tseem xav txog koj rau nruab siab. Tau 12 lub xyoo no twb tsis tau sib pom thiab sib ntsib ntse koj pom kuv thiab kuv pom koj los twb tsis sib paub vim yog nyias muaj nyias lub neej, muaj me tub me nyuam thiab nyias laus nyias tsis zoo li 12 xyoos dhau los. Txawm zoo li cas los siv peem mog, qhov zoo ces koj noj qab nyob zoo thiab nyob luag txhi nyob kaj siab lug ces yeej zoo lawm. Thaum hnov koj niam hais tias koj nyob St. Paul xwb, lub siab xav yaj tshis tuaj pom koj seb koj pua tseem zoo li tus qub. Tiamsis xav zoj tias pom koj es zoo ua dabtsi vim yog nyias muaj nyias lub neej nyias twb laus nyias lawm tsis zoo li thaum wb tseem ua hluas nyob. Tseem hnov koj niam hais tias koj thiab koj tus txiv neb them tsis taus nej lub tsev twb yuav poob rau bank, kuv pab koj tu siab kawg, lam yog txoj kev txoj cia ces ntse kuv rho ib pob los pab koj kom koj tsis muaj kev nyuaj siab tiamsis tsawm kuv yuav rho ib pob los pab koj los ntse tsis zoo nkauj rau luag lwm tus. Txawm li cas los kavliam mog tsuas tseem paub tiam koj tsis muaj txoj sia nyob thiab tseem nyob rau hauv Twin Cities no ces ib hnub twg wb yeej rov yuav sib ntsib thiab siab pom ib zaug ntxiv xwb thiaj li yuav tag. Yog hnub sib pom lawm txawm hais tias daim nqaij cev tawv tsis zoo li qub lawm los lub siab thiab txoj kev xav tseem zoo li qub mog..............
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KEV XAV XWB! December 12, 2006, 12:19 pm
Cov phoojywg!
Nyob hauv kuv duab siab kuv tus personality, kuv nyiam sau ntawv thiab nyeem ntawv heev. Kuv nyiam sau txog txhua yam ntawm tibneeg lub neej thiab txog txhua yam kuv paub thiab tau ua dhau los tabsis sometimes qhov kuv nyiam sau txog ntawd yog tibneeg lub neej txoj kev hlub kev nco kev mob siab nyuaj siab txomnyem siab ntsws. Tsis yog kuv ncauj ntau es sau yam li tsis muaj chaw rau tabsis sau los ntawm txoj kev xav xwb txhob muab ntau nqi loj nqi phem mog. Txawm kuv yuav sau npaum li lub siab xav los thov nej txhob muab ntau nqi yam li kuv khav.
Hauv peb ib leeg lub siab nyias muaj nyias txoj kev kaj siab tabsis hauv kuv lub neej...thaum twg kuv muaj kev nyuaj siab tsuas yog txoj kev xav txoj kev sau thiaj ua tau kuv lub siab kaj xwb....thov txim mog uas kuv sau tau tej zaj tsis raug muag los tsis raug nej siab xav los twb zoo zoo kuv lub siab lawm ces kav liam mas yom.
Sometimes nej wonder why I wrote so personal? Txawm yuav personal npaum twg los nws tsuas yog ib feem kev xav ntawm ib tug individuals xwb yeej tsis muaj leej twg perfect li nawb! Sometimes kev sau ntawv kuj affect lwm tus neeg lub neej thiab ua rau lawv txawj xav zog tuaj thiab...muaj qee zaug luag nyeem yus tej lus sau kuj kaj luag siab thiab vim luag taug ib txoj kev zoo li yus sau tseg ntawd?
Muaj ib feem neeg nws tsis khes txog dabtsi los yog tej yam kev xav qhov twg li tabsis vim cov ntawd yog cov uas " KEEP IT TO THEMSELVES XWB " tsis pub tsis qhia rau leej twg paub!
Qhov twg los yeej zoo ib yam tabsis hais txog ntawm kuv....kuv txoj kev nyuaj siab kev hlub kev nco yog kuv tsis muab sau ntiab tawm hauv kuv siab mus ces yuav haj yam mob ntsim thiab tsim txom kuv heev thiaj tau sau kom dhau txoj kev mob mob tau hau. Nej leej twg nyeem txog including kuv tus hlub los thov txhob misunderstand kuv thiab and tu siab vim txhua yam tsuas yog txoj kev " XAV "!!!!!!!


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tus tijlaug JohnnyKouaMoua, December 11, 2006, 6:26 pm
koj foom tau ib lo lus zoo heev li rau nws yog nws paub tej zaum nws yuav zoo siab nrog rau lub kua muag tsis paub tag. nco ib tug hlub ib tug kev hlub mas vwm tiag tiag li.
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NEW YEARS RESOLUTION....LUS ZOO FOOM TSEG. December 11, 2006, 1:10 pm
Xyoo laus tas xyoo tshiab tawm tuaj ua cas kuv mi muam yuav muaj txojhmoo tau tij laug ib lo lus zoo rov tuaj.
Kuv mi muam nim hais tias nws yeej tsis nco tij laug lawm...Yog! vim nws muaj ib tug nrog nws nyob txhua hnub txhua hmo. Kuv paub! lub neej yog kev hlub tshwm sim ib zaug hauv kuv duab siab tuaj yeej yuav nco mus kom txog hnub kuv mus thawj thiab. Kev nkauj kev nraug sib hlub ib zaug txawm tias tsis sib tau los mam muab khaws cia hais tias yog npausuav cim tseg ua ib zaj dabneeg khaws tshua.
Txawm lub ncauj tias bye bye los lub siab quaj dhi tsis kheev kuv pais. Txawm lub ncauj tias tsis nco los lub plawv mob kub lug ntuj teb tag hmo. Yeem tsis yeem los wb mus txog txij no, nco tsis nco los wb ncaim txog tav no. xyoo no yog xyoo tshiab, hnub no yog ib hnub zoo hnub zoo hmo uas tij laug yuav hais lus zoo foom tseg rau nws ib tug phoojywg zoo thaum ub.
Zoo thiab phem los koj mus ua ib lub neejlawm...nco qab ntsoov kuv yog leej twg! Dhau thaum koj nyeem kuv tsab ntawv los txog txij no lawm ces kuv lus zoo twb muab foom tseg tas hauv duab siab tuaj rau koj lawm os mog. Zoo tsis zoo los peem kom dhau thiaj tsim nyog koj ua ib siab xaiv nws los ua koj lub chaw rau.
Txijnkawm tsis ruaj khov los thov koj ua tiag thov. Kev hlub tsis ruaj ntseg los thov koj txhob muab nws veg. Txawm txomnyem siab ntsws los ua lub neej kom pej xeem ntshaw pej xeem qhuas. Ua lub neej los kuamuag los peem kom txog hnub yus tuag. Kev phoojywg kuv muab rau koj...thov txim mog uas tsis raws li koj lub siab xav. Txawm kojj mus lawm los tig ntsia kuv tom qab ua lub siab dav. Sib paub ib zaug muab tsis tau ib yam abtsi rau koj los thov koj zam lub txim rau kuv kom tsis muaj hnub ploj. Sib ncaim ib vuag muab tsis tau ib yam kev tshua los thov koj zam txim rau kuv kom txoj kev nco no dua. Koj muaj txojhmoo hlub ib tug nco ib tug. Thaum koj muaj kev nyuaj siab los sau ntawv tuaj saib kuv los hu tuaj nrog kuv tham kom rub tau koj lub neej khov rov mus pib koj lub neej nrog tus koj hlub nyob ntawm ib sab.
Kuv paub....tus yus nco yeej nco tshaj tus yus hlub nyob ntawm ib sab? Ib lo lus puag pheej zaum kawg. Nco ntsoov thiab khaws cia rau koj duab siab hais tias......YOG ROOB HAUV PES QUA CES YEEJ YUAV SIB NTSIB XWB THIAJ TAG HOS YOG AV QUA CES YUAV SIB NCAIM MUS IB TXHIS MOG. Hnub twg koj tseem paub, tseem muaj txoj kev nco, yeej tsis muaj hnub tshav ntuj li tsuas yog lam nyob nrog kuamuag xwb vim txojsia tsis tu lub plawv tsis nres. Yus yim tham nrog tus yus nco yim ua rau yus muaj txoj kev kaj siab rov pib yus lub neej vim txoj kev nco nco uas yus ua tsis taus pa twb muab tham, muab hais tawm tas rau tus yus nco nco ntawd lawm thiaj kaj siab MOVED ON! nas koj puas paub!..." THIAJ TIAS HLUB IB TUG, NCO IB TUG"
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THANK U DARKNESS.... December 8, 2006, 9:44 pm
tus bro/sis koj yeej hais yog kawg lawm. ua tsaug rau koj cov lus zoo nawb... tiamsis i just felt so lonely... i'm always there for everyone... help them solve their kev nyuj siab.. but when it comes to me...there no one there... so i end up locking all the feelings inside... i lock it so tight so it won't hurt me... but it hurt twice the pain... tsis tas li ntawv xwb... my life sux... everything kuv txoj kev ntshaw... tau plam mus.. b/c of one little thing... it seem like more and more kev nyuj siab is developed ntxim xwb... kuv twb muaj muaj mob los kuv niam tseem muaj thiab... txawm kuv tsis zoo los tsuas kuv niam tus mob zoo xwb kuv yeej zoo siab lawm... anyway... tau ntau xyoo kuv yeej xav tias txoj kev tuag yus thiaj tsis hnov qab lawm... but i think of all the people i love so much... hehehe..but no i don't need any help... thanks though... kuv lam sau xwb tsis yog li koj xav nawb... thanks for listening...
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comments to "ntxov tuag ntxov tau zoo" December 8, 2006, 4:40 pm
Nyob zoo tus phoojywg,
Thaum kuv nyeej koj cov lus uas koj sau rau "ntxov tuag ntxov tau zoo" tag kuv xav hais tias cia kuv teb rau koj cov lus ntawv. kuv xav hais tias kuv yeej twv tsis tau lub ntsiab kiag hais tias vim li cas koj thiab xav tau tias "ntxov tuag ntxov tau zoo". Yog tias kuv nkag siab koj cov lus uas koj tau sau ntawv tsis yuam kev, kuv xav tias koj muab xav ntau dhau thiab yuam kev loj heev lawm mog. Txoj kev tuag nws daws tsis tau txhua yam teeb meem thiab kev nyuab siab ntxhov plawv uas koj tau muaj nyob rau hauv koj lub neej. Yog tias koj txo koj txoj siab lawm, tseeb tiag uas koj yuav hnov qab txhua yam kev nyuab siab tiam sis koj yuav tsum txhob txo koj txoj sia rau kev nyuab siab. koj yuav tsum tau xav rau qhov zoo thiab muaj kev cia siab rau koj lub neej hais tias txawm hnub no lub ntuj tsis tshav los tag kis yuav tshav. Tsis tas li ntawv, yog tias koj paub tias koj muaj kev nyuab siab ntau yam nyob rau koj lub neej lawm, koj yuav tsum tau mus ntsib los yog nrhiav kev pab ntawm. Nco ntsoov tias tseem muaj ntau tus neeg xav pab koj thiab pab txhua tus neeg uas tag kev cia siab rau nws lub neej lawm. KUv lo lus kawg rau koj yog, mus nrhiav kev pab thiab thov muaj kev cia siab rau koj lub neej tag kis mus rau yav tom ntej mog. Tseem muaj ntau tus uas nyuaj siab tshaj koj tab sis lawm tseem ua neeg nyob vim lub neej tsuas muaj ib zaug rau peb xwb. Yog tias kuv hais tau lo twg tsis zoo thiab koj tsis nyiam no los thov zam lub txheej pub rau kuv mog.
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Ntxov Tuag Ntxov Tau Zoo...??? December 8, 2006, 2:43 pm
xav kom txoj sia tu nrho thiaj tsis hnov txoj kev nyuj siab mob siab lwj siab ntxim lawm... ua neeg zoo los tau phem.. ntse yuav tau ua neeg phem kiag... tab sis no muaj ntau yam rau hauv kuv lub neej ua rau kuv nyuj siab dhaus lawm.... i don't feel like the same person... i feel as if my body hurts all over... and its as if there an erase in my memories...what if i can't ever get pregnant again... what if my headache remain like this for the rest of my life...all these questions bothering me... kuv zoo li ib tug neeg vwm... i don't know myself ntxim lawm... for the past 4 months i really have become ib tug neeg xiam hlwb loj heev... i keep asking others cuz i can't remember it... makes me feel like ib tug need ruam... what if one day i totally don't remember anything! maybe i just think too much lawm xwb....
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IB SIAB December 7, 2006, 12:51 pm

Kuv mam ua ib siab ua lub neej nyob nrog kuamuag thiaj tsim nyog txoj kev phem yus ua rau luag. Hlub ib tug nco ib tug, hlub ib tsis muaj ob thiaj tsim nyog nws nrog yus nyob. Kev hlub mob tshua los koj yog tus nyob nrog kuv zoo dua. Kev hlub ntsim siab txawm tsis tau nws los mam mus thawj thiab.
Kev hlub khuam plawv txawm tias tau koj lawm los lub siab quaj rawv. Lub neej nplooj siab nyob nrog koj tabsis thov nco nws kom tsis muaj hnub ploj. Txawm kuv niaj hnub nyob nrog koj txhua hnub txhua hmo los yeej tau ntsib nws hauv txoj kev npausuav txoj kev nco.
Hlub ib tus nco ib tus, nrog ib tus, xav txog ib tus los yeej yog yus txojhmoo nyob li no mus kom tsis muaj yus. Kho siab, nyuaj siab npaum twg los tsuav yus paub hais tias zoo tshaj li ua ib siab tsis muaj nkawd los ua yus tus phoojywg.
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Kuv xav tau lub neej nyob luag ntxhi nrog luag teb luag chaw, tab si koj ua rau kuv nyob nrog lub kua muag tag hnub tag hmo xwb. Kuv twb cog lus rau kuv tus kheej lawm hais tias kuv yuav tsis care txog koj lawm koj yuav nyiam ua li cas los nyob ntawm koj lawm xwb. Tabsi kuv tus kheej pheej tseem xav txog koj tej lub sib hawm thiab kuv tsis paub tias yog vim li cas. Txhua lub sij hawm kuv nyob ze koj ua rau kuv rov muaj kev hlub dua thiab. Kuv tsis xav muaj txoj kev hlub nrog koj lawm vim yuav rov ua rau kuv mob siab xwb. Txoj kev mob siab no kuv dhua lawm kuv tsis xav rov taug dua tag los rov taug ntxiv. Kuv twb muab kuv tus kheej cais deb ntawm koj los lawm ntev tab sis zoo li kuv rov cheem tsis tau kuv tus kheej li. Yog li ntawm thov txhob los hais lus zoo rau kuv lawm mog, cia wb nyias nyob nyias ib tug tsis txhob hais lus rau ib tug lawm es wb thiaj li cais tau wb lub siab mog.
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................... December 6, 2006, 10:46 pm
Girl dont you know i miss you really much. I dream about you. There you and me sitting at the park watching the sunset. I hold you close to me. I miss you like crazy.........

stay sweet girl......always
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MEMORIES UA RAU YUS NCO! December 6, 2006, 12:16 pm

Life's about memories...Memories yog txoj kev xav ntawm yus yog without memories yus yeej tsis muaj life, yeej tsis want life! Memories yog the keys and the main purpose ntawm yus txoj kev nco. Yog tsis muaj memories yeej tsis paub nco? yog tsis paub nco yeej tsis muaj kev hlub, yog tsis muaj kev hlub yeej tsis muaj family, yog tsis muaj family ces yeej yog tsis muaj memories los tshwm sim rau yus txoj kev xav.
Ever since kuv rov los from Laos, kuv lub neej hloov tagnro ntawm txoj kev xav. Nyuaj kawg nkaus uas yus yuav overcomes those memories and rov recover? Txhua tus txiv neej tus laus tus hluas tsis hais leej twg...thaum mus tim los tsuas teb chaw rov los yeej feel SELFISH?...YES! I'm selfish, but who isn't? tabsis kuv have a good heart. I can not go back in time and changed what already happen, but I can moved on forward and accept the pain because I am not perfect in every forms.
Don't take me wrong! Love is love and it will always resides in me no matter where I go. At lease a good kind hearted person will find a way to resolved and hope for the better, but peoples that don't have a good kind heart will tends to fall and never recover themselves.
Everything is life is about not being fair? but my life is about my families, my wife and kids? In another words, I don't want to loose my family and I don't want to let go of the person I missed either thiaj li tias hlub ib tug nco ib tug.
Nyob nyob ntshe kuv yuav ua ib siab ncaim lub ntiaj teb no mus kom nkawd tsis muaj kuv thiaj tsis mob kuv siab. Tsuav yus mus tau zoo ua ntej lawm xwb ces tsawm yus tsev neeg nyob txomnyem lwj siab los tsuav yus tsis paub tsis muaj txoj kev xav lawm ces xij peem vim yus hlub ib tug nco ib tug.
Life is unpreditable? ib ntsais muag xwb yus muab yus txoj kev nyuaj siab los txo yus txojsia los yeej tsis khuv xim los yog yeej tsis regret a thing li! People makes mistakes everyday and I also make my mistakes by loving one person and missing the other, but peb ua tibneeg nyob muaj ib txojsia xwb...make the most of it tabsis yuav tsum muaj a good heart to begin with!

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YOG TIAS KUV TIG TAU LUB SIJHAWM December 5, 2006, 11:58 am

Yog tias kuv tig tau lub sijhawm kuv yuav muab tig rov qab 16 xyoo. lub sijhawm ntawd kuv yuav xaiv tus ua txawm nws tsis zoo nraug npaum koj los tsuav nws hlub kuv thiab nws ua lub siab ncaj ncees rau kuv. 16 dhau mus kuv khuv xim kuv lub neej nyob nrog ib tug neeg tsis muaj lub siab hlub yus tiag, txhua txhua los lus nws hais rau yus tsuav yog lus dag ntxias yus lub siab lub ntsws kawm yus nyob ua ib tug neeg vwm. Nws txoj kev dag ntxias ua rau yus xav tias nws yeej hlub tiag no tabsi thaum yus laus zuj zus lawm yus thiaj li paub tias txhuas yam nws hais ntawd yog lus dag. Vim yus tseem hluas yus tsis paub txog txiv neej lub siab phem.
Khuv xim yus txoj kev hluas ua yus tau muab tso tseg thaum yus tseem ua me nyuam hluas nkauj. Tau los ua lub neej nyob nrog lub kua muag tau 16 lub xyoo no. Hnub no yus mam li realize tias yus lub neej yuav mus tsis tau lawm ces twb lig dhau lawm. Txhua yam lig tag rau yus, yus tsis xav tau lub npe poj nrauj thiab tsis xav kom luag teb luag chaw saib tsis taus yus. Ntuj aw..........lub neej no yuav ua li cas thiaj li zoo rau yus os. Ntshe yuav ua ib siab coj yus cov me nyuam thiab yus mus nyob ib lub ntuj tshiab kom tsis txhob muaj neeg lawm xwb os ntuj.
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HLUB IB TUG, NCO IB TUG December 4, 2006, 9:21 pm

Nyob zoo nco txog kuv me nplooj siab tus kuv hlub. Lub sibhawm no koj ua abti lawm xwb los yog koj xav txog kuv os? Txawm yav tas los kuv tau hais lus yam li tsis muaj nuj nqis rau koj los thov txim mog vim kuv yeej coj li ntawd. Peb ua tibneeg nyob leej twg los yeej xav tau txoj kev hlub ncaj ncees hauv duab siab tuaj? Txawm yog li ntawd peb thiaj xaiv txoj kev hlub uas tshwm sim hauv duab siab, nyiam hauv duab siab tuaj, nco hauv duab siab tuaj es thiaj xaiv nkauj nraug txijnkawm npaum no los mos.
Yog! kuv yeej ib txwm tsis tau hais lus mos ntau npaum lus muag rau koj tabsis kuj tsis tau siab phem es tsis hlub koj. Ua neeg nyob yus yeej ntshaw qee yam ntawm yus tus hlub.....ntshaw nws txoj kev hais lus zoo deev yus siab thaum yus muaj kev ntxhov siab, ntshaw nws puag yus thaum yus muaj kev nco nws, ntshaw nws tuav yus tes coj yus mus ncig uasi tom tej PARK, ntshaw nws nyob PRESENSE ntawm yus ib sab ua rau yus FEEL SECURE NO MATTER WHAT.
Txawm kuv yuav hlub thiab nco nws los yeej tsis cuag koj, yeej tsis npaum koj vim kuv tsuas tau nws txoj kev nco thiab hlub hais lus hauv lub xov tooj xwb. Tau txoj kev nco hauv lub xov tooj xwb los koj twb tsis pub kuv tshua khaws nco kom kaj kuv siab li puas yog? Thov koj txhob ua siab me es khib ciaj khib tuag es yuav tso kuv mus rau luag.
Thov koj ua lub siab loj...hlub kuv mus kom txog hnub tsis muaj koj. Koj yog tus tau kuv...tus tuav kuv txojsia sov siab.
Kuv ib tswm hlub koj nco nws...yog koj cia li kom kuv muab nws tso tseg tsis nco yuav zoo tam li koj muab kuv txojsia tu nro. Kuv ib txwm nco nws hlub koj...yog koj cia li kom kuv ua ib siab ces zoo yam li koj muab kuv ntiab. Nco ib tug hlub ib tug los xij peem tsuav kuv ib txwm tsis tau xav ua phem rau koj xwb ces yeej zoo kuv siab lawm os. Nyob nyob kuv nco nws, kuv yeej hu xov tooj nrog nws tham kom txhob nco nco qab siab ua neej nrog koj. Yog muaj koj tsis muaj nws yeej rub tsis tau kuv lub zog...yog muaj nws tsis muaj koj los yeej qaug zog ib yam...qhov tseeb, kuv hlub koj heev li...tabsis thov cia kuv muab nws khaws nco yam nkauj hnub nraug hli.
Lub sibhawm koj nyeem kuv tsab ntawv no ces kuv yeej ib txwm hlub koj tabsis nco nws. Txoj kev nco ntawm nws tsuas yog npausuav xwb...ntawm koj thiab kuv...it's real! kuv niaj hnub nyob nrog koj tuav koj tes hais lus sov so los nws yeej nyob ib leeg txhua hnub txhua hmo. Txawm kuv yuav nco nws kho siab nroo ntwg los koj yeej nyob ntawm kuv ib sab tsis luaj twg. Sibhawm dhau lawm zuj zus los thov koj mloog kuv hais thiab mog nplooj siab tus neeg zoo lus. Qhia koj paub hauv kuv siab muaj koj nco nws.......koj yog tiag! nws yog npausuav? Think about it.
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tseem nco koj December 4, 2006, 8:05 pm
hmo no kuv nco koj os...
koj nyob li cas lawm xwb
koj puas paub tias mauj ib tus nco koj...
Hnub no thov qhia tias:

Koj yog tus kuv nco
Yog tus nyob hauv kuv lub siab
Tus kuv xav tau
kuv zoo siab tau paub koj thiab
hlub koj ib leeg xwb

missing you...
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MISSINGYOU FOREVER December 4, 2006, 12:31 pm

Although I let you go, although I try to washed away the memories, although I strenghten my heart not to miss you, although I'd changed in life.....can't control the temptations of myself and it's hard to say GOODBYE and it's hard to walk AWAY!
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xox December 4, 2006, 12:02 am
Wb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau CiaWb Tsim Tau Cia
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nco koj os leej muam...... December 2, 2006, 7:55 pm
Rau tus kuv nco....

wb txog kev sib hlub puas yuav muaj
kuv xav txog hnub uas kuv tau pom koj
nws tseem nyob hauv kuv lub siab
kaw qhov muag thaum twg
los pom koj xwb
txhuas hmo kuv nyob nrog koj
tsis muaj peev xwb qhia tias
kuv hlub koj
kuv yeej paus zoo tias koj yog kuv tus
tus kuv nej hnub nyob tos
haus kuv lub siab
nws mauj koj ib leeg
koj yog kuv txog kev cia siab
wb txog kev sib hlub puas yuav muaj tiag?

nco, nco os.....

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Blog November 30, 2006, 3:23 am
when we came to the USA..peb nyob peb WA... thaum ntawv kuv muaj li 7 xyoo... doesn't know anything... but txoj kev ua si.. gosh! kuv tseem nco tau cov times were my two younger sisters and me thiab my boy cuz... since we lived on the same block.. my boy cuz always tuaj nrog peb cov girls ua si... we do everything little kids would do.. u know.. play house, niam tais yawg txiv, stores, school...etc...hahahaha... in WA.. peb muaj cuz ntau ntau.. all the kids get so close... almost every weekend... ntag nrog s/d mus tom park ua si... fishing... and just about everything!!! tom qab 5 xyoo... some of my cuz moved to MN and we moved to WI... thaum ntawv kuv muaj 13 xyoo... 7 years past by... we all lost contact... couple days ago.. i met one of my boy cuz online... and wow.. has he grown!! some are married and some hasn't... how i wish for us to have a runion... somedays i wanna go back to WA and visit... i miss all those memories... always will treasure it...
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TIME November 29, 2006, 12:40 pm

Wow! things really begins to down grade about my life? My feelings 10 years ago were different than today felt? If only I can cheat time, if only I can change fate and if only I can change my destiny, I would take me back and starts over again! Maybe it was meant to be like this...the question is....do I have the will, the heart to change my destiny and still be happy for whom I am?
Now only memories blend with my thoughts. It's a sad thing wondering how far we'd come? I could go on daydreaming knowing nothing will satisfy my heart. I'm selfish....yes! but who isn't when compare to loving someones or just left your feelings, your heart to someone who you can not be able to be with?
Can't take back the feelings, can't go back in time. When someone takes your heart away....you kind of wanted to go chase after it. Well let me tell you, once it hit you, you can never escape those feelings of lovehurts...never! ever! in the mean time, lived by luck, lived by fate and lived by TXOJ KEV NCO!

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sijhawm tsis pub rau wb..... November 28, 2006, 10:26 pm
thaum kuv muaj 16 xyoo... kuv tau cog kev phooj ywg nrog ib tug hluas nyob kev deb. lub sijhawm ntawv nws muaj 19 xyoo... wb txoj kev phooj ywg zoo heev... wb nim hnub sau ntawv nim hmo tham phone... tom qab ib xyoo ntau... we lost contact... kuv nim nyob tos seb nws puas rov hu tuaj los yog sau ntawv... nyob tos tau 4-5 xyoo... ces muaj ib hmo kuv nug kuv tus nyab seb nws puas paub ib tug hu lub npe ntawv (since they're from the same town) ... tus nyab hais tias lwm ua ib pab band hu nkauj... tom qab ntawv kuv mas sau email mus nug seb puas yog nws tiag..(silly me hehee)... tom qab email tas wb mas continue where we left off 4-5 years ago... tu siab heev vim kuv yog luag lwm tus tug lawm. sijhawm tas sib no los tsis pub rau wb li. b/c we're both busy... txawm li cas los kavliam... zoo siab rov tau ntsib nws ib zuag dua. kuv tseem tsuas cov memories... .... i'll treasure it...
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KEV HLUB NYOB DEB November 28, 2006, 12:14 am

Txojhmoo los ua rau wb sib ntsib txawj muaj kev nco. Nco tus neeg nyob deb ntawm yus tsuas yog muab nws xav twb ywm rau duab siab los yog hais hauv lub xov tooj tias nco nco koj no xwb. Ib leeg nyob ib sab ntuj...txawm koj yuav nrog leej twg tham kuv yuav nrog leej twg tham los yeej tsis paub tabsis hauv kuv siab yeej paub tias koj hlub kuv, koj nco kuv. Txoj kev hais tias I Love You yeej tsis muaj kev ntseeg siab vim ib leeg nyob deb ib leeg yuav ua cas tswj tau tias yog tiag? Qhov kuv paub tias koj hlub ces tsuas yog koj niaj hnub muab kuv hais qhia rau luag tej tias koj hlub thiab nco kuv ib leeg. Thaum luag tej hu tuaj los koj yeej tias koj muaj tus hlub hlub koj lawm thov txhob hu tuaj lawm mog no xwb. Ib lo lus zoo koj tsis kam hais rau lwm tus vim koj muaj kuv ib leeg hauv koj siab lawm xwb koj yuav ua cas muab kuv khaws nco mus tas ib txhis os yom? Sib nco sib hlub npaum twg los twb ncav tes tsis cuag ces kawg li npausuav xwb...mam niaj hmo sib hu tuaj uasi hauv txoj kev npausuav xwb mas yom? Sometimes thiaj tau seev hais tias: IN THIS WORLD, WHAT DOES LOVE MEANS? I HAVE NOT YET UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF LOVE?
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KEV XAV...SAU TSEG...NYEM TXOG, KUAMUAG NROG! November 27, 2006, 11:54 pm

In this world, kuv paub koj..kuv ntsib koj ib vuag yam li ib ntsais muag kuv yuav mus lawm mog. Kuv yuav tso koj rau tom qab. Yog roob pes quas ces kuv yeej yuav rov los cuag koj hos yog ntiab teb av quas ces yuav sib ncaim mus ib txhis mog tus neeg kuv hlub. Khoom plig kev puag pheej ntawm kuv tsuas yog ib lo lus zoo kuv sau tseg...thov koj muab khaws tseg, cim cia, thiab nco ntsoov kuv mog.
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Dear God, please make me disappear!!! November 27, 2006, 11:24 pm
Sometimes you hold on to something so tight it slips right through your hands, why do we never know what we got til it's already gone or it's too late. Everyone wants to live when they are happy and healthy.

So, peb ua neeg nyob tsuas muaj ob lub sij hawm xwb, ib lub yog thaum yus muaj kev zoo siab, thaum yus zoo siab nyob kaj siab lug yus xav kom txoj sia nyob mus kom ntev ntev. Thaum yus zoo siab ua rau yus muaj txoj kev cia siab rau lub neej mus lawm yav tom ntej...yus lub zog yuav loj thiab ua dabtsi los ua tau. Thaum yus zoo siab ua cas lub sij hawm yuav khiab mus nrawm ua luaj. Txoj kev zoo siab yog ib txoj kev cawm siav ntawm tib neeg...raws li kuv xav.

Thaum yus plam ib yam uas yus ntshaw tshaj plaws thaum no yus ua dabtsi los twb ua tsis tsheej xav li cas los twb tsis yog tag nrho. Thaum yus muaj txoj kev nyuaj siab txawm yuav xav hais qhia tawm los kom ntau npaum cas los twb tsis yooj yim li txoj kev xav kiag. Thaum yus tag kev cia siab txawm yus txoj siab los yus twb tsis nco khuv xim, txoj kev tuag yus twb tsis ntshai. Thaum yus puas siab, yuav xav txoj kev twg tiag thiag yog rau yus? Txoj kev mob siab yog txoj kev uas tsim txom tshaj vim nws yuav ua rau yus plam yus tus kheej thiab feeb tsis meej. Thaum yus poob phem lawm cas yuav nyuab ua luaj...tig ntshia qhov twg los tws kev tag.

Muaj tej zaug yus twb ua zoo ceev faj tshaj los ib pliag ntshis xwb txhua yam twb puas tag tsis zoo li qub. Tej yam khoom uas yus khaws nws cia zoo tshaj saib muaj nqis tshaj twb txoj ploj txawj pawv los yus twb tsis nco paub txog.

Thaum yus tus siab mob siab chim siab...ntshe yuav cheem tsis tau lub kua muag kom txhob poob vim lub kua muag yog txoj kev ntxias yus tus kheej.

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monday....... November 27, 2006, 2:55 pm
back to school already...the break seem so short. If it longer it would be better...but only got two more week of school before break again. Going to go down to fresno new year....hopefully it would be fun this year...............but missing someone...........

nco koj...............
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sunday.....sunday November 27, 2006, 1:11 am
not a ideal of a sunday, but I'm glad I made it through. Well, I got off of work and then my parent asked me to go down to Sheboygan new year with them, although I didn't feel like it going cause I already know how boring it's going to be anyway and it was as always. I saw MAIVPOV...he dress up so gay. He smile and say hi to me, and i wasn't even award of it..hahhaah, I think he must be confused with me for someone else....he had lot's of make-up on and and look really gay..haha. Anyway, I saw some of my old friends there and got chased by a very annoying guy...he bought me a flower but I gave it to my little sister. He asked my mom if he could take me home with him to be his wife, but she told him NO...hahaha, he seems like a nice a friendly person.

The best thing about today (Sunday Nov 26th) was that I get to see Lake Michigan...it was kind of foggy and it makes me feel sad, but a part of me also feel very happy too.....at the end there's is nothing better but flying back home sweet home.
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PAJNRA November 26, 2006, 10:41 pm

Yog! koj mloog zoo li koj lub siab muaj ib txoj kev hlub lawm tabsis tsis paub xyov ua cas ho nco nws ua luaj li puas yog? Txhob muab nws nco cev cev li Ntsimheevli hais mog vim yuav tau kev seev! Txoj kev hlub thiab nco tsuas nco mob ntsim siab thaum tsis sib tau nyob uake xwb...thaum sib tau uake ua txijnkawm los yog tau pw uake ke ua nkauj nraug tas lawm, yus tsis nco nws li thaum thawj zaug li yus nco nco nws lawm mog. Yus tsis xav txog nws li thaum thawj zaug yus tsis paub ua dabtsi lawm mog. Kev hlub yeej yuav tsum nco xwb thiaj tag tabsis muab khaws cia rau duab siab tias yog npausuav xwb no nawb phoojywg vim nco txawj ploj...txawj ploj thiaj nco...yam twg los yeej khiav tsis dhau vim that's how life is. Kuv yeej paub how you feel and I know how wonderful you felt inside now, but keep in mind that it will dissapear someday...and that day will come no sooner or later when you notice it, it will be the time for you to npausuav again. Again, grab on to what your heart yearns for and wish those ' kev nco kev hlub stays forever in your/him heart ' I've been there that's why I wrote you this....don't take it personaly cuz that's how it will happen!

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IS IT REALLY ME? November 26, 2006, 9:03 pm

My weekend, I spend it at the cabin. I don't really enjoy it much now because it just get bore and bored! When I first bought it 7 years ago, it was so fun going there every weekend...seeing the beautiful color changing leaves and the private lake and beach where I do my swimming and fishing...oh! life really changes over years and I didn't realize how fast it went? If there is sometimes when I do need someone's help, my cabin really is the get away help that can help me through the bad time when I'm feeling blue or just needed a friend to breath in. I cherished so much of you through times and still needed you even more when I'm likely in a dead end zone....especially thaum kuv muaj kev nyuaj siab nco nco ib tug nyob kev deb li koj ko! Ej??? koj yog leej twg nev? Lam seev lam nco rau duab siab xwb puas tau os leej muam? Thaum kuv nyob tom cabin tsis muaj kev nyuaj siab thiab nco txog dabtsi vim nyob tau kaj siab nrig tsis nco txog tej nuj nqis mus rau tej kev vwm rau kev hlub...tabsis kuj nco ib pliag ib pliag thiab?hehehehe...I am getting better these days now...and hopefully things will get even better, but who knows? It might just be pretending to become better? No thanksgiving, no New Years, just the person I use to be. Anyway, happy new years to me. Bye now.

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On Thanksgivings Day!!! November 24, 2006, 12:59 am
Can't believe how quiet the road is on Thansgiving's Day...ahhh I smell turkey and lot's of good food in the air. So while everyone was busy making their ThanksGiving's dinner, I was having fun working out in the basement. Anyway, today I ate lot's of good food, see afew of my people and YES I thought of you when I eat some turkey.

For those who plan to go do their after Thanksgiving sales shopping have fun...don't fight!!!

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